The five signs that indicate a mastermind is what you need to up-level your business:

So masterminds huh? They sound cool and exciting but when do you know that you’re ready to join one?

I’ve been running masterminds since 2015, and I’m personally in one for my business growth too. I’ve experienced the benefits, and exponential business growth first hand and my clients’ results include launching new side-hustles, online programs, adding new clients, new revenue streams, and hitting their income goals in half the time they anticipated.

Bottom line: masterminds are the BOMB when it comes to growing your business fast! (if you ask me :))

In this episode, I’m sharing how to identify when and if you need a mastermind. Ready? Let’s jump right in.

The five signs that indicate a mastermind is what you need to up-level in your business:

1. You’re gearing up for massive growth in your business

You’re implementing all sorts of new strategies, expanding your team and planning significant expansion. It’s new territory; you don’t have many or maybe ANY business friends who are at this level of business. And you’re facing all sorts of new challenges. Having support and accountability from like-minded people get where you’re at or are a little further along in their business would massively help you figure out the right path to hit your goal faster.

2. You’re doubting whether you’re prioritizing the right stuff to grow your business

There are all sorts of roads that may lead to success… or dare we even say it: failure. Which one of the options at hand is the right option to achieve your business success, faster and smarter? The collective intelligence and experience of a curated mastermind group helps you brainstorm the best business strategies and gives you hardcore advice to work smarter while speeding up your results.

My Mastermind Buddies and I with our Business Coach at a Mastermind Day in New York City.
My Mastermind Buddies and I with our Business Coach at a Mastermind Day in New York City with Money Mindset Coach, Denise Duffield-Thomas.
3. You’re facing new challenges in your business

Congratulations you did it, you officially grew to a new level in your business! But now you’ve got some new hurdles, like who to hire first, or perhaps you have to restructure your team and fire some people. There are lots of growing pains that come with business growth, and when you have a mastermind group who has your back, you’ll be able to overcome all these problems with more ease and confidence.

4. You’re feeling isolated and lonely

You have all these fantastic ideas, and amazing things are happening in your business, but there’s no one who you can call to bounce ideas off of or who can genuinely rejoice in your success and understand your entrepreneurial journey. Mastermind buddies are THE best people to celebrate, be vulnerable with or bounce ideas off of because they get you! They know you inside out because they live a parallel life to you in their business.

5. You’re struggling to focus and stay grounded on your way to your goals

Most entrepreneurs have shiny object syndrome – which is a beautiful gift when it comes to creating new and exciting programs and products, but it seriously blows and throws you off track when you’re trying to stay focussed and finish a project. Mastermind friends keep you accountable, they hold you to your mission and your ultimate goal and can call you out on your BS when you go astray.

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{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #63: Scaling to multiple locations + disrupting your market

Today, on the Savvy Business Show we talk with Courtney Culnane of Leeward Counseling on business structure and how you can disrupt the market and scale your business to multiple locations.

Courtney started her career in counseling after she saw the benefits of therapy in her own life. She always had a vision mental health was something comfortable and approachable and she knew she couldn’t do it alone.

Courtney is constantly pushing the status quo and disrupting the market. She has also made it a point to invest in her business – coaching, and support in a mastermind. Click here to see the ROI she’s received by doing this.

You don’t have to do these new complicated things but just small tweaks are how you can disrupt the market. By being a little more you and caring about your people. Your people will feel your authenticity.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of pressure with all the responsibility and it can be lonely at the top. You can choose to make things easier on you and invest in parts of your business with outside help.

Courtney believes that you can’t not afford to hire a business coach, because of a similar concept to what she focuses on in therapy. Allowing you to help yourself and get the skills you don’t have.

Courtney has taken the leap into private pay in her business. In order to do the best job in mental health. While insurance is great it doesn’t align with Courtney’s bigger picture.

She needed to get her team on board with her vision and having a business coach helped to get to her goals. This allows people to make a bigger commitment to themselves to make the change they want and need.

You can find Courtney at Leeward Counseling.

To dive in more listen below.

Listen Now:

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Lessons in navigating rapid growth in your business structure
  • Investing in your business

About Courtney:

Courtney is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College and her master’s degree from Boston University School of Medicine.

She was recently named as one of IFAH top 100 Leaders in Health Care and has been featured in podcasts and publications, such as Boston Voyager.

Courtney also uses therapy dogs as part of her work and sees clients privately for Sport & Performance Psychology.


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Forbes Magazine says you must join a mastermind

Forbes top reasons to join an innovative mastermind

Forbes top reasons to join an innovative mastermind

Masterminds are so effective that hardcore business magazines like Forbes regularly write about the benefits an innovative mastermind can provide for entrepreneurs.

By using a peer-to-peer mentoring concept to help members share and learn from members experiences with innovation, creativity and leadership turning members into savvy CEO’s.

In this podcast, we’ll take a look at the reasons Forbes magazine like masterminds for growing your business and I’ll also share a few resources to help you find a mastermind that suits your needs.

Here’s what one Forbes article highlighted on what a mastermind can help your business with:

  1. Accountability
  2. Regular connection.
  3. Networks beyond your own to tap into.
  4. A trusted circle of colleagues to help you make decisions.
  5. A chance to learn from other businesses and leaders.
  6. A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems.
  7. A laboratory to learn and experiment.
  8. A reflection of your own wisdom and expertise as you help others.
  9. And potentially long-term friendships and connections.
Photo credit: Forbes Magazine's Website
Photo credit: Forbes Magazine’s Website


“Having people around to call on when you need it is one of the soundest investments you can make.” I couldn’t agree more with Forbes Magazine on this. If you look at the most successful people in business, you’ll notice that none of them got there alone. They leveraged the crap out of their networks and connections, invest in support, created buy-in from others, and then they achieved massive success.

The sense of community and camaraderie is also one of the top things my mastermind members mention when asked what they love about The Savvy Business Masterminds. When you surround yourself with this level of support everything becomes possible.

As one Savvy Business Mastermind Member puts it:

“I like the idea of a tightly-knit cohort working together to problem solve; we can’t do this alone, and it’s high time I lean into the collective support.”

But that’s not all the Savvy Business Masterminds are great at. One of the many things that set The Savvy Business Masterminds apart from other masterminds is its sole objective. This goal creates helps our members to become laser focused, which results in the massive shifts and momentum they experience.

Results like this one:

“Within 60 days I had hit my biggest income month of the entire year and made massive up-levels in my life and business!”

Focus builds momentum and that leads to massive results and success:

As the saying goes:

“What we focus on expands”

In The Savvy Business Masterminds we live by this goal:

To transform our members to savvy and confident business owners and CEOs, working less and earning more!

When you’re a member of The Savvy Business Mastermind you’ll be able to:

a) Fully step into your role as CEO of your company

b) Lead from that C-suite level (with confidence)

c) Work with more intention and ease (read – work less, earn more!)

All the resources, the book club calls, and the monthly hot seat calls are geared to help you achieve and stay focused on our mantra.

And yes, of course, we get into the other nitty gritty things of running a business too but we always ensure that we look at things through the lens of our main objective:

  1. Are you operating and leading from the C-suite
  2. Will the decision or solution to your problem help you to work less and earn more!?

The leader of the mastermind has a lot to do with the success of the group.

When joining a mastermind you want to make sure that it’s lead by someone who is qualified for the job. The perfect package is normally a certified coach who is also a master facilitator.

When you join the Savvy Business Masterminds you get the whole package! Hanneke is a certified and award-winning coach with a business degree as well as 15 years of business experience. And in the last 10 years, she’s built two award-winning businesses.

“Hanneke, you are the master moderator! “

A mastermind that focuses on both Mindset and Strategy:

In the words of Tony Robbins:

Success is 80% mindset and 20% symantics

By always ensuring that we’re keeping our eye on this one specific prize, our masterminds allow room for both the:

  1. mindset shifts that need to happen in order for you to lead and grow your business from the C-suite. This shift transforms you to a confident business owner and CEO.
  2. practical strategies that you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

End result: The perfect combination for success:

Our focus on the objective along with the fact that we discuss both mindset and business strategies make The Savvy Business Masterminds an experience and support system like no other!

Wanna know more about our community of high-level thinking entrepreneurs?

The Savvy Business Masterminds is a network of high-level thinking entrepreneurs whose mission is to scale and grow their companies to profitable and sustainable empires, while transforming to confident business owners and CEOs, working with more ease and intention. In short, we’re here to help you become the business savviest CEO while working less and earning more!

We are always inviting new members into our Masterminds if you’d like to join this dynamic community.

>>Click here to learn more about The Savvy Business Masterminds.<<

“I’ve been harnessing the CEO mentality and can really see a shift in my bravery.”


Want to make sure masterminds is the right investment to up-level your business? Download this PDF with the Five Questions you must ask yourself before joining a mastermind.


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