Soul Sister Scoop: The Art of Tribe Kristina D. Tsipouras

Like many of you, I first learned about Kristina D. Tsipouras through her facebook group: Boston Business Women page. Later I had the pleasure of meeting her at one of her great networking events, and let me tell you this lady’s got it going on! Her networking group has attracted over 1300 of Boston’s most stellar ladies already and is growing fast!

Kristina, only 30 years old, is already a Boston serial entrepreneur.  Besides running her vibrant Boston Business Women networking group, she’s also the founder of ZOOS beverages, Busy Girl Brand and a Huffington Post blogger.

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She Founded and launched ZOOS beverages, (her grandmother’s greek iced tea recipe) in 2013 and has moved on to branding and business consulting and her Busy Girl Brand. Born and raised in Boston with a family history of entrepreneurship, she spent the last 10 years really soul searching and digging deep to find her purpose and creating her dream job. (Hence having her as our Soul Sister today, soul searching to build your dream career is so important!)  She attended College at Stetson University in Florida, majoring in Communications and minoring in Women & Gender studies.

The first 10 years of her career was in event marketing and social event planning. She learned long ago that she was a strong connecter, networker and loves bringing people together. Hence the line of wellness brands and networking groups that she has founded.

I figured Kristina would be the perfect person to ask for a few tips in brand building and more. So let’s dive in.


Hanneke: You’re quite the serial entrepreneur! What do you enjoy most about starting and growing a brand?

Kristina: That is a tough one. I like the thrill of it, and testing out new methods for go-to-market strategies. There is a recipe and secret sauce to the madness of it all, and once you figure it out, the possibilities are endless. I have the “no fear” quality of an entrepreneur, so I always make sure to hire or partner with the right people to help keep the goals realistic and on-track. It is so fun to visualize an idea, create something that you can physically touch and photograph, then to see it transition to retail shelves and watch consumer reactions, it is just an amazing feeling that I can’t explain.

H: You used to be an event planner for one of the elite event planning companies in New York City. What made you realize that it wasn’t for you?

K:  Well, I knew pretty quickly once I made the move to New York City that Upper East Side wedding planning wasn’t for me. The hours were long, the pay when you are starting out is just enough to get by, and I really didn’t enjoy working while everyone else was playing. It felt like a very unnatural flow of life. I did however, gain so much knowledge, skills, patience and an ability to multi-task like no other! I also bonded with the girls I worked with, and they are still a huge part of my life today. New York is now a very special place that I visit for inspiration. I did though, get the dream job I wanted and the most important thing I learned is that you get in life what you asked for. I picked up the phone, I called and I asked for that dream job, and I got it! Many never make that call, and just assume that they would never get that dream job. Trust me, if you make the call, it’s fair game. Hiring is more about personality than experience.

H: What’s your best tip for our readers on how to grow their brand quickly?

K: Network, network, network. Business is truly about who you know. On social media, don’t just sell your product or service. Always get into the mindset of your customer. How can you add true value to their everyday lives? Through tips, inspiration, etc. We are so oversold today and on content overload, so the theme to success these days is simplify.

H: You’re ramping up to launch Busy Girl Brand. What can we expect from your new endeavor?

K: This one is closest to my heart, and I hope will have the greatest social impact. I soon realized after entering the world of entrepreneurship that I wanted to help people. I went on a long journey of self-help and now realize it was more of a calling. I created a niche in simplifying the journey to happiness, balance and well-being for the busy girl who would never pick up the phone and hire a life coach. It is time to make the journey fun and enjoyable and take the stigma off of self help for women. What is to come: A book series, launching with ‘The Busy Girls Guide to Happiness’ a lifestyle website with a collaboration of amazing contributing editors that specialize in beauty, interior design, health, fitness and more, and last, a daily positive affirmation app.

H:  How do you keep going when the going gets tough?

K: I believe in the saying: “you are only as strong as your tribe”, and I truly believe this. If I didn’t have a strong network of girlfriends, and a family that believed in me, I am not sure I would be as confident as I am and keep going. I have made many new friends in the Boston area who are my age, entrepreneurs, and who truly understand what its like. To have people that can relate to you and validate that you are not alone, it makes the harder times much easier to swallow. Today is all about community, tribe, and co-creating, not about dominating or being number one. It is really fun to meet and connect to today’s Boston leading ladies and watch the next generation shape the personality of the city.


Learn more about & follow Kristina: 

Twitter: @ktsipouras
ZOOS Iced Teas:

Never eat at this restaurant!


Last week my hubby and I took a little post Labor Day, 3 day get away to Cape Elizabeth, ME. It was such a glorious little vacation and we had so much fun exploring all the beaches, hiking through trails and eating at fun restaurants.

Seeing that we were so close to Portland we obviously had to go and check out the restaurant scene there too. ( ps – we’re complete foodies!) Having had our share of seafood the night before at the Lobster Shack, we picked Emilitsa, a greek place rated as the 3rd best restaurant in Portland.

We arrived early to a beautifully decorated restaurant with a great ambiance. We started our feast and everything from the wine and appetizers to Bob’s moussaka was exquisite! There was only one problem…I ordered duck. It was dry and very disappointing. Luckily, hubby and I had agreed to split our meals so at least I didn’t have food envy the entire time.

The next day my bad meal got me thinking:

How often do we let one little hiccup or mis-hap spoil our entire day? It would have been easy for me to complain and keep referring back to the awful duck dish, but instead I chose to remember the ambiance, the fun I had with Bob, and the yummy wine.


You see when something horrible happens in your day, you have a choice – you can either sulk and focus on that one thing the whole day, or you can choose to let it go and focus on all the wonderful things that are going right in your day. Think about it – on average how many more things go right than wrong?

You wake up on time, you have electricity, you have hot water, you have a cup of coffee..sure maybe you miss your train or traffic is bad, but another train comes and you eventually do make it to work. Then you may have a little tiff with your boss, sure – but a happy client calls or you get to go to your favorite Pilates class later and that night you get into a warm bed. You get my point.  More things go right all the time than wrong and you choose how the bad stuff affects you.


I now know not to order duck in future, but I’ll be back for moussaka, wine and the amazing company!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Did you have a bad day recently? How did you snap out of it?


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