Five Keys to Unlock Your Profitable Business

Unlock your profitable Business: Last week I did a super fun interview with Kit Pang, the owner of Boston Speaks. In the interview, I revealed the five keys all entrepreneurs (and especially my boss ladies) need to unlock a profitable business. Almost 600 people watched this interview on Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments of how helpful it was.


In this interview where you’ll receive the five keys to unlock your profitable business you’ll learn:
  1. How to rock your confidence and own your results and value
  2. Charge what your services are REALLY worth – this is something that comes up at various levels in business – and a big reason why I created my VIP Smart Profits daysFact:
  • I see way too many women bartering or working for free and asking other women to work for free. And I also see a lot of prices comparing with others.
  • If we want to get paid the same as men and be treated the same  – then that means we have to step up and claim our own worth.
  1. How to stay in your lane: Stop comparing yourself to others, stop competing on price with others
  2. Why investing mega $  is and important part of unlocking your profitable business
  3. Why surrounding yourself with savvy business women who see your value and can help you step into your full power. (And why masterminds are so powerful!)

Now I’d love to know what was your biggest AHA or favorite part of this video!? Tell me in the comments below! And feel free to ask any questions you have!


Thank you to Kit Pang from Boston Speaks for featuring me!

Mastermind Highlight Interview: Stefanie From SwapIt

In this informative mastermind highlight interview, you’ll how to use a mastermind effectively and how it helps you drive your business forward faster!

You will learn how the Savvy Success Masterminds will help you to:
  • Achieve new and energized focus to keep your business intact
  • Knowledge sharing and perspective learning from other women entrepreneurs
  • Clarity and the right push to scale your business
  • Encouragement and motivation to get things done
  • Double your income potential
  • Client profiling and target strategies
  • Charge your energies to achieve optimum results
  • Self-accountability and fulfillment
  • Clarity on client messaging and revenue goals
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Networking and resource sharing to boast results
  • Better income planning and goal achievements
  • Develop valuable connections and build your own community with support
  • Access to building contacts and meaningful collaborations
  • Connections with diverse networks and business expansion
  • Find business solutions at new level of new devil

Stefanie Johnson — As founder and CEO of SwapIt- a new take on personal styling- my job is to inspire people to conquer their day by using their wardrobe as a tool. Shopping and personal stylists never worked for me. I knew there had to be a better way, so I created one.

A native of the Boston area, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. In 2006 I moved to NYC to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and in 2015 moved back to Boston to start SwapIt. Always eager to learn and grow, I have participated in the Jewish Greening Fellowship and the Seniors Leader Program at Columbia University and completed the personal styling course from TreniMi.


Mastermind Highlight Interview Video

In this informative mastermind highlight interview, you’ll learn all about the power a mastermind holds and what is possible when women join forces and support each other.

You will learn how the Savvy Success Masterminds will help you to:
  • Use the mastermind to effectively brainstorm new ideas in your business
  • Achieve new and energized focus to keep your business intact
  • Share knowledge and perspective, while learning from other women entrepreneurs
  • Get clarity and the right push to scale your business
  • With encouragement and motivation to get things done
  • Double your income potential
  • Gain strategies and the energy to achieve optimum results
  • Get accountability and fulfillment
  • Get clarity on client messaging and revenue goals
  • To set the right priorities
  • Build your network and resources to boost results
  • Plan your income goals better and achieve it
  • Develop valuable connections and build your own community with support
  • Access contacts and meaningful collaborations
  • Make connections with diverse networks and business expansion
  • Find business solutions at new level

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About Kristin: 
As founder of Thrive by Food, a functional diagnostic nutrition, and health coaching practice, Kristin Thomas spreads her message of natural digestive health through group programs, live international events, one-on-one coaching, blogs and podcast appearances. If you need a place to start, sign up for her FREE Gut Healing Recipe Guide and design a plan to begin healing your gut.

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About Nicole Guilmartin:
David Blaine has nothing on Nicole Guilmartin. When she puts her magical touch on an event, you know it. Just a swipe of her wand (AKA pen and planner) and a TV studio becomes an electric space of slinky chandeliers and a glowing dance floor. A tiresome mall transforms into a lavish art gallery and lively bistro. A barren warehouse is now an energetic fitness destination for fresh juices, workouts, and wellness.

This is Nicole Guilmartin Events – full-scale event planning and performance that knows no boundaries. She takes raw spaces and reinvents them with creative concepts only true illusionists could envision and employ. No actual hocus pocus. Just serious talent. Nicole has a huge bag of tricks, gathered from years of sitting at the (elegantly set) table with industry A-listers. Her experience portfolio reads like a Who’s Who – Janie Haas Events, Rafanelli Events, Amy Kimball Events and almost a decade of creating lavish affairs with MAX Ultimate Food. Throughout her tenure, she has stunned with such events as the cabaret-themed Boston Arts Academy Annual Benefit at the MFA, Cambridge Community Foundation Centennial at MIT Media Lab and dozens of other private events and celebrations. She is also the event producer of CREATE Boston with local chef Louis DiBiccari – a celebration of food, art, cocktail, and music.
Consider her an event whisperer, calmly managing the entire project from start to finish (translation: everyone and everything is under her soothing spell and all ducks happily fall into a row). Collaborative and innovative projects are her passion, as she dreams up the unusual and sees it through to completion.

A Bryant University grad with a business degree in marketing, when she’s not executing the events of a lifetime, Nicole is taking cues from Mother Nature – hiking or skiing when the weather gives the green light. She gets her Zen on as a certified yoga instructor but still knows how to amp things up with spin and barre. While movement feeds her active and creative mind, Nicole doesn’t discount a relaxing day at home in Andover with her own party of three – husband Joe, young son Joseph, and dog Henry.

Visit her website here