Top 5 tips to stand out and strengthen your career brand

Do you love your social media? I certainly have had a love-hate relationship with mine over the years, but lately it’s been all love! Mostly because I made these adjustments I wrote about in my blog post “Urgh facebook, you annoy me.” I’ve also made a few great connections with people in the coaching and career industry that I would never have met otherwise.

One of those interesting people is Niels Reib, career branding specialist from Denmark.


Niels and I connected via Instagram. Similar to me, Niels also left his corporate job to follow his passion and help other people attract careers they’re passionate about. Niels specializes in helping people optimize their LinkedIn profiles and helps his clients build a strong career brand. 


Last week we recorded an interview where we shared stories and tips about making successful career transitions. (stay tuned we’ll be sharing that with you soon!)
#BTS before interview selfies ( a must ;))
I asked Niels if he’d be kind enough to share his  5 top career branding tips with us. 


Here they are:

1.  Take ownership of your name/brand by setting up your personal career website.
2. Blog about the things you’re most passionate about professionally.
3. Share your blogposts on your social media platforms. That will attract likeminded connection to your network.
4. Setup your LinkedIn profile and make sure your 5-7 strongest skills stand out through out the profile.
5. Always write a personal message when you invite people to connect on LinkedIn.

For more information about Niels and how he can help you stand out from the crowed and land a job you love, visit his website here.

Niels will also be contributing a sweet bonus special in my Ultimate Career Bootcamp that will be launching in May. Be sure to stay tuned for more details about that too!

Niels and I would love to here from you: What are your biggest challenges when it comes to building your on-line brand or updating your LinkedIn account? What do you need help with to land that ultimate job you desire? Let us know in the comments below and we’d be happy to answer any of your pressing questions.

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