When mindset work stunts business growth:

When mindset work stunts business growth:

On Monday, I did a quick video on why mindset matters more than strategy and how the Up Level Project helps you to become proficient in focusing on both.

In today’s video, we take things a step further by focusing on when mindset work will stunt business growth. 

Mistake # 1: Push Through

This mistake usually involves business owners ignoring their gut and will make anything you do feel like an uphill battle. It will also increase fear and doubt, which ultimately kills any chance of experiencing joy and ease. 

Mistake #2: Trying To Eliminate Fear

This stems from the idea that you should, can, or will only want to take action once you feel zero fear and you’re finally perfect. In this scenario, you’re trying to kill fear completely – which of course, is impossible. 

The Hard Truth:

You will always experience some level of fear when growing a business because growth means you’re constantly finding yourself in unchartered territory.

The Real Goal That Allows For Massive Growth:

Learn how to work with your fear! In The Up Level Project, I’ll show you exactly how to do this. I’ll show you how to both work on improving your beliefs while honoring your feelings AND still take massive joyful action (despite fear.)

There’s More:

I’ll also show you how to shift from the mindset of self-leadership to becoming the leader of others. This is a super important pivot that has to happen to allow you to grow faster and create more freedom.

It’s Your Choice:

Will you join us in the Up Level Project and finally become the most innovative and resilient leader that you can be?

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I can’t wait to help you exponentially uplevel the way you do business forever,

How to gain certainty in uncertain times

How to gain certainty in uncertain times

A lot of the work I’ve done in both The up Level project and with private clients this year has been around helping them to gain certainty during a time where we’ve had zero certainties. 

To answer the question: 

How do we gain certainty when things are so up in the air?

We have to answer another question first: 

What makes you think we can ever be so certain? 

Certainty is an illusion that we’ve created to give us a greater sense of control. You see when we think we are in control it gives us confidence and a false sense of security. 

But what is real security? 

This is actually a question from one of my favorite books: “The illusion of money: why chasing money is stopping you from receiving it.”

In the book Kyle Cease answers this question with the following: “It’s you being fully present in this moment; it’s your open heart, your acceptance of yourself, your awareness, your appreciation for life, your unconditional love – these are the real assets that make you invincible.”

And when you have the mindset tools and resources to cultivate this level of security within yourself then you’re able to continue to maintain clarity, focus, and take bold action despite adversities. 

In this video, I do a deeper dive to help you gain more certainty and clarity and become aware of the ways that you’re sabotaging yourself.

And in the Up Level Project, I share the exact tools and resources you need in order to cultivate this level of commitment, clarity, awareness and step into your highest level of leadership that will unlock higher profits and success for you with more joy, ease, and satisfaction than you thought was possible for you in 2020.

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