Welcome to the best thing you can give yourself and your business to succeed in 2020: The Savvy CEO Mastermind Group

Imagine the confidence you can have if your team and business is running like clockwork earning more profits than ever before?

And the relief you’d feel if the responsibility of growing your business didn’t rest entirely on your shoulders only?

There is one too many business owners getting crushed by the weight and emotional roller coaster of running a business. Who has lost the passion and joy for what they’ve created? As a result, they’ve isolated themselves – feeling shame, guilt, and like an impostor.

I can’t stand on the sidelines watching this suffering happen any longer.

The Savvy CEO Mastermind Group includes private business coaching AND traditional hot-seat mastermind sessions. It’s my rebellion against everything that’s preventing you from building a sustainable business that brings you joy, ease, and financial freedom.

It’s the incubator where we transform you into being a confident CEO, help you to develop leaders on your team, and co-create a business structure that can expand and grow efficiently – faster.

Sound like just what you need? Apply here. Space limited to 6 people.

In our co-creative one-on-one coaching sessions we’ll help you: 

  • Define and refine your role in your business and help you transition to it
  • Create the time and space you need to increase business profits
  • Separate your identity from your business so you can stop treating your business like your baby
  • Shift your mindset from being the person who has to do it all to be the leader of your business so you can let go and enable your team to help you create your vision for your business 
  • Develop your leadership skills 
  • Help you curate a core leadership team – identify the right talent with the ideal skill set to support you and accelerate business growth
  • Help you act from a place of trust vs fear

In our Mastermind sessions we’ll provide a safe space too:

  • Boost and grow your confidence as the leader of your business
  • Talk about all things business growth, expansion, leadership, profits and more
  • Receive feedback, advice, and brainstorm business ideas and challenges
  • Be held accountable to achieve better – faster
Who’s The Savvy CEO Mastermind For?

The program is geared towards multiple 6-7 figure service-based business owners who are ready to transform into savvy CEOs, scaling their business while working less and increasing profits.

This Offer Includes:

  • 2 x 60 min Private Coaching Calls Per Month. Total of 21 Calls Per Year. Calls are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays
  • 2 x 90 min – Hour Mastermind Calls Per Month – Total of 21 Per Year. Calls are every other Thursdays at noon and won’t be in the same week as your Private call.
  • 1 x 4 – hour Private CEO Intensive Day
  • 1 x CEO Full Day Retreat (Group)
What is the cost of The Savvy CEO Mastermind?

The cost is $2000 per month or $22000 when you pay up-front.

How many people will be on the mastermind group call?

The mastermind is a small and intimate group with a maximum of 6 people per call.

How will my ideas and information that I share be protected?

Every participant in The Savvy CEO Mastermind must sign an NDA and Confidentiality agreement before they can join the mastermind. We work hard to ensure that this is a safe and trusted space for everyone.

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