Gabrielle Bernstein’s top tip to figuring out your passion

unnamed-4A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of going to Gabrielle Bernstein’s book signing here in Boston. (Gabby’s a motivational speaker, life coach, and author.  Opera has had her as a guest on Super Soul Sundays and the New York Times featured her as a “guru” for the next generation.) She’s currently doing a book tour in the US to promote her new book “The Universe has your Back.”





If you’re in a job that you’re unhappy with at the moment, I have two takeaways for you:

  1. you’re not alone
  2. there is a real movement in the workforce to find meaningful and purposeful work right now

How do I know this?

  1. Gabby, who has a quarter of a million followers on Facebook, also addressed job dissatisfaction and trying to find what to do next in your career to bring meaning and purpose to your life, a few times during the book signing event. (This indicates that she sees this trend and movement to find a fulfilling career from her followers too.)
  2. Stanford University’s most popular course at the moment is a course called “Designing your life” – the course is similar to the principles, tools, and exercises I teach in my Bootcamp. The course’ primary focus is to help students design a career and life that’s both fulfilling and brings them happiness.

So what was her number one tip to help you figure out your next career move?

Stop trying to find what you love from a place of “I hate my job.” 

What does she mean by that? In the life coaching world, this is something we call reframing. You see, for you to find solutions to problems you have to pay close attention to your language and mindset and then reframe it.


Your words become your thoughts, and your thoughts become your actions. Those actions lead to your results.

Or like I said on Instagram once:


So if you’re constantly saying “I hate my job, I can’t stand my career” your brain keeps thinking thoughts surrounding this and can’t find creative solutions outside of that mindset.

So how can you shift your focus?

  1. Stop saying “I hate my job.”
  2. Start to look for everything in your job that is working
  3. Be grateful that you have a job that’s paying your bills and will be your investment source to help you get out of your current situation and onto a career you love.

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What is your biggest obstacle in your career right now? Or were you stuck in a job and figured out your next career? How did you do it? Remember your comment could be just the inspiration someone else needs to find their next job!

Four Things All Career Lovers Have & You’re Missing!

four-things-all-career-lovers-have-youre-missingThere are usually four things people who make successful career transitions do that differentiate them from those who stay stuck. What’s great about these four things, is that with the right support and accountability EVERYONE can implement and design a fulfilling career. In my Ultimate Career Bootcamp, I address and give creative tools and tips to help all participants home in and be successful at these.

So what are the four things that successful career transitioners do? 

Here they are:

1) People who make successful career transitions keep a positive mindset. 
When you go for what you want, there is no room for negativity! It’s important to stay as positive as possible at all times. The good news is that with the right tools, anyone can cultivate a positive frame of mind. Cultivating the right mindset is a huge part of what I help my clients to accomplish.

2) Successful career transitioners take the time to figure out what they want in their career and life.
Clarity is power. It’s crucial for your success: in all areas of life! To get clear on what you want faster, you need to ask the right questions. That’s why I dedicated an entire module in my Bootcamp to it. When you dig in and start to create a clear vision of what you want, it’s easier to move towards it!

3) Thriving career peeps face and conquer their fears.
It’s true – we all have fears. People who pursue their dream careers, however, choose to get real with their fears. They get down and dirty with all their ghosts and then work with those concerns to achieve what they want.

4) Career lovers create solid plans while keeping an open mind. 
Once you know what your career goals are it’s easy to create a plan to achieve them. Successful career transitioners break their goals down into bite-size chunks, so they never get overwhelmed, and they always know what to do next to land their dream job!

If you need help with any of the above, be sure to join me Monday, October 3rd, at 6:30p in my Thriving Career Webinar. In this webinar, I’ll share tips and strategies to better the above principles and develop a career you love. I’ll also tell you about my program that will give you all the support and accountability you need to build a thriving career.


Wishing you career success and abundance,

x Hanneke