The Savvy Business Accelerator Mastermind


“Since joining this mastermind I'm on track to hit my revenue goal of $100K three months early!!”


Do you want to have enough time and money to do what you want whenever you want?



Enroll now and transform your business with the help of an award-winning and certified business coach + a dynamic group of business savvy women.

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Sign up and pay a one-time payment of $2000


Enroll for 9 payments of $222 per month


Do you want to be able to step away from your business to enjoy a well-deserved spa day with your best friend? Or even better: take a week off with your family in Hawaii? 
Knowing that everything in your business is set up to keep maximizing your profits even when you're not physically there!


You're hungry for the kind of success in your business that will allow you to do the creative and fun big vision stuff! The work that will allow you to grow as a person and also scale your business exponentially.



You're so overwhelmed and overworked that you doubt you'll ever be able to get there.

You fear that you don't have your shit together to ever get it all done and not work so damn hard.

And very very deep down within the pit of your stomach there's the little voice that keeps telling you that in order to be successful you HAVE to work HARD and put blood, sweat, and tears into your business.


You are NOT alone!

I feel you gurl because I've been there!


I used to do, do, do, and do ALL of it all the time. And it was exhausting and I wasn't making the money I deserved. Nothing in my business was optimized or running efficiently. Heck, I wasn't running efficiently either!


And then the penny dropped while listening to a super successful entrepreneur, who wasn't chained to her desk and making buckets full of money! I remember so clearly when she said:


To be super successful in business, you can't do it all yourself.

Suddenly it all became so clear! I was trying to do it all by myself.

Other successful entrepreneurs have communities! They have:

  • People around them who understood them
  • People whom they could tap for advice, resources, and ideas whenever they needed
  • People who they could share their wins and challenges with
  • People who could connect them to networks beyond their own reach
  • People who could stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder, together in the trenches of running a business

And so I started to look around... and I noticed just how many women were going at it all by themselves! Isolated and lonely - overworking and getting nowhere near the level of success they wanted - or deserved.


And it's then that I knew... I had to start a mastermind to support these women.


And so... with the help and encouragement of a friend.

The Savvy Business Masterminds Were Born!

A community of quality and savvy female entrepreneurs of all levels who are:

  • hungry and committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and finally scale their businesses in a smart and sustainable way, without killing themselves in the process.
  • ready to do the work that will infuse their business with passion and zest.

A tribe that wants to rise together and build as much wealth for themselves and others. So they could positively impact their communities and the world.


If this sounds like what you need too - then welcome:


The Savvy Business Accelerator Mastermind Program was made with love by me for women exactly like yourself!


This is the perfect accountability and focus-group to help you accomplish the impossible in business.


You can be at ANY stage of building your business and join this program! Everyone is welcome, as long as you have a viable business or side-hustle.


Like all my other programs: Everything is geared to help you achieve more (while working less), get the support and motivation you need to grow and scale your business like a badass CEO with a community of rockstar women by your side.


Who is the Savvy Accelerator Mastermind For?


This mastermind is perfect for you if you are: 

  • An ambitious female entrepreneur: start-up or seasoned with a product/service based business (not an MLM)
  • ​Want to build a sustainable business that gives you the financial freedom to do what you want when you want to do it
  • Passionately committed to growing and scaling your business and your success
  • Invested in your own personal development and want to become the best version of you to lead your company

In short: You want to run your business like a savvy CEO, while working with ease. 


“Within 60 days I had hit my biggest income month of the entire year and made massive up-levels in my life and business!”


What you'll get when you join this mastermind:

  • You'll get to participate in a monthly CEO Call via Zoom, where you'll be in the hot seat and other dynamic ladies will brainstorm challenges, give you expert advice, cheer you on and give you constructive feedback - you are not alone!
  • Mid-month FB LIVE Check In Call - to hear your/see your progress, and answer all your pressing questions!
  • Free access to frequent Mastermind Nights Out where you'll get to connect with quality entrepreneurs, share your wisdom and get further business support. 
  • Access to the Private Members Only Facebook Group for support between calls and connection to other amazing entrepreneurs.
    • Business content, strategies, books, and resources with worksheets to help you gain focus, clarity, and direction (scroll down for the full list of topics) so you can grow and scale your business like a savvy CEO!

“The tangible, as well as psychological benefits of Hanneke's mastermind, have exceeded my expectations and transformed my overall approach to business”


Sign up and pay a one-time payment of $2000


Enroll for only 9 payments of $222 per month


A Case Study & Results with Kerrie Maitland: 


“Everyone needs to know how great Hanneke, her support and programs are”

Quick facts about this program and what you'll get:

  • One monthly group CEO call with Hanneke is held VIA ZOOM on ONE Friday of every month from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST (And yes! You can absolutely make this work with your schedule once a month! Call replays will be available) - Friday dates are: Nov 16, Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 8th, Mar 8th, Apr 5th, May 3rd, Jun 7th, July 5th
  • Free access to the Members Only Facebook Group where you'll connect with all masterminders and have access to Hanneke between calls
  • Free access to the Savvy Business Mastermind Nights Out (held monthly during the spring, and fall.)
  • One Facebook LIVE Q&A Call in our private Facebook group per month where we check-in on your progress and answer all your questions.
    • Access to worksheets, and other resources + call replays (see Curriculum Topics below!)

“The content was practical, giving you real techniques and advice to help you move forward.”


Meet Some Of Our Members:

"Hanneke is the best dose of "kick your ass in gear" that you can get! I always walk away from the mastermind inspired to take action and with a solid "next step!" Within 60 days I had hit my biggest income month of the entire year and made massive up-levels in my life and business!"


HeHe Stewart
Owner of Tranquility by HeHe - Concierge Doula + Birthing Service


"This mastermind with Hanneke has connected me to the like-minded-people, has offered a safe space to be vulnerable, strategic and boosted my confidence to pursue my big dreams. After joining this mastermind, I have taken actions and conducted a tea tasting/education class and have closed on numerous accounts. Hanneke, I cannot thank you enough for being who you are and pushing us to take ACTION!"


Sunita Joshi
Owner of Nepali Tea Traders


I love the collaborative feeling of working together in the trenches of business-ownership with these women and getting to talk about our joys, struggles, questions, and everything else under the sun that we are going through-- and then getting invaluable feedback from the whole group, and of course Hanneke!


Alessandra Pollina
Owner of Pollina PR

"My favorite part about being a part of the masterminds knowing I'm not alone. So often someone brings up a topic or concern I'm also dealing with, we are all here to support one another and create community. Since joining the group, I've officially registered my business and will be participating in a bridal show next month."


Makeda Johari
Owner of Makeda Johari Custom Bridal


"My favorite thing about being in the Masterminds is having a group of business-focused women to help me stay the course to meet my end goal (even if it’s always evolving)."


Megan Baxter
Owner of MBB Pilates in Charlestown, MA


"One of my weaknesses is procrastinating and I knew that the mastermind group + Hanneke would hold me accountable to finally start my agency. Since joining the group, I set up my LLC, hired a graphic designer to create our logo and branding, hired a contractor to help with client work so I can free up the time to focus on building my business, and I'm on track to already hit my annual revenue goal of $100K! Most of all, I love that I can bounce ideas off the ladies in the mastermind. It's great having a support system and accountability buddies!"


Janet Mesh
CEO & Co-Founder of Aimtal


"I joined masterminds because I had the dream of starting my own business but lacked the courage to actually do it. Since then, I've built my business and have worked with several clients. I love coming back to the group each meeting to share my accomplishments and gain new perspectives on any roadblocks that I've encountered."


Carolyn Salinetti
Founder and Owner of Blissful Interiors 


""The choice to signup for this program is symbolic as much as it is practical: it represents a serious investment in my business and sends a message to my psyche that I am ready for this! I like the idea of a tightly-knit cohort working together to problem solve; we can’t do this alone, and it’s high time I lean into the collective support.""


Julia Djeke
CEO & Founder of Julia Djeke


​You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Do NOT lose out on this opportunity to fulfill your true potential! 


“To have clarity, confidence, and a solid plan to achieve such an important goal - that is worth every penny."


Pay-up-front only $2000! Get access to the mastermind for 9 months.


Enroll in the payment plan for $222 p/m for 9 months!


Results And What Mastermind Participants Experienced:


How Masterminds Work & How They Help Your Business Growth:


“None of us can make it if we don't support each other."

Curriculum Topics:


Mindset: Setting yourself up for success in your business

Get organized in your business: SOPs, operation manuals, banking etc

Getting clear: what’s your value + ideal clients

Evaluating how you serve + Crafting your perfect offer

Your brand: Crafting + Positioning your brand, perfecting what you have

Marketing Strategies that work for you vs against you

Money: Mindset + Tracking

Effective price setting

Authentic selling

Dealing with competition

Effective time management

Activating your referral base + Testimonials

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I met Hanneke at a networking event and liked her, so I figured I'd give her mastermind group a shot. I was looking to network and create a plab for my business so why not try it? I come at most things rolling my eyes and pretty skeptical, so that is exactly how I sat in the groups. But then I realized what was happening for me after the meetings. I was taking steps, creating and meeting goals, going all in and gaining confidence. I never even saw it coming, but I am taking big strides in my business and doing really well thanks to the coaching my group and Hanneke provided. 

Stefanie Johnson

Owner at SwapIt

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Great session this morning, thank you so much. Your wisdom and support make such a difference and I'm really grateful for you!"


Ashley Butler

Owner at Free Fire Flow, Life & Health Coach

John Doe UI/UX Designer

a HUGE Thank you for being supportive during these last 6 months. I have been looking back on the 6 months of this mastermind - a lot of fulfillment, happiness and some emotional moments. As I am working on my business... I am finding my own strength, accomplishing my goals(some that I never thought I would) and gaining confidence more than even before. As much as I am proud of myself, I am grateful that I had you and the group to discuss things and know I am not the only one going through some situations/feelings.


Stephanie Tinnirello

Designer & Stationary Creator

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hanneke, I wanted to let you know that I've decided to commit and keep working with you for the next mastermind group. I'm really enjoying the relationships I'm making through this experience and I've truly valued your help and guidance on all the topics. I love how you encourage a holistic understanding of being the entrepreneur... it's what I've always wanted to be and your approach is working for me. I want to keep going!


Virginia Schubert

Owner at Virginia Schubert Design

John Doe UI/UX Designer

As a self-employed woman, I was juggling many things, feeling really stuck and anxious. It's not often that I am in a place that I can't make sense of things on my own but here I was and I'm so glad I found Hanneke!  Through her expertise in coaching, she was able to help me figure out my pitfalls, ways of self-sabotage and then took it a step further and helped me with tools to change my behavior.

Lindsay Coull

Owner of  Lindsay Coull Accupuncture


Awards & Recognition