Soul Sister Scoop: The current state of your closet

In today’s Soul Sister Scoop, I am interested in the current state of your closet for two reasons:

1) In order to achieve your goals, it’s important to declutter and organize all areas of your life. Holding on to nonsense and baggage prevents you from moving forward. Getting rid of all the unnecessary crap in your closet and your life helps make space for new and exciting things to come.

2) Our Soul Sister Scoop feature for today is a sassy lady who can help you clear out any mess and make your entire life easier!

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a coffee with Christina Kotseas last week. Christina is that secret weapon we all wish we had! She’ll not only help you declutter and organize your closet, she’ll help you ​re​organize​ and simplify​ your life​ altogether​! Her services include anything from home ​and​ office organization to ​gift shopping, travel planning, housekeeping​ and beyond​. No, she’s not actually the person cleaning your house, but she’s the lady with all the magic numbers ​and resources ​ to ​assist you​ in run​ning​ a super smooth household!

As she puts it: think of her as a wife’s wife! She’s the​ one​ that will help you ​accomplish ​e​ach and every​ detail on that long ​to-do​ list ​before dinner is served!

Just like myself​,​ Christina has had quite a few career transition​s​ and is a multi​-​passionate ​woman​. She decided to ​combine​ all her past experiences​ – executive ​​assistant​, yacht stewardess, event planner for the​ Boston Red Sox​​ -​ into her own company​.​

Today, Christina shares​ some (but not all!) of​ her dirty secrets on how ​s​he managed th​ese​ transition​s​ ​while offering some​ easy tip​s​ on how to ​clear​ the clutter:

Hanneke: You had a few careers in different industries before you started your own business. Did you have any resistance or fears during those transitions and how did you work through it?

​Christina: Yes! I often thought, “What if this is the exact thing I should not be doing?” “What if I am ruining my chances at accomplishing what I SHOULD be doing?” And then I realized, you can’t have one without the other. You need to process through what you don’t like and shouldn’t be doing, to know exactly what role is perfect for you. You can’t get to this realization by refusing to take risks and always playing it safe. I had family members and friends who thought I was crazy for leaving a steady role in Boston to fly across the country with no plans lined up, other than to “get away” and “start fresh.” I thought this was a perfect plan in itself. Not everyone was sold. Now, they see that taking on the role as a nanny for 2 delicious little creatures in San Francisco and then finding a job playing stewardess on a 140 foot yacht was actually providing me the foundation I needed for what I am now asked to do in my day-to-day role. How could I ever hire the perfect nanny or housekeeper for households had I not experienced each of those positions, in some capacity, firsthand?



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H: What do you enjoy most about your job?

​C: Having the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve just made someone’s life a whole lot easier. We can be thrown some gnarly curve balls, but it’s nice to know that if someone has my resources in their back pocket, things are smooth sailing.

H: What’s the one tip you’d give all us gals to keep our closets organized and clutter free?

C:Simplify! Keep tanks with tanks. Skirts with skirts. Jeans with jeans. Within these groupings, you can choose to color coordinate as well. If you keep your shoes in the same closet, install or build low shelves so that you double up on space and rotate clothing and shoes seasonally. No sense in hoarding prime real estate with wedges and peep toes in the dead of winter and comfy sweaters in summer. Oh, and if you haven’t worn something in a year, donate it!


H: What if potential clients feel overwhelmed by the idea of hiring a concierge service altogether?

C:I get this question a lot. We’re here to simply your life and take things OFF of your to-do list, not add to it. The beauty of my business is we focus on clients who do not require full time assistance and build our fee structure accordingly, so that it’s appealing to a wide variety of clientele. Someone who needs our services for a few hours to strategize a move, coordinate the essentials of a tropical vacation, or meet with a contractor for a renovation and nothing more – we have a pricing plan for them. Clients who think they may need 10 hours per week but just aren’t sure – no worries. We craft our services so that we are approachable for each unique circumstance.


H: How did you figure out that you wanted to quit your job and start your own company? What advice would you give anyone who’s struggling to figure out what their next career move should be?

C: I had reached a point where I felt I had experienced all of the things I had listed on my bucket list. Well, almost. I really wanted to be a ski bum in Colorado and never got to do that. Maybe someday. In reality, I covered a lot of ground and felt that I had fostered enough relationships and experiences to pick myself up and run in the right direction. If you can’t figure out what your next move should be and you’re unhappy with what you’re doing now, do SOMETHING else. Try something you’ve never done before, because if you’re complacent with what you’re currently doing, then you 100% will never find what you love. If you pick up and leave and find that your next role isn’t a fit either, then that’s a win too, because you wouldn’t have figured that out and had the ability to narrow it down further, had you stuck with what you were unhappy with. A favorite quote of mine by Brian Andreas is what I aim to live by – “Deciding everything is falling into place perfectly, as long as you don’t get too picky about what you mean by place. Or perfectly.”


I so agree with you Christina, when working with my clients the one thing most people seem to get tripped up on is being scared of making the wrong decision or going down the wrong path. This fear will keep them stuck and complacent, potentially hindering them from never starting their journey to finding what they are really passionate about.

Is fear holding you back from making career moves? Are you confused about what your next professional step should be? If so SIGN UP here to get the scoop about a very exciting online product I’ll be launching this fall! This product is a 4 week bootcamp that can be done at your own pace to help you flush out the fear and create a strategic plan so you can take action towards creating your rich career! You’ll receive worksheets, weekly motivation, access to a private facebook group and more!

I’d also love to hear from you in the comments below: what’s your number one reason for not moving up and on in your career? Have you been stuck before and figured out your journey? How did you do it? Share your story in the comments below and help empower and inspire other women to take those career risks so they can land their perfect job!

Contact Christina to help you de-clutter and simplify here.

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Two tips to success

I recently took part in a little triathlon. Not the one you’re thinking of though. This one involved a 5k run, yoga and then a couple of refreshments at a local bar in Charlestown.

Truth be told: I haven’t been running or gone to a yoga class in forever. Needless to say I was just a little skeptical about whether I’d be able to finish this thing.

The day of the run was rather hot and running up Bunker Hill was tough. There were a couple of times I seriously considered walking, doubting that I’d be able to run all the way back to the monument.

Two things kept me going and helped me to finish strong: Meghan, the instructor who wouldn’t leave my side, and the other ladies who were really good runners. They were all very supportive and inspired me to keep going!
After the run, I had an epiphany. In my heart I knew I could run 5k, I’m a fitness instructor for heaven’s sake!? In my head, however, doubt was the culprit that wanted me to quit.

Your two tips to success: 

1) Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who champion you!

2) Believe your heart and tell your negative thoughts to beat it!

We seem to forget these two vital tips in all aspects of our life:  We tend to listen to everyone and their mother who has a negative opinion and let them set the boundaries of what we’re able to achieve. In our heart we know our true strength and capabilities but our head will come up with all sorts of lies to make us doubt ourselves. We often give up just as we’re about to succeed because of these myths and other people’s BS negative views.

Moral of the story: when the going gets tough, keep going – you’re most likely right at the brink of a huge success and the universe is just testing to see how badly you want it. Keep those who inspire and support you close, they’ll help you succeed when you’re feeling weak.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe says it best: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” 


Tip: to keep you motivated – celebrate all the little milestones just like I did below with a glass of vino, trip to the spa and weekend by the pool! You can never celebrate life’s victories enough!

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How to land your perfect job: Part 4 (Oprah’s career advice)

In the final video of my “How to land your perfect next position” series  I share a few personal experiences and what I learned about self doubt.

You see when I started my Pilates career I didn’t take the time to formulate a good plan and quickly became overwhelmed by my career move. Instead of taking a deep breath to really focus and figure things out I immediately jumped ship – right back into institutional sales.

The very first day in my new job – I knew I had made a mistake. It’s then that I decided to calm down and really put together a well thought out strategy to build my Pilates career. You have to take some time to really sit and plan things, dream it all  out before you just make irrational decisions because you’re scared. Watch the video to find out what vital little lesson I learned from my little misstep.

How to land your perfect job: Part 4

If you missed the other videos in this series – be sure to watch all of them out here.


Now watch Oprah’s really inspirational and powerful speech:

As always – I’d love to hear from you: have you made a few career blunders? What did you learn from the experience and how did you land on your feet again?


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The perfect place where you need to be right now.

“Wishing things were different is a sure way to torture yourself.” ~ unkown

This little quote has been my mantra lately. I’m working on a few behind the scenes projects and let’s just say it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. It’s so easy to wish you already had what you are striving for or that you had done something differently to get to your goal quicker.

But you know, it’s like Samantha in Sex and the City says: “Ah, could-a, would-a, should-a…”

All of this wishing and regretting just leads to a lot of uncomfortable yucky feelings or torture as stated by my the first quote. It also chips away at your confidence and creativity.

What would it be like if you accept the following: You are exactly where you need to be right now!

Read that again and mean it this time! 1, 2,3 and go…. See? Do you feel how light and free that made you feel?

And now, let’s tweet it: You are exactly where you need to be right now!

Accepting this very moment as the perfect place where you need to be right now opens you up to being present. You’re here in this very place right now for a reason. Maybe you will learn something very important right here!? Staying present and living in the moment will help you to have a calm, collected and loving mind. Calm, collected and loving minds come up with great solutions and brilliant ideas. Guess what: those amazing solutions will help you reach your goals way faster!

So keep yourself present and enjoy right now! It’s summer after all – what a glorious time to really be stuck in the moment?!

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you often wish things were different? How do you bring yourself back to a calm and relaxed frame of mind?

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