Soul Sister Scoop with design & interior decorator: Erin Condron

Today we chat with Soul Sister: Erin Condron from Erin Condron Interiors. Erin tells us all about her journey from social worker to owner of her own business, her doubts, challenges and big wins!

I first noticed Erin in my Pilates classes at Equinox, she would come religiously every Saturday morning. My first real encounter with Erin was the day of my Dad’s passing. I was in a state of shock and she was so incredibly sweet and helped me get home from the gym. Little did I know that Erin would later become such an amazing resource of business referrals, insight and more. She’s also the first person that signed up for my Soul Sister Series Mastermind! Be sure to read how you can join her here.

Erin is beautiful inside and out. Her work is gorgeous and this lady’s business is going places fast!

Read and prepare to be inspired:

Hanneke: How did you get interested in the organizer/design space?
Erin: I was living in in New York working as a social worker. It was incredibly satisfying work that was also incredibly draining. I needed a change and wanted to get back home to Boston. I had worked with a college professor part time while in NY doing some organizing for her and her family. So I finally decided to take the chance and I moved back to Boston and started my organizing business. This allowed me into my clients homes, to see how they lived and learn what they wanted out of their lifestyle. I always had an interest and eye for decorating and design, so the interior decorating business seemed a natural evolution for me and my business.

H: What finally made you take the big leap from part time organizer to starting Erin Condron Interiors?
E:  I liked the organizing business, it was satisfying. I was offering solutions to my clients, often during some really stressful times-moving days are never fun. But I had this thought that if I blend my eye for decorating/design with my skills in project management, I could translate my success into interior decorating. That sounds good now but it was SCARY at the beginning. I had a million questions….Could I make it work? Would I find enough clients? Would I disappoint the clients I was already working with? All the fears I am sure most entrepreneurs have when they are considering something new. But I finally made the “big leap” and am so happy I did!


H: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from working for yourself?
E: The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is not to be afraid to ask for help. There is this whole community of people out there who are willing to help you, guide you, advise you. When you work for yourself you have to reach out and build a community of people who can help you and support you.


H: What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
E: My biggest accomplishment so far is doubling my sales goal in my first year! I’ve met a ton of really interesting people and had a lot of fun taking some risks on the design side to provide my clients the look they wanted. And even better were the times when we created a style my clients didn’t even know they wanted until we worked together to find that signature look, their signature look!


H: What do you love most about your job?
E: I love the people that I work for and with. They are simply AWESOME individuals and families! When I enter their home I am reminded how special their space is, it is a place where really wonderful memories are made. I never take that for granted. I feel special that they invite me to work in their home and create spaces for more happy memories.

Going with the flow – and the momentum

Whether you’re trying to figure out your next career move or grow your business, it’s important to build some momentum to get the ball rolling and accomplish your goal.

So how do you build up that momentum?

A few months ago my coaching and Pilates businesses were extremely slow. I was getting a little frustrated and thought to myself: “Girl, what’s going on? Why are these things not picking up and growing?” And then on one of my continuing-education calls someone asked a really powerful question that changed the way I work.

After making this simple, yet very effective adjustment, I’ve doubled my coaching clients and added more Pilates clients, too. I also came up with a new program I’ll be running during the summer (click here for more information about that.).

It has triggered an absolute snowball effect, and I’ve never felt this invigorated or excited to achieve my goals.

Ask yourself this:

“What am I doing right now to grow my business?”

Even if you’re not a business owner or your goals are completely different, this question applies to you and your situation. So now I’d love to hear what your dream is and how you’ll use this question to get there. Fill in the blank and leave your response in the comments section: “What am I doing right now to achieve my goal of _____________?”



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Part 2 in our video series: How to land your perfect next position

Welcome to part two of my 4 part video series of “How to land your perfect next position.”

In today’s video I help you to think a little more about what it is you would like your dream job to look like. It’s so important to get crystal clear on what you want in your job, life and relationships.

If you’re an achiever I bet you tend to skip the planning and dreaming phase and jump right to the doing and applying for a new job phase. Stop, before you do that first watch today’s clip to get more clarity!

Watch the video:

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How to keep from spreading yourself too thin.

I figured today’s topic would be a good follow-up entry to our last one: “How to become an achieving machine.

When we have a lot of goals we’d like to accomplish, it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed. Suddenly, instead of feeling excited about a new project, we’re too busy to enjoy it. So how do you do everything you love and shine bright, without burning out?

I always ask and answer these questions when things get intense and I’m not sure what to pursue and where to begin:
1. What is my ultimate, long-term goal?
2. Which projects will help me to reach it? If there are a few things on the list that have nothing to do with my goal, I’ll move those items to the bottom and consider them the least important things to do.
3. What needs to be done first? What’s most pressing or important?

And lastly I give myself permission to say no to things that won’t serve me in my quest to complete the project. By answering those three questions and learning to say no (I know: It’s hard!), I understand what’s important, how to prioritize it, and achieve that success faster.

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