How Clarity can help you in business, including have those difficult conversations   w/ Erica Courdae and India Jackson

How Clarity can help you in business, including have those difficult conversations w/ Erica Courdae and India Jackson

On today’s episode of The Savvy Business Show we have two very special guests Erica Courdae and India Jackson.

This dynamic duo has over 30 years of diverse experience. Along with running a successful coaching business and marketing company, Erica and India are the hosts of the Pause on the Play Podcast. Erica Courdae + India Jackson are two leaders that combine two very different fields of expertise together for game-changing results. As an entrepreneur + licensed coach, Erica Courdae guides people through having engaged conversations and imperfect action within large communities, international podcasts, and live events to create inclusive work spaces and ethical company cultures. As the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire, India Jackson and her team has provided visibility consulting, strategy, photography, training, social media management, and branding to companies like Christian Dior, six-figure coaches, and professional athletes.

Not only are they my special guests today, but they are also going to deliver very exciting content in the VIP area of The Uplevel Project. This very special content is their 2 hour DEI Workshop- Implicit to Explicit, Leading with your Values.

Let’s Dive in…

Today we are going to talk about clarity and how it helps you to have difficult conversation and what it helps you with in your business. I am joined by India Jackson and Erika Courdae

We dive into:

  • Clarity and what it does for your business
  • How to use clarity to have those difficult converstations
  • How Clarity can create Polarization

Come find out more on the latest episode of The Savvy Business Show

India Jackson and Erica Courdae

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