Mastermind Results:

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m all about RESULTS. Yes, the balance, space and other lifestyle improvements like less stress, better sleep is, of course, an amazing bonus. But I’m not just about the fluff over here. I’m committed to helping female entrepreneurs own their power and charge their worth and see real results.

That’s why I wanted to take the time to show you some of the results my clients achieved while being part of my six-month mastermind program that includes two sessions per month for six months via Zoom conferencing.

That’s right our mastermind participants are dialing in from all over the world twice a month, and I’m so proud of these women and what they’ve accomplished as a result of the accountability and support they provide for each other on and off our calls.

IMG_1143 (1)

Are you ready to see their results?

While being part of my mastermind community where participants were fully supported and worked with the intention they:
  1. G0t clarity and focus to become more organized in their business
  2. Acquired multiple new clients, locked in big projects, submitted and won high paying proposals
  3. Created systems to streamline client on boarding (read clients said yes more.)
  4. Got confident in their price & sales strategy and process that resulted in higher client conversion rates
  5. Hired copywriters, content writers, and website designers
  6. Expanded their business team members/staff
  7. Formed new collaborations and connected with powerful influencers in their industry
  8. Created new websites with professional photos and copy
  9. Grew their social media presence
  10. Created content that went viral
  11. Launched and filled new online programs
  12. Hit six-month income goal in only four months

Wow wow – I won’t lie, I’m so stinking proud of these ladies!

And also here’s what Kristin, owner of KD Media and Thrive by Food, and Nicole Guilmartin from Nicole Guilmartin Events have to say about their experience. (FYI both of these ladies have been through two mastermind rounds with me!)


So what do you say!?

Are you ready to experience REAL results like this in your business? But maybe you’re still not sure exactly how these groups work, and you’re not ready for the six-month commitment. I get it!

That’s exactly why I created a wonderful little appetizer for you. On April 27th at 9am-4pm I’m hosting a VIP mastermind day. Where you’ll be able to experience the structure and benefits that a mastermind offer. Join me and an intimate group of savvy business women who are serious about growing their business to new heights here.

I’d also love to invite you to book a call with me here to see if this is the right fit for you.

Can’t wait to have you there,