How to avoid burnout with Chris Vasiliadis

Watch the Savvy Business Show and learn all about burnout and more importantly what the signs of it are and how to avoid it:

As busy entrepreneurs, it’s so important for us to know exactly what to do to make sure we don’t burn out because as I always say: Without YOU there will be no business.

So I decided to invite my friend and health and wellness coach, Chris Vasiliades, to be a guest on the Savvy Business Show. We dove deep into the topic of burnout, what it is, how you can avoid it and more.

Please feel free to ask us your questions in the comments below!

The Savvy Business Show with my guest Chris Vasiliadis

CVasiladis WebChris believes that prioritizing your well-being is the secret weapon to being engaged in and successfully leading your work and non-work life. Choosing to thrive with multiple sclerosis indirectly led Chris to becoming trained and Nationally Board Certified as a Health & Wellness Coach. Remaining relapse-free for over a decade, her intention is to help as many people as possible create and maintain their best health. Chris created her business, Priority Wellness, to serve those who are tired of putting their health on the back burner, concerned about burnout, or who are unhappy with their current state of wellness.  Through speaking and coaching in a variety of settings since 2008, she has helped hundreds of individuals make lifestyle changes that energize their health, enabling them to vibrantly perform and focus on what matters most.
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The real reason I quit my Pilates business

Ok, I’ll come clean… back when I was running my Pilates business I didn’t know WHAT the heck I was doing. I had just left the corporate world and although I had a business degree, running a business was so foreign to me.


But I was determined to make it happen, so I did a LOT of stuff (totally wrong) and learned so many useful and valuable lessons but unfortunately not before I completely burned myself out!


So today I’ll share a few of the lessons I learned:


  1. I did it ALL myself

    I was teaching at 6 studios around town, trying to film DVDs (my husband did help me with this part), make YouTube Videos, do DIY courses to learn how to market myself, then try marketing myself, and still have a life. Most days I’d come back from my last evening classes thoroughly beat. All I’d want to do is stare at a brick wall and not talk to ANYONE, including my poor hubby! This behavior totally hindered my ability to scale my business.

  2. I had no boundaries

    Because Wall Street had taught me that the harder you worked, the more you made, I made that my business moto too! URM – Can you say “biggest mistake of my life?”

    HUGE! Massive mistake… this motto or belief made me take on ANY and all work at ANY time of day. Which means I almost had zero time off, no time for fun or friends… ALL I did was work, work, work…

    And I didn’t make nearly what I wanted to make! (And it made me unhappy and resentful!)

  3. I didn’t know what my unique advantage was

    Because I was so tired, and sooo busy there was zero time for reflection and market research to really understand WHY people loved coming to my Pilates classes in the first place. This perpetuated step two and left me completely lost as to who my ideal client was and what I could do to differentiate myself! I was working hard and not smart AT ALL!

  4.  I had zero business friends

    The only friends I had were other yoga and Pilates instructors, and people who worked in a corporate setting. ( I LOVE all my friends – they are wonderful people, don’t get me wrong.) But all of the above meant that I was making my brand stale because I was only looking at my industry and doing things the way that they were all doing it. That meant that all the advice, ideas, etc. came from people within the fitness industry. This held me back from thinking outside the box BIG TIME!

    Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have questions for me? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Warrior: A story I’ve never shared so publicly

I contemplated writing this article for years. In part because I’ve never shared these incidents that I’m about to tell you so publicly… but I’ve decided it’s time to share this story… Perhaps it will be helpful to others who are going through trauma, maybe it will inspire others to stand up, say something and contribute to the much-needed conversation that needs to happen around these topics, and perhaps it will do none of the above. My story, however, needs to get out.

Please note that what I’m about to share are my experiences and opinions and I in no way want to offend or diminish the experiences that others have endured. Each person’s experience with this is unique and different. I’m merely sharing my story so that you may know, that if you’re going through or have gone through similar experiences – you are not alone. I see you woman (or man), and I hope my story will be of service to you and inspire you to tell yours too (if you wish to do so). I also want you to know that it’s taken me 15 years to share this so openly if you’re not ready – that’s ok, it’s ok to wait to share.

I was 21 when it happened. It also happened to coincide with the last day that I would ever take anti-depression medication. I’d been struggling with depression for a few years… but that’s a story for another day.

It was supposed to be a victorious day, I had finally been able to successfully wean myself off of anti-depressants without falling into depression again.

The night quickly took a horrid turn: date raped by a man whom I’d been seeing for a few months. At the time I didn’t know anyone who this had happened too. But after the event, I would learn about countless women and friends who had experienced this kind of trauma. All of them suffering in silence, until it happened to a friend and only then we’d share our stories. It was like some secret club that I definitely never wished to be part of…but yet, there I was.

It was like some secret club that I definitely never wished to be part of…but yet, there I was.

For years I only told a few friends, and new friends along the way never heard the story…

In the aftermath I had to write my own police statement as the officer assigned to my case wasn’t competent to do so – welcome to a third world country’s police force. There were many gynecological exams, I had to receive AIDS prevention treatment, and of course counseling.

Feeling violated, humiliated and utterly lost. The shame I felt was intensified because before the incident I was a virgin.

A friend offered up the wisest words, words that would stay with me forever.

“You didn’t give anything to him. He took it.”

To me, these words were so empowering. It helped me realized that I had a choice. It was a pivotal moment, understanding that I could shift from being the victim, stopping the prolonged suffering that often follows a traumatic experience like this.

I decided not to press charges, I was about to leave South Africa, and the last thing I wanted was to get caught up in a lengthy legal battle where I’d have to relive the entire horrible thing over and over again. Instead, I decided to confront my predator head on.

I decided to confront my predator head on.

I remember it being super sunny that morning when I went to his house, the same location where the nightmare had taken place. I felt safe being accompanied by a very kind detective who had taken over the case.

After the detective exchanged a few words with him and showed him the evidence against him, it was my turn. My counselor had coached me on what to say. It was simple: “You knew I didn’t want to do it. You had no right.” After delivering my bit, my rapist apologized and agreed to pay for all medical expenses, including counseling.

It was one of the most liberating mornings of my young adult life.

Looking back at it now, that younger version of me had so much courage. It was one of the most liberating mornings of my young adult life. And ultimately it was the action that set me free.

Although it took several years to truly let go of all of it, forgive, and not let it impact my relationships, my friends’ wise words always stuck with me. And the apology helped me to get tremendous closure which made moving on with my life easier.

Fast forward a few years to sexual harassment at work. There were multiple offenders and incidents. And this time it wasn’t so easy to confront the trespassers.


Because there was a stigma attached to women who flagged companies for this kind of behavior and I would lose more than my job, I’d lose my visa and thus my entire right to stay abroad.

I wasn’t ready to pack in my career.

I felt trapped and lost, there would be no other female broker mentors until later when it was too late, and my contempt for the industry had grown so large that there was no staying.

Finally, it all became too much, and I walked into the office on a cold day in February and confronted my manager. This time there were no apologies. Instead, I got shipped off to HR immediately.

When I reflect on these two very different experiences the following comes to mind:

You are not a victim, you are a warrior survivor:

As women, we empathize to a fault. We feel sorry to speak up and out because we don’t want to hurt others. We make disempowering statements like: “what did I do to deserve this?” or “it’s all my fault because…” We take on all the blame, shame, fault and make it all about us when in fact it’s got NOTHING to do with us.

I remember being in my counselor’s office feeling a whole slew of guilt for calling my rapist out on his misconduct. My counselor reminded me that that was playing the victim. I had a choice: to be a warrior or a victim. Warriors and survivors move on, become stronger and use that strength to rise. They know where their responsibility starts and ends.

Forgiveness and closure are key:

“We must forgive those who we feel wronged us, not because they deserve to be forgiven but because we love ourselves so much we don’t want to keep paying for the injustice…. I will no longer beat myself up and abuse myself. I will no longer be the victim.” ~ The Four Agreements

Do whatever it is you need to do to get some closure. For me, in the first scenario, it was counseling, forgiving myself, and facing the culprit. In the second scenario, I had to forgive, and forgive, and forgive again.

Believe me, I was ANGRY for months (maybe even years!). But looking back at it, it was all a waste of my precious time and energy. Time and energy I could have spent building my new beautiful life.

There’s so much shame:

This one is perhaps the most difficult and daunting one. There’s so.much.shame. To this day, even as I’m writing this: I’m still a little ashamed of what happened to me that night 15 years ago, and even the sexual harassment at work. I should have known better, I shouldn’t have had that last drink, I shouldn’t have gone back to his house… that’s one side of it, and on the other hand, the fear of being judged: “What will people think of me when they know this about me?”

For the longest time, this thinking caused havoc in my relationships. I was suffocating myself and any new romantic connection with my own judgment.

In the end, the thing that saved me and I kept coming back too was my girlfriend’s words: “you didn’t give anything to him – he took it…” Over time this sentence allowed me to detach from the experience, not let it define me. I could let it be something that happened TO me. I could let it go. It made me stronger, more resilient, and although the road from that day to what I do today isn’t one straight shot – I do believe that that moment was one of the defining moments that inspired my purpose: to empower other women to stand up and take control of their lives, careers, and businesses.

Thank you to all the other women out there who have shared your stories. Your courage gave me the strength to share mine.


Letting Go Of Should: How to Get What You Really Want! w/ guest Amy Young

I’m so freaking excited for today’s Savvy Business Show with my gal, Amy Young – life and female empowerment coach to single women all around the world. (She was also a comedian in her past life!)

In today’s session we’re going to discuss all the ways the word “should” limit us and keeps us from the life we want. We’ll also give a few tangible strategies to help you let go of “should” and create a life we really want!


Amy and I’d love to hear your questions and comments about our conversation, please let us know in the comments below:
Do you struggle with this?
What are your strategies for letting go of should?
What was the most valuable tip/aha for you today?


Amy Young headshot 2Amy Young is a life coach who serves up truth and bodacious empowerment to all the single ladies. Along with her hard-hitting (but hilarious) YouTube videos, Amy just wrapped season one of her podcast, “Just What You Needed” where she provided episodic, empathic solutions to many of the everyday struggles we all fall victim to. Within her coaching practice Amy assists single women all over the world who are ready to stop settling, and get the love they really want. Learn more at




Savvy Business Show: Hiring your First Intern!

How to hire your first intern/employee:

I know that personally this year has been a year where I’ve shifted massively to hiring people to do all the nitty-gritty for me. It’s been so exciting to delegate and outsource projects and work that’s not in my zone of genius. And I’m so grateful to have brought on my virtual assistant as a more permanent hire too.

At first the entire idea of hiring someone was overwhelming and daunting but as soon as I hired Samar I immediately felt like such a badass boss and CEO!

I know that many of you are in the phase of stepping into more of that CEO level too and so I figured having a conversation with my friend Alessandra, from Pollina PR, about the very topic of hiring your first intern would be helpful! Alessandra has hired quite a few in her time and together we’re bringing you a rich conversation filled with tips to help you hire the right people to help you.



AlessandraPollinaHeadshotAlessandra Pollina grew up in a small town in Vermont, before attending Boston University’s School of Communications. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus on public relations, and a minor in anthropology. Throughout her college years, she held many internships in the PR field at some of the best agencies in Boston. These experiences were the foundation of her PR career and positioned her to launch her own company, pollina PR & marketing, a full-service boutique PR, and marketing agency, in 2012 at just 23 years old. In addition to offering full-service PR, Alessandra also loves to work one on one with business owners to train them on the tactics, strategy, and implementation best-practices for carrying out their own PR and marketing, so that they are empowered to promote their businesses and build their brands. She gets particularly fired up by working with fellow female entrepreneurs and loves to take part in spreading their messages to the world. She lives in Boston with her husband and 3-year-old son. Learn more about her services here.


How to make your side-hustle profitable!

In today’s Savvy Business Show  Jenn from Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting and I discuss tips and tricks to make your side-hustle profitable.

We dive deep into:
  1. What it takes to make a side-hustle profitable
  2. How to decide if you should look for another job or start your own business
  3.  How to know when it’s time to quit your full-time gig and make your side-hustle your main hustle!

Watch it now:


HeadshotJenn Walker Wall is the founder of Work Wonders Coaching + Consulting where she helps people land new jobs and get stuff done. She’s also co-host of the Making Life Work Podcast. She has worked at the Sloan School of Management at MIT as well as Harvard University, and is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Sociology at Lesley University.

When she’s not helping clients land interviews or launch their own businesses, you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen, usually while listening to true crime podcasts. You can learn more about Jenn by visiting her website.


Now I’d love to hear from you: Do you have a side hustle? What’re your best tips to making it profitable? Or are you hoping to go full time with it? How will you know it’s time?


How to show more of your authentic self in your biz!

Oh m gee! I’m so excited for you to watch this interview with Meagan! We dive deep into what it takes to get over your fear of showing more of your authentic self, as well as the very surprising benefits that happen for you when you let go of being perfect and just be the REAL (AMAZING) YOU!

In this video you’ll learn:
  1. How to overcome your fear of showing more of yourself in your business
  2. What results you’ll get when you are more authentically you
  3. And we also discuss how being more YOU helps to beat competition!

ROA_4418Meagan is a Boston based  fitness instructor and Holistic Health Coach for motivated women who want to lose weight, gain energy, and feel stronger and more confident than they ever thought possible.  She helps her clients breakup with dieting and reach their goals while maintaining their sanity and without counting a single calorie.  She is a wife and mom to a beautiful 2-year-old girl.  Meagan is passionate about filling her body with whole foods that fuel her so she can be strong and active for her family, classes, and clients. She practices what she preaches and is proud to say she’s been able to drop the destructive dieting habits that consumed her for so long maintain a healthy weight without stress. It is Meagan’s mission to help other women do the same. You can find her in classes all around Boston and learn more about her brand new program launching soon called The Reset! Learn more about her at:

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Pressure: It’s killing your business

This week on the Savvy Business Show I took a closer look at pressure. This theme has been doing the rounds in my mastermind programs, private coaching sessions, and yes – I’ve also wrestled with this one personally.

I’m a recovering pressure addict!

More specifically I discussed:

– Internal and external pressure
– Why it’s important for you to know where your pressure’s coming from
– How to identify what pressure feels like for you
– How to let the pressure go

Pressure’s been top of mind kids…. I even posted about it on social media this weekend, here’s what I said:

I have a tendency to take myself and life too seriously. Part of that comes from years of conditioning to “be or do something perfect” in my ballet and music classes, and school in general… I internalized all of this into beliefs that things have to be perfect, serious and HARD.

There was a time and place when this behavior served me. But recently the lesson has become so clear while running my biz and working with my coach: When I apply pressure I F sh*t up {BIG TIME}! Having fun and being spontaneous can feel unsafe. BUT I am grateful for people in my life like my mastermind buddies ( @nicoleotchy@joshk_cpa@susan_eckstein@saraintonato@suzy_ashworth@thetaranewman @lisacarpenterinc AND my fun-loving hubby @antonellivisualmedia) who believe in me and can hold me accountable in my persuit to have more fun and show more of ME in my biz.

And I’m also grateful for strong brave women like @sweatwithlaurenhefez and @meg_thrivebody who embody and mirror what it looks like to be 100% YOU and have fun, be spontaneous and passionate to us all. Thank you ladies 😘

Cheers to having MORE FUN!! ”

Watch the episode now. Let’s remove the pressure once and for all so you can flow and work with more ease.

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This program was designed to:

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Savvy Business Show: Erin Condron – Turn customers into return clients + referrers!

Today we interview, Erin Condron – from Erin Condron Interiors. I’m so excited for you to listen to this interview as Erin is a huge reason why the Savvy Business Masterminds exists today (remember enrollment to the next round is open – you can learn more about it + apply here.)

In this Erin shares some great advice on:
  • What it takes to start your own business
  • How to juggle multiple projects and balance it all in your life and business
  • How to service clients in a way that will keep them coming back + refer other clients to you.

erinErin graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and then went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. After living and working in New York City for a while, it was time for a change. This lead her back to Boston where she started Erin Condron Interiors.

Having worked extensively with individuals and families across a broad spectrum of ages and needs, she has a great sense of what her clients want and how to deliver it for their lifestyle. She has created and maintained relationships with a variety of quality craft masters throughout New England and beyond. This allows her to deliver exactly what her clients need for their specific project. Though her business is based in Boston, her projects have taken her to New York City, Palm Beach, and beyond.

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Savvy Business Show: Savvy finances w/ Nicole Peterkin

One of my goals for 2018 is to become savvier with my money. Hence I wanted to make sure that I absolutely address this in one of my Savvy Business Show Interviews tooYes, of course, we want to grow and grow and make more money. BUT seriously, are you taking good care of the money you already have?

I had the pleasure of interviewing financial planning guru, Nicole Peterkin earlier this week. We had a blast discussing all the ins and outs of doing a better job at saving, financial planning and separating your money so you can manage it better! This is a great first step in the right direction to align your money goals with your life goals. Watch the interview now to get immediate steps you can take to become more financially secure in your business and life.

(please excuse the little bit of sound interference – the content is suburb!)


Nicky-headshot-wide Nicole Peterkin is the CEO of Peterkin Financial, where she provides comprehensive financial planning for a flat fee that isn’t tied to assets or income in an effort to make financial advice more accessible. In 6 years in business, she has helped over 500 clients improve their financial lives. Nicole’s clients are individuals, families, and entrepreneurs who are looking for planning that balances their competing lifestyle and financial goals and who want their money to work harder for them. Nicole is also an author and speaker. Her first book, “If You Love Your Family, Save Like It” is her guide to modern money management for America and is available now on and Amazon. Join here Cash Clarity Bootcamp to revamp your finances and align your cash with your life goals!

Boost your business confidence, become more focused, get accountability and support from other savvy business women in the Savvy Business Mastermind Program! Enrollment is now open. Join and be part of this warm, supportive, and kick ass community now.
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Are you ready for this?

Yes, you are!

Because where you are right now is the perfect place to get out of your own way, grab opportunities, and go all in to succeed in your business!

I hear a lot of people say: “I’ll do that as soon as…”, or “I’ll make that move next spring.” or “I’ll take that risk when….” It’s as if you’re stuck in a future life when it will somehow be the “perfect time.” And that’s how you set yourself up for massive failure and an unfulfilling life.

All we ever have is right now. This moment, and right now is the ideal time to stop making excuses and take massive action! Grab every opportunity to grow and create your perfect future life starting today.
But, I get it. You want to make 100% sure that this is the right investment for your business. And I’m so grateful that you’re smart about your business investments! Because it’s super important to me that you invest in the right tools for you.

So here’s the DL.

The Mastermind Day is perfect for you if you are:
  • Worrying about just how in the heck you’ll achieve your goals and success this year
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  • You’re feeling uncertain and unclear about your next moves to reach your goals
  • You need courage and focus to make bold moves in your business
  • You feel alone in the hustle and grind of running your business with all its challenges.
  • You’re going through a difficult time in your business
  • You’re doing ALL the things but not getting results you desire and deserve!

If you said “yup, that’s exactly me right now” to one, some or all of these, then the Mastermind Day is exactly where you need to be on April 27th.

And today it’s even easier for you to attend and grow your business alongside other like-minded and awesome entrepreneurs. I am offering a payment plan to participate in the mastermind day for only three monthly payments of $250!

Girls (3)

That means you can attend this fantastic day, be in the room with other smart and savvy entrepreneurs and get all the knowledge, mindset strategies and more you need to hit your goals out of the ballpark.


What’s stopping you?

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I can’t wait to have you join us for this warm and co-creative day,

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What the Mastermind Day is all about!

So what is a Mastermind Day?

My VIP Mastermind Day is a one-day event where you get to step out of the day-to-day of running your business and focus on what’s important to drive your business forward.

This day will help you get grounded, gain clarity on your vision, brainstorm challenges, and learn from other savvy entrepreneurs who are struggling with similar obstacles than yourself.
And together you’ll co-create a warm and supportive space to receive honest feedback and the freedom to overcome beliefs that are holding you back in your business and life.

How will the Mastermind Day benefit your business?
  • Receive support and honest feedback from like-minded people who struggle with the same problems
  • Get solutions to challenges you’ve been mulling over-and-over and can’t seem to solve on your own
  • Get the courage to put your business out there in new and exciting ways that inspire you
  • Cultivate the awareness to see how your beliefs are holding you back in your business and address them accordingly
  • Make connections and form a community with new inspiring and savvy entrepreneurs that will help you grow well after our one-day event.
But seriously all of this in one day?


Yes – I kid you not. I’m still benefiting from attending one of these at the beginning of February. Ultimately the shifts in perspective and support I received that day led to me having the best February and March in my business since starting it in 2013.


Join us at the VIP Mastermind Day, April 27th! CLICK HERE NOW


Girls (3)

The obstacles that are keeping you stuck in your business

In my experience working with dozens of women in my mastermind programs, two big obstacles are usually keeping you stuck in your business: strategy and mindset.



Are you using the most effective approach to produce the best results in your business? Do you know which one to implement?

In my mastermind programs, savvy business women share all their tried and tested resources, strategies, and systems, and as a result, they advance their businesses fast and efficiently.


“Success is 80% psychology and 20% semantics.” ~ Tony Robbins. Most of the time I find my mastermind participants are looking for that magic pill that’s going to change it all. They’re so convinced that the reason they’re stuck and not growing as fast as they want to is that they haven’t found the perfect strategy and systems yet. And 80% of the time it turns out that there is a story, thought or limiting belief that’s keeping them from succeeding. Once they make that shift, things accel faster than they could ever imagine. Even I had this very same experience when I attended a Mastermind Day in New York at the beginning of February. I went in expecting that my strategies were all off. But at the event, I became aware of a huge mind block that was holding me back massively in my business. I left with new awareness and a strategy to shift my perspective, and as a result, it changed my entire approach to my business and ended up having THE best February in the books to-date. And I’ll be honest and tell you I worked less, was more productive and created it with ease.

The day was so powerful that I immediately started working on putting my VIP Mastermind Day together for Boston so that you could experience these amazing results for yourself too. Being in the room with savvy business people, learning from them, and connecting on both the practical level as well as the deeper underlying energies brings about huge insight that can help you leap forward in your business.

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x Hanneke

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Forbes Magazine says you must join a mastermind

Masterminds are so effective that hardcore business magazines like Forbes regularly write about the benefits a mastermind can provide for entrepreneurs.

Here’s what one Forbes article highlighted on what a mastermind can help your business with:

  1. Accountability
  2. Regular connection.
  3. Networks beyond your own to tap into.
  4. A trusted circle of colleagues to help you make decisions.
  5. A chance to learn from other businesses and leaders.
  6. A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems.
  7. A laboratory to learn and experiment.
  8. A reflection of your own wisdom and expertise as you help others.
  9. And potentially long-term friendships and connections.


Photo credit: Forbes Magazine's Website
Photo credit: Forbes Magazine’s Website

“Having people around to call on when you need it is one of the soundest investments you can make.” I couldn’t agree more with Forbes Magazine on this. If you look at the most successful people in business, you’ll notice that none of them got there alone. They leveraged the crap out of their networks and connections, invested in support, created buy-in from others, and then they achieved massive success.

What do you think? Does masterminds sound like your thing? Click here to learn more about my Savvy Business Mastermind programs.

Stay tuned for my next email with all the obstacles that are keeping you stuck in your business.

x Hanneke

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Mastermind Results:

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m all about RESULTS. Yes, the balance, space and other lifestyle improvements like less stress, better sleep is, of course, an amazing bonus. But I’m not just about the fluff over here. I’m committed to helping female entrepreneurs own their power and charge their worth and see real results.

That’s why I wanted to take the time to show you some of the results my clients achieved while being part of Savvy Business Mastermind programs.

That’s right our mastermind participants are dialing in from all over the world, and I’m so proud of these women and what they’ve accomplished as a result of the accountability and support they provide for each other on and off our calls.

IMG_1143 (1)

Are you ready to see their results?

While being part of my mastermind community where participants were fully supported and worked with the intention they:

  1. Got clarity and focus to become more organized in their business
  2. Acquired multiple new clients, locked in big projects, submitted and won high paying proposals
  3. Created systems to streamline client onboarding (read clients said yes more.)
  4. Got confident in their price & sales strategy and process that resulted in higher client conversion rates
  5. Hired copywriters, content writers, and website designers
  6. Expanded their business team members/staff
  7. Formed new collaborations and connected with powerful influencers in their industry
  8. Created new websites with professional photos and copy
  9. Grew their social media presence
  10. Created content that went viral
  11. Launched and filled new online programs
  12. Hit six-month income goal in only four months

Wow wow – I won’t lie, I’m so stinking proud of these ladies!

And also here’s what Kristin, owner of KD Media and Thrive by Food, and Nicole Guilmartin from Nicole Guilmartin Events have to say about their experience. (FYI both of these ladies have been through two mastermind rounds with me!)

So what do you say!?

Are you ready to experience REAL results like this in your business? 

Sign up to join one of my Savvy Business Masterminds today:

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Stefanie-JohnsonI met Hanneke at a networking event and liked her, so I figured I’d give her mastermind group a shot. I was looking to network and create a plab for my business so why not try it? I come at most things rolling my eyes and pretty skeptical, so that is exactly how I sat in the groups. But then I realized what was happening for me after the meetings. I was taking steps, creating and meeting goals, going all in and gaining confidence. I never even saw it coming, but I am taking big strides in my business and doing really well thanks to the coaching my group and Hanneke provided. 

Stefanie Johnson                                                                                                                                                      Owner at SwapIt




Great session this morning, thank you so much. Your wisdom and support make such a difference and I’m really grateful for you!”

Ashley Butler                                                                   Ownerat Free Fire Flow, Life & Health Coach

Stephanie-Tinnirello-180x180a HUGE Thank you for being supportive during these last 6 months. I have been looking back on the 6 months of this mastermind – a lot of fulfillment, happiness and some emotional moments. As I am working on my business… I am finding my own strength, accomplishing my goals(some that I never thought I would) and gaining confidence more than even before. As much as I am proud of myself, I am grateful that I had you and the group to discuss things and know I am not the only one going through some situations/feelings.

Stephanie Tinnirello                                                                Designer & Stationary Creator

Virginia-SchubertHanneke, I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to commit and keep working with you for the next mastermind group. I’m really enjoying the relationships I’m making through this experience and I’ve truly valued your help and guidance on all the topics. I love how you encourage a holistic understanding of being the entrepreneur… it’s what I’ve always wanted to be and your approach is working for me. I want to keep going!

Virginia Schubert                                                                Owner at Virginia Schubert Design

Lindsay-CoullAs a self-employed woman, I was juggling many things, feeling really stuck and anxious. It’s not often that I am in a place that I can’t make sense of things on my own but here I was and I’m so glad I found Hanneke!  Through her expertise in coaching, she was able to help me figure out my pitfalls, ways of self-sabotage and then took it a step further and helped me with tools to change my behavior.

Lindsay Coull                                                                    Owner of  Lindsay Coull Accupuncture

Julia-SniderEven though I had been reading motivational business books and forcing myself to attend networking events I knew something needed to change. Making the intentional financial decision to work with a business coach in a committed and collaborative is the absolute best decision I have made for my business yet. The tangible, as well as psychological benefits of Hanneke’s Savvy Business Mastermind, have exceeded my expectations. Because the mastermind has transformed my overall approach, I feel far greater equipped to weather the peaks and valleys of daily business ownership.

                                                                                Julia Snider                                                                                                                                                               Owner at J Snider Home (Home Staging & Professional                                                                                     Organization)

Kristin-ThomasAs part of this mastermind, I was able to focus on my business at a whole new level. I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months – all in my ideal target audience! I loved the support and confidence this group provided, it’s unparalleled to any other business group I’ve been a part of.

Kristin Thoma                                                                        Owner of Thrive By Food + KD Media

erinIf you are a woman who owns her own business, you would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not joining Hanneke Antonelli’s mastermind group. This incredible group of women helped me set measurable goals and self-doubter to think outside the box. With their support, I was able to close four new clients in two months, hire a support staff person and silence the self-doubter. Synergy at it’s finest!”

Erin Condron                                                                        Owner of Erin Condron Designs

14199711_10209002756161136_7533511934089306809_nAs part of this mastermind, I was able to focus on my business at a whole new level. I gained clarity on my ideal client, confidence on my rates and my process, and as a result, I signed on three retainer clients in two months – all in my ideal target audience! I loved the support and confidence this group provided, it’s unparalleled to any other business group I’ve been a part of.

Kristin Dziadul                                                                    Owner of KD Media

Kerrie-MaitlandThis was my first experience of a Mastermind, and therefore I was not sure what to expect, but having worked with Hanneke before I knew that I would find the process valuable and it lived up to my expectations.I found myself surrounded by five like-minded ladies, all experiencing a mixture of fear and excitement about their business. Hanneke provided a safe environment where I could share my fears, ask those silly questions and celebrate my progress. The content was practical, giving you real techniques and advice to help you move forward. After each session, I would find myself reinvigorated and ready to tackle the world! Since joining this mastermind group,  I have qualified as a coach, reached my weekly target income four months early and I have a gorgeous new website. I also started blogging, have almost conquered my fear of networking and had the opportunity to meet and work with six wonderful women. I’m definitely enrolling in the next round!

Kerrie Maitland
Owner of Positive Dimentions


It’s crazy to finally be here at the Bass River Farmers Market market and getting the brand out! I’m so excited about the future of The Cod T! I owe it all to the Savvy Business Masterminds for getting me on the right track!”

Kerry Wasgatt                                                                          Owner of  The Cod T

The two most common objections to business masterminds and how it’s killing your business

I’m guessing you may have identified one thing in my previous post that indicated that it’s time for you to join a business mastermind.

You may have thought to yourself: yes – this sounds like exactly what I need. And then all the but’s came flooding in like:

I don’t have time to devote to a business mastermind

Oh, my dear, I hear you-you’re a busy bee! I get it. But are you really working smarter in your business or are you just down in the weeds busy doing all the donkey work. And are you working on the RIGHT stuff that will ensure success in your business? Being in a mastermind helps cut down your working hours because you’ll leave every session knowing exactly what the steps are that you need to implement as well as the best systems to achieve success faster. Gone are the days of doing the trial and error stuff – your mastermind buddies have your back!

Why do I have to pay for it? Why don’t I just put an informal group together

Yes, absolutely you can put an informal group together, but that means you’ll have to invest your valuable time (which you’re already short on) to find the right people to be in your group. And then you’ll have to take time to organize and coordinate everyone schedules. And before you know it you’ve lost hours that could have been spent working on revenue producing activities in your business. So now this informal mastermind is costing you money. And even if you did find a way to run it nice and smoothly, how will you keep everyone focused, consistent and on point, and also make sure that your needs are met? Paid masterminds do all of the dirty work for you, all you need to do is rock up to each call with your challenge and be ready to engage, ask questions, learn from others, and be ready to grow your business.

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll highlight more of the hardcore business results you can expect when you join a mastermind program.


The five signs that indicate a mastermind is what you need to up-level your business:

The five signs that indicate a mastermind is what you need to up-level your business:

So masterminds huh? They sound cool and exciting but when do you know that you’re ready to join one?

I’ve been running masterminds since 2015, and I’m personally in one for my business growth too. I’ve experienced the benefits, and exponential business growth first hand and my clients’ results include launching new side-hustles, online programs, adding new clients, new revenue streams, and hitting their income goals in half the time they anticipated. Bottom line: masterminds are the BOMB when it comes to growing your business fast! (if you ask me :))

In today’s email, I’m sharing how to identify when and if you need a mastermind. Ready? Let’s jump right in.

The five signs that indicate a mastermind is what you need to up-level in your business:

1. You’re gearing up for massive growth in your business
You’re implementing all sorts of new strategies, expanding your team and planning significant expansion. It’s new territory; you don’t have many or maybe ANY business friends who are at this level of business. And you’re facing all sorts of new challenges. Having support and accountability from like-minded people get where you’re at or are a little further along in their business would massively help you figure out the right path to hit your goal faster.

2. You’re doubting whether you’re prioritizing the right stuff to grow your business
There are all sorts of roads that may lead to success… or dare we even say it: failure. Which one of the options at hand is the right option to achieve your business success, faster and smarter? The collective intelligence and experience of a curated mastermind group helps you brainstorm the best business strategies and gives you hardcore advice to work smarter while speeding up your results.

My Mastermind Buddies and I with our Business Coach at a Mastermind Day in New York City.
My Mastermind Buddies and I with our Business Coach at a Mastermind Day in New York City with Money Mindset Coach, Denise Duffield-Thomas.

3. You’re facing new challenges in your business
Congratulations you did it, you officially grew to a new level in your business! But now you’ve got some new hurdles, like who to hire first, or perhaps you have to restructure your team and fire some people. There are lots of growing pains that come with business growth, and when you have a mastermind group who has your back, you’ll be able to overcome all these problems with more ease and confidence.

4. You’re feeling isolated and lonely
You have all these fantastic ideas, and amazing things are happening in your business, but there’s no one who you can call to bounce ideas off of or who can genuinely rejoice in your success and understand your entrepreneurial journey. Mastermind buddies are THE best people to celebrate, be vulnerable with or bounce ideas off of because they get you! They know you inside out because they live a parallel life to you in their business.

5. You’re struggling to focus and stay grounded on your way to your goals
Most entrepreneurs have shiny object syndrome – which is a beautiful gift when it comes to creating new and exciting programs and products, but it seriously blows and throws you off track when you’re trying to stay focussed and finish a project. Mastermind friends keep you accountable, they hold you to your mission and your ultimate goal and can call you out on your BS when you go astray.

Stay tuned for my next post featuring the two most common objections about masterminds and how it’s killing your business! Subscribe to the newsletter and get your million-dollar mindset cheat sheet below!


Mastermind Highlight Interview: What it takes to be a CEO

This week’s mastermind highlight interview may be one of my favorites yet. In this interview I get the DL on what it takes to take massive risks, run multiple projects in your company and step into that CEO mindset with our special guest: Andrea Isabelle Lucas the owner of Barre & Soul.

Watch the interview to get the juicy details on how she built the Barre & Soul empire, studies with the original creator of Barre’s daughter in the UK, wrote a book, created the world’s first online barre training in the Lottie Berk methodology, a clothing line and more while raising two kids practically on her own!

Become a barre teacher here!

Read more about Andrea and her new book here.
Shop her amazing workout gear here.

Andrea Headshot

About Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Andrea Isabelle Lucas is founder of Barre & Soul, a successful, rapidly growing community of studios delivering Barre & Soul method classes, and challenging, athletic Vinyasa Yoga classes to strengthen body, mind & soul. Barre & Soul method fuses elements of ballet conditioning exercises, yoga, pilates and calisthenics for a total mind-body workout that never fails to challenge and uplift clients. Andrea has overcome personal challenges from teen pregnancy to domestic abuse, and is building an empire based on her expertise and passion for womens’ issues, mind/body wellness, and Barre based on the authentic Lotte Berk method. She learned early how to fuel her inner fire through mind/body fitness, and has catapulted herself to entrepreneurial success. She is driven by a mission to support women everywhere to overcome barriers and pursue their biggest dreams with grace, grit and strength.

How I had my best February since being in business.

How I had my best February since being in business.

I can’t believe we’re already in March!? How are you doing? Do you still have that zest and drive to make this year your best year yet? I still do, and I want you to know I’m right here to help and support you to have the best year too!


And that’s precisely why I wanted to share the steps I took to have my best February since starting my coaching business in 2013! And it didn’t involve any new tech-savvy strategies or re-inventing the wheel in my business either. In fact, I did less with more ease the entire month long.


Here are the steps that made all the difference:

1. Outsourcing: I try to no longer do ANY of the “busy” work in my business. I hired a virtual assistant at the beginning of the year, and she’s doing all client on-boarding. The penny on this dropped massively for me when I attended a mastermind day with self-made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas last year. Women are terrible at asking for help, and that holds us back in business because we’re spending time on work that is not our zone of genius or keeps us from focusing on the revenue-driving activities in our business. Hiring people to help me with all these ad-hoc activities allowed me to focus my energy on reaching out to new and serving existing clients in an authentic way. As you may have noticed, I’m also undergoing a little bit of a transition over here to working only with people who want to grow their business and side-hustlers starting out or transitioning to full-time entrepreneurs, either in my private practice or through my mastermind programs.  This means the copy on my site needs to be adjusted and instead of wrestling with it for hours – I’ve outsourced it to my favorite copywriter. Other things that are on the list to outsource over the next few months: website optimization and updating, creative designs for website/social media.

2 . Working on my mindset. One of my mastermind buddies’ favorite saying is: “mindset work is the work.” And I have to say I agree with her. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve employed a few new strategies to overcome all fears, self-doubt and pretty much any thought or feeling that’s not serving me and what I want to accomplish in my business or life this year. There are millions of mindset tricks but here are the ones that I’m actively practicing:

a) Morning and evening gratitude and journal practice – I write out what I’m thankful for and allow some time to ponder on it along with anything that I’d like to release.
b) Meditate – I do 10 minutes of meditation in the morning to center me for the day.
c) Exercise regularly – I’ve also started doing a few new classes to spruce things up
d) A conscious effort to drink more water and eat healthier meals.
e) Releasing all things, stories, and people that don’t make me feel great. What that looks like in practice: I limit scrolling time on social media, I don’t read horrible news stories – yes, I stay informed but I don’t need to read 5 articles about the same sh8tty thing. I only hang with close friends who are near and dear and doesn’t suck energy. (note this doesn’t mean I don’t allow my friends or myself to vent or talk about the harder things in life)

IMG_1042 (1)

My office space: I’ve added a few things that inspire me here like the fresh flowers, sage and salt lamp.

3. Slowing the F Down!
If you know me you’ll know that I normally work at the speed of light and I’m going a million miles a minute, while this is great for implementing new programs and moving into action fast, it soooo doesn’t allow for being and working with more intention (read working hard and stupid). Always rushing things out means I don’t work smart in the long run. So I’ve taken some major chill pills (hence all the meditation work) so I can work and implement strategies that will reap more benefits and higher revenue long term.

4. Getting myself in the room with other successful business owners

I saved this one for last because it was the MOST important shift and contributing factor to having the best February since being in business for myself. I attended a mastermind intensive day with my business coach (another one of the best things I ever did for my business) in New York City at the beginning of the month, and it was the best thing ever, for two reasons:
a) I got to be in the room with multiple six and seven figure entrepreneurs; our work together lead to massive shifts for all of us. It heavily shifted the way I approach my business and how I now show up and work on growing it.
b) It was further proof that my mastermind programs are so essential and needed to help other entrepreneurs grow and thrive in their business! In fact, the day made such an impression on me that I decided to create one for the serious business peeps here in Boston too! Join me Friday, April 27th for a VIP Mastermind Day  – give yourself a day of space and deep connection to focus working ON your business vs. in it. Be in the room with an intimate group of spectacular businesswomen and step into your million-dollar business mindset (only ten spots available). Click here to join us.

And that was it. Simple, I know but so effective!

Now I’d love to hear from you!?

Have you recently outsourced a few projects in your business? What did you outsource first?

And which one of these tips was most helpful and will you employ first?



Five Keys to Unlock Your Profitable Business

Unlock your profitable Business: Last week I did a super fun interview with Kit Pang, the owner of Boston Speaks. In the interview, I revealed the five keys all entrepreneurs (and especially my boss ladies) need to unlock a profitable business. Almost 600 people watched this interview on Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments of how helpful it was.


In this interview where you’ll receive the five keys to unlock your profitable business you’ll learn:
  1. How to rock your confidence and own your results and value
  2. Charge what your services are REALLY worth – this is something that comes up at various levels in business – and a big reason why I created my VIP Smart Profits daysFact:
  • I see way too many women bartering or working for free and asking other women to work for free. And I also see a lot of prices comparing with others.
  • If we want to get paid the same as men and be treated the same  – then that means we have to step up and claim our own worth.
  1. How to stay in your lane: Stop comparing yourself to others, stop competing on price with others
  2. Why investing mega $  is and important part of unlocking your profitable business
  3. Why surrounding yourself with savvy business women who see your value and can help you step into your full power. (And why masterminds are so powerful!)

Now I’d love to know what was your biggest AHA or favorite part of this video!? Tell me in the comments below! And feel free to ask any questions you have!


Thank you to Kit Pang from Boston Speaks for featuring me!