Design your successful career.

Did you have a chance to read my article featured in Huffington Post last week? In it, I talked about landing what I thought was a great job and then immediately realizing it was a huge mistake – and what I did next.


This happens to people all the time.

There are usually three reasons why people end up in careers that they don’t love and is not a good fit for them:


1) People approach their job search from the wrong angle. This results in doing way too much work in the job hunting process that results in a job offer they don’t want or love — or no job offers at all. Want to know the right way to job search? Keep reading…


2) They use aptitude tests like a crystal ball. Myers-Briggs (and other similar tests) are quite popular because they tell people what their natural strengths are and what they should do for work. So many people blindly follow these suggestions instead of taking the time to really dig deep and figure out what THEY WANT to do.


3) They stay in a job they dislike for too long. This leads to irrational decisions to jump ship and then these people find themselves in the same unhappy job boat a few months later.


If you’ve found yourself taking one or all of the missteps above before, or if you’re currently making them, then I have some great solution-orientated events lined up for you!


On Monday, October 10th I’ll be launching my Ultimate Career Bootcamp. This is a 4-week online program that comes complete with video trainings, exclusive group coaching calls, and access to a private Facebook group filled with people like you who are also jazzed to make meaningful career transitions to jobs they love. In my newest version of the  Ultimate Career Bootcamp, I also have a few EXTRA GOODIES for the first TEN PEOPLE who sign up before October 5th. If you’re one of the first ten to register, you will receive an extra group coaching call with career branding specialist and LinkedIn guru Niels Reib, and you’ll also get one 60 minute private coaching call with me to kickstart your successful career transition.


To celebrate the launch, and help you optimize your career search, I’m holding a few special events I’d like to invite you too!!


If you live in Boston:

You can join me at my Career Success Workshops September 21st or October 4th at 6 pm at Hollister Staffing. Sign up here to reserve your spot.


For my national and international peeps:

Join me for my Thriving Career Webinar Workshop on Monday, October 3rd at 6:30p EDT. Space is limited, so please sign up for the webinar now.


In these workshops and in the webinar, you’ll learn valuable tools and strategies to align your ideal career with your core values and:

  • Discover your purpose by organizing your life and career goals

  • Gain clarity and certainty to home in on the perfect job for you

  • Get the step-by-step guide you need to build a thriving career


I look forward to seeing you in the workshops or having you on in the webinar! Please feel free to email if you have any questions!


Wishing you career success and abundance,

xx Hanneke


ps – if you missed the Huffington Post Article click here to read it.