Five Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Five Effective Goal-Setting Strategies To Make This Your Best Year:

Create a Savvy & Successful Business, Filled With Joy!

1) Reflect  + Get Clear:

To grow your business, it’s important to reflect on what worked well in your business last year and build on it. Get clear and specific on what you want for your business in the coming year.

2) Create SMART Goals

Write out your goals and make sure your goals are:






Five effective goal-setting strategiesRemember goals keep you focussed and moving forward in your business!

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2) Identify your blind spots

We all have certain fears or limiting beliefs that can sabotage our success without us even realizing it. Make sure you name your fears and identify what your limiting beliefs are so they don’t stand in the way of your success. (I discuss the exact principles to  identifying and overcome fear and sabotages in my video series, upgrade to get the video series.)

4) Cultivate a Savvy Success Mindset

In order to make this your best year ever, it’s important to work on improving your mindset and keep yourself in a positive space as often as possible. Doing this will guarantee your success

5) Install positive anchors, rewards, and support to keep you motivated.

Create positive anchors in your day: these can be things like a vision board or positive reminders on your phone. Spoil yourself with fun rewards every time you hit a goal to keep you motivated. Make sure that you have the right support from like-minded people.
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Tell me below: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to setting goals.

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Moving countries and starting your own business!

Making big bold moves and changes to your life and career can be incredibly daunting. That’s why so many of us, or our friends, are always complaining about work or life but can’t seem to do much to change the situation. We feel completely stuck and paralyzed. These friends seem to be completely stuck and paralyzed. That’s exactly where my coaching client Kerrie was when we first started working together.

She wanted to make massive changes to her career and life. It was so wonderful to see Kerrie become more confident while she untied herself and moved towards her dreams. What she achieved was remarkable.

To give you more insight into Kerrie’s journey, I asked her about her experience during the coaching process and how it helped her to quit her corporate gig and move back to the U.K. to start a business of her own.

Here are her answers:

Hanneke: What was the first sign that you needed a change of careers?
Kerrie: There were many small signs, such as not enjoying or feeling challenged by the work and realizing this wasn’t a temporary feeling. Also, hitting my ten year work anniversary and not feeling proud of it. I started to notice that I became more aggressive at work as a result of not feeling happy or fulfilled.

H: What scared you the most about the change you wanted to make in your career & life?
K: Failure and making the wrong decision! My transition was not just about career but also about also which country I was going to live in. What if I regretted it or couldn’t do it. I was walking away from security into the unknown!

H: How did working with me in our coaching sessions help you move through this fear?
K: Hanneke helped me work through each of these concerns, challenging me to think about what failure looked like and then together we explored practical ideas to help me manage them. It made me feel in control and broke the fears I had down to a much lesser extent. Hanneke provided a safe environment for me, so I felt able to share my concerns, and nothing was too silly to discuss. Hanneke was also able to relate and shared her experiences which helped install confidence; she knew what she was talking about – she had been there and could totally empathize.

H: What’s the best thing that’s happened as a result of making your career and life transition?
K: Freedom and regaining control of my destiny! I still have a long way to go, but the wheels are in motion. I have made lots of positive changes in my life in the last nine months: I’ve moved country, set up my own business, qualified as a Pilates instructor. I also have a new partner, and I have a better work-life balance.

H: What were some of the surprise results that happened as a result of following your true passion and leaving your corporate job?
K: People want to help you and want you to be successful. I didn’t stop to think about all the people I have access to, who have set up their own business and had experiences or resources they can share. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

H: What advice would you give someone who’s looking to make a career transition?
K: Only you can make that change happen, but there are people out there who can help. Focus on what success would look and feel like, acknowledge your fears and think about how you manage them and don’t lose sight of why you are making the change in the first place. Yes it will be scary, and there will be times when you think – what am I doing, but you only live once, so live it!

Powerful right? And to think that you can do the same!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Kerrie’s transition was the physical results she radiated. I had the pleasure of grabbing coffee with her not so long ago, and she was glowing. Her skin, her smile, she even had a little skip in her step. She oozed happiness and confidence – I don’t know why I was so surprised by it, after all, I know all too well that this is what happens when you truly live in alignment with your dreams and desires.

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A big thank you to Kerrie for sharing her experience with us.

Have you recently changed jobs or made big leaps in your life and career? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience. Don’t be shy to brag about your accomplishments. 

Moving countries and starting your own business!

Bio – Kerrie Maitland

Following a successful international career of 15 years in Human Resources, Kerrie has recently returned to her home in the South of England where she’s currently establishing her own Company, Positive Dimensions, which focuses on personal and organizational well-being.

Kerrie has a Master in Human Resource Management from Bournemouth University and also has a Bachelor’s honors degree in Psychology and Sociology. Kerrie is also qualified in the administering and interpretation of Psychometric Assessment and has recently completed her Pilates coaching qualification.

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Five secret tips you need to keep & accomplish new year’s resolutions!

I find this time of year to be so exciting; there is hope and vision of what the year may hold for us. Dreams of big achievements and more. We set goals, make new year’s resolutions and vision boards.

Then somewhere in the middle of January reality kicks in, the wheels come off, we lose our mojo and just like that January 22nd becomes the most depressing day of the year.

But what would it be like if you could keep your focus and dedication? If you could be in possibility mode all year long, what would you be able to accomplish then?

Imagine what your life and business would be like if you could accomplish all your goals.

Here are my five secrets (tried and tested) tips to keep you focused and motivated to accomplish your new year’s resolutions:

1) Make sure you set goals that are SMART.

This means your goals are specific; they are measurable and achievable/attainable, your goals are realistic (and I like to add – somewhat risky), and last but not least they have a timeline (deadline).

2) Know why you want to accomplish these goals and be sure that they hold intrinsic value to you.

Intrinsic goals are goals that will personally bring you joy etc. when they are achieved. E.g. you want to lose 20lbs because it will boost your confidence (intrinsic) vs. you want to lose 20lbs, so other people will call you sexy (extrinsic). Or you want to get a higher paying job because you want to travel more (intrinsic) vs. it will please your spouse (extrinsic).

3) Install daily positive anchors and reminders of your goals and what it will be like when you achieve them.

Set reminders in your calendar, pictures on your desk or quotes as your screen saver. Make sure that where ever you turn you have positive reinforcements to help you stay motivated and focused.

4) Join a mastermind or get a coach.

Both of these will give you the accountability you need and will help you come up with effective strategies and inspiration to achieve your goals. If you need a mastermind – read more about joining my Savvy Success Masterminds here; or if you’re interested, remember you can book an intro call for private coaching sessions here.)

5) Forgive yourself and get back at it.

Be sure to be kind to yourself if you slip up or make a mistake. This one may be last on the list, but it shouldn’t be viewed as less important than the others. Practicing forgiveness and self-love will save you time and dramatically improve your chances of achieving your goals.

By using these tips I’ve personally been able to accomplish so much more and I’ve also helped my clients to do the same.

Happy New Year!

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Five secret tips you need to keep & accomplish new year's resolutions!