Look Ma, I am on the news!

In case you missed it last week, yours truly made the news. The whole thing was very exciting (and yes, nerve-racking too), especially as it came literally out of nowhere.


The entire experience made me realize that one should never give up on your dreams and ambitions. Stick to your guns, work hard, work smart and always be grateful.

I remember distinctly about 4 years ago saying to a girlfriend of mine: “You know, I have this feeling that I should be doing something bigger, something that makes a difference in other’s lives, besides Pilates.” Two years ago, that feeling had grown into a definite desire to empower women.

Since then there has been many times where I just wanted to pack it all in. Forget my dreams, my aspirations and just settle for an easier more stable work environment.

About a year ago sitting at South Boston Yoga before Pilates, I had a conversation that changed it all. Mary-Alice, whom many of you may know as a former manager from South Boston Yoga, and I had a random conversation about what we were doing for the weekend. She was meeting her Life Coach Trainer friend. This random conversation led to another in depth chat with my Life Coach. Before I knew it, I was following my dream of making a bigger difference in other’s lives by becoming a Life Coach.

Ultimately, it was this choice that inspired our brain child, Pilates with Purpose. If I didn’t have to attend a bunch of networking events to build my coaching business, I wouldn’t have connected with Kristen Scanlon, my Pilates with Purpose partner. And that means this amazing week wouldn’t have happened at all.

As I left the Fox 25 studio with Kristen on Tuesday, I was filled with so much excitement, gratitude and motivation for what’s next. I realized that everything up until that moment had prepared me to pull it together for Tuesday. The frustrating, life sucking days along with the exciting, award-winning victories, came at exactly the right time. A moment where I was able to embrace the opportunity and run with it.

In today’s action steps a few things to remember when you are running out of patience and hitting big lows are:

1) It’s hard: If you really, really want something it’s not always going to be easy to get it. You’re going to have to work harder than you ever thought you would have too or even could.
2) Relax: Even if you just have a hunch of what it is you want, but can’t put it into words just yet, don’t stress yourself out. Your sub-conscious mind is always out there working on it for you.
3) Support: if you feel stuck hire a Life Coach. Ultimately the best investment I ever made in myself. Shirley, my Life Coach, helped me become unstuck and set me on my way to where I am today.
4) Embrace: trust that everything comes at exactly the right time.
5) Evolve: Only on the day that you die will you stop growing, learning and evolving. There will be many testing times with many more amazing experiences. Accept the moment for what it is: just a moment, adapt to it and work with it.

There’s a saying: “It all works out in the end and if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.” Never give up!

The Uplevel Project

You can grab a copy of my book and workbook available now.

Find your path with some TLC

Good Morning, 

Ashley Stahl, Career Coach and Power 30 Under 30 Winner, identifies three questions crucial to finding your authentic career in her TED Talk. They can also help even if you already have the career you love but simply want to live a fuller life.

Her 3 questions: 
1. What are you good at?
2. What do others say you’re good at?
3. What’s holding you back from doing it?

Although these are three very simple questions, they are sometimes extremely difficult to answer. The first two seem fairly easy, but you might be a multitalented person with various interests and passions. Perhaps you enjoy and excel at a lot of stuff, so that third question really throws you for a loop: You just have so many options to choose from! Not to mention those  “I am not good enough” thoughts that keep creeping in, which Ashley also addresses.

Many of us realize that our career, identity, and passion are completely in conflict with one another. So how do you align all of these?


We’ll get to the bottom of that at my Pilates Pamper Workshop on Oct. 19 (from 1:15-4:30 p.m.). This event will have an intimate setting of only 12 people, and we’ll work on the following: identifying your goals, figuring out how to accomplish them, and balancing them in a schedule that works for you.

Who will benefit from this workshop? Anyone who…
1. Needs a pick-me-up afternoon of pampering.
2. Feels drained and overwhelmed or bored and unfulfilled.
3. Has ambition to burn and wants to achieve.

Bonus: There will also be a healthy lunch from Sweetgreen, wine, goodie bags, secret links with more tools to help you succeed, and a 45-minute Pilates session. Oh, and did I mention you’ll also get a manicure and pedicure? There are only 3 spots left, so be sure to sign up right now. (under workshops)
If you are interested in this event but:
1) Can’t make this date work and want to attend it,
2) Don’t live in Boston, but would like to organize one in your city,
Be sure to email me at hannekeantonelli@gmail.com or just hit reply on this email

In the News:
Our new Pilates with Purpose event got some Press time with BostInno. Read what they had to say here. Be sure to join us tomorrow ( Sept 24th) at 6pm.

xo Hanneke


What my 4 year old niece taught me about competition.


About a year ago, my husband and I took our little niece, Grace, out for a fun day around Boston. On the way home we were running late, and, as a joke, we were having an imaginary contest to see who would get to our house first — my sister-in-law or us.

Leaving the playground, we were rushing little Grace. We had to hurry to beat Mommy home! We continued the competition talk in the car, full of giggles.

grace copy

It went something like this:

“Hold on, Grace, we’ve got to beat Mommy home. We’ve got to be there first!” And we pretended to make braking noises every time we rounded a corner (even though we weren’t speeding). Then, out of nowhere, Grace said: “But it’s not about who’s first, guys!” And she was so right. It was more about the fun we were having, not the actual end result.

The wisdom of this little 4-year-old translates to the real world, too. There’s so much pressure to be first, to win awards, and to be successful today. We almost forget to just enjoy ourselves while we’re running our race to the top.

ActionstepsHow can you have more fun while running your race?

1) Take a moment to take it all in, including the excitement of aspiring to something that really challenges you.2) Acknowledge and write down all the enjoyable parts of your journey.
3) Change your attitude and expectations about the outcome.

There’s a saying that goes, “The forest would be a quiet place if only the best birds sang.” In other words there’s room for everyone’s accomplishments; in fact, they’re necessary.

Even if you don’t end up in first place, you’re still helping to make it one hell of a race. Your contribution matters. The world is big enough for all of us to shine in our own very special way. Enjoy your light!

My business is growing mainly by referral at the moment. If you find these weekly emails helpful, be sure to share them with friends.

Did you read the article about Pilates Pamper in Boston Magazine yet?

Also be sure to join us next week  Wednesday, Sept 24th, for the first Pilates Purpose event.


Pilates with Purpose: debut event September 24th

I am so excited to finally announce this! I have literally been dreaming this up for months and thanks to Kristen Scanlon Esq. (Of Counsel)‘s help ( who it turns out had similar dreams.) it’s slowly shaping into reality! I’ll be sure to share more of the history of where this idea came from soon, but first, let’s give you the quick DL on Pilates with Purpose!


What is Pilates with Purpose:

Pilates with Purpose is a newly developed networking opportunity like no other. Gone are the days of having to skip the gym to attend a boring networking event.    Learn how you can stay fit, build your network and be charitable all in one evening. Move.  Every event will start with a 45-minute Pilates class taught by award-winning instructor, Hanneke Antonelli.  Give.  All proceeds related to the event will go to a local Boston charity (we’ll pick a different one every month to spread around our support!) We focus on empowering professional women to build community and support for their hectic every day lives, while supporting women and children in need to do the same.  Connect.  After class, you’re invited to mingle and encouraged to build new connections and strengthen your referral network with like-minded professionals. Sign up to receive news about our upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you!

For our very first event we’ve partnered with the peeps from District Hall for their Welcome Wednesdays event September 24th, 2014. Sign up here to attend the event. We’ll be there with many other vendors and it’s bound to be a fun and lively night! I’ll be teaching a 45min Pilates session starting around 6pm (exact times and more details to follow). We’ll be accepting donations for Cradles to Crayons via Welcome Wednesday’s Eventbrite page. Reserve your spot now!

We are excited to have you as part of our community. We are currently gearing up to bring you exciting networking opportunities every month. Events that will keep you fit, help grow your network and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Wanna get involved?

We are currently looking for venues to host  Pilates with Purpose nights. We need a space big enough to fit about 30 yoga mats. Know any cool spots around town?

Contact us now:
Hanneke Antonelli at hannekeantonelli@gmail.com
Kristen Scanlon at kristen.scanlon@gmail.com

A big thank you to Leanne Feris who sparked the idea! (More about that later)

Even Albert Einstein enjoyed life coaching.

Ever noticed how when you’ve made up your mind to go in a different direction with a project that all hell breaks loose? And everything that can go wrong does?

We often refer to this as Murphy’s law. My friend Dennis, who’s a ski instructor, knew better. I first met Dennis on a work ski trip in Chamonix, France. At the time, I was desperately trying to get out of and away from a bad relationship that was a toxic influence. Every time I tried to break up or get away from it, life would tempt me again. Things would all of a sudden go really well, and it would make it more difficult to just dump the whole thing.

While talking to Dennis (who, by the way, is also the person who introduced me to life coaching), he nodded his head and explained Murphy’s law in a way that made more sense to me. It goes like this: When you make a big decision that changes your route, the universe will almost always test you. That’s when things can get confusing or drift off course. The best way to combat this is to be prepared.

Prepare with today’s Action Steps:

Actionsteps1) Be clear about what you want. Take time to really think through your ultimate goals and what actions you need to take to get there.

2) Know that your journey will not be just sunshine and roses; there might be some dark days and thorns down the road, too.

3) Stick to your guns. The more you show the universe what you want, the less she’ll mess it all up. That is basically the Quantum Physics Law of Attraction, which, put very simply, means:“You attract what you set your intention to be.” Double tap to tweet it now!

Albert Einstein said it best:“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Girls this one’s just for you!

Good Morning,

Today’s post’s mainly for the ladies. Boys – no offense or hard feelings, you know I love you! I have something for you guys right at the bottom of the page. 

Girls, continue reading. I am super excited to share what I’m about to reveil to you!

But first let me ask you:

Have you been feeling like life’s just so busy lately? You work crazy long hours, your packed summer schedule has left you with lots of fun Instagram pictures and incredible memories, but my goodness, you’ve had zero time for yourself and you’re completely drained.

You almost feel like you’re running out of time and there’s still so much you want to accomplish. Unfortunately, you have no energy or time to get things done.

You’ve lost your focus on the goals you had set out to accomplish for the year. Heck some of them don’t even seem important anymore. So much has happened and new ideas and goals are floating around in your head. Things feel like they’re about to spin out of control.

Then there’s always Facebook and Twitter that keeps showing you how successful and happy everyone else you know is. They all look like they have everything so “together” and under control!

You feel defeated, you’re overwhelmed and you’re not getting anywhere at all. You are stuck.

Does the above resonate with how you’re feeling? Well then I have just the remedy for you. I have developed a very special event just for you!

Here it is:


My Pilates Pamper workshop, Oct 19th 1:15 – 4:30pm, will leave you feeling revived and set you up to move forward like the Powerful Woman you were born to be! You can click here for more information, FAQs and to sign up. There are only 12 spots available for this workshop, so hurry and signup quick! Remember to tell your friends too!

Like the name suggests there will be Pilates, lots of pampering and a coaching session by yours truly along with many other exciting goodies. You can click here for more information, FAQs and to sign up. There are only 12 spots available for this workshop, so hurry and signup now! And share it with your friends.

What you’ll get out of our 3 hours together:

1) A 45min Pilates Workout to get our creative juices flowing.

2) Get clarity on exactly what you’re running so furiously towards.

3) You’ll learn how to turn that cluster of ideas, goals and to-do lists in your head into actionable reality.

4) Discover how to make time for YOU and stop wasting time.

Extras: Click here to see what other exciting goodies you’ll get!

Boys, I didn’t forget about you. Here are some events for you and the ladies: sign up now (scroll down to upcoming events)  Pilates Strength Bootcamps. Sept 7th and 14th at South Boston Yoga 9:45a.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions at the bottom here.

xo Hanneke