How your values & clarity will build DEI in your brand.

How your values & clarity will build DEI in your brand.

On today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast we have two special guests Erica Courdae and India Jackson.

A dynamic duo with over 30 years of diverse experience. Not only running a successful coaching business and marketing company, Erica and India are the hosts of the Pause on the Play Podcast. Erica Courdae + India Jackson are two leaders who combine two very different fields of expertise together for game-changing results.

As an entrepreneur + licensed coach, Erica Courdae guides people through having engaged conversations and imperfect action within large communities, international podcasts, and live events to create inclusive work spaces and ethical company cultures.

India Jackson, the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire, and her team provide visibility consulting, strategy, photography, training, social media management, and branding to companies like Christian Dior, six-figure coaches, and professional athletes.

We talk about how you can build a more diverse and inclusive brand that is going to stand out, attract and have the impact you want to have on the world.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The importance of building a diverse and inclusive team.
  • Why developing your values to drive inclusion and diversity is important.
  • How your clarity about your ideal client will help them identify with your brand.

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Is there something your family or culture has taught you that’s currently holding you back from moving forward in your business? I’d love to hear all about it, please tell by commenting below.

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10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

In today’s episode, we’re talking about a quick and easy practice that will help you become more resilient and strategic if done daily.


    Being a business owner is incredibly rewarding, but growing that business and leading your team can be challenging, especially in times of massive change and instability. 

    Overwhelm, stress, and burnout are factors that regularly plague entrepreneurs. And that’s why it’s so essential to establish resiliency routines that support not only your mental health but your physical well-being as well. 

    Mainstream productivity advice and tools offer many suggestions that are not sustainable and can create more stress and further drain your energy. 

    Think about these: you gotta get up at 6 am, run 5 miles, drink 6 cups of green tea, make sure you work like this, and that → I’m exhausted just listening to those folks.

    Everyone has a unique way of operating, and when you implement mainstream productivity tools, it can be detrimental.  

    As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you understand how to work with your strengths, energy levels, and your unique way of operating in this world. You have to take radical responsibility for how you show up to seize the day, every day.

    This why I have my clients do many personality tests when we start working together. By knowing how they gain their energy, e.g. –the one most of us know:  introverts need lots of alone time vs. extroverts to recharge their batteries by spending time with people, clients can start to take back power and autonomy of their energy.

    Other personality tests like Human Design, or How to Fascinate also help business owners to understand their most effective leadership style, which will help them make the best decisions. When you consider all that information, you can use existing habits and routines to support your mental well-being and your energy levels or create new ones that will help you prevent burnouts. 

    When clients start implementing and integrating this information into their daily life they find that they sleep better, their anxiety goes down, and they are better able to focus.

    And this is what we mean when we say they become more resilient. When you’re rested, grounded, and focused, you can better cope with whatever life throws at you.

    My clients love knowing and implementing this information. They find that it invigorates their business on all levels and turns them into the most-valuable asset and leader of their business.

    Another practice that I help my clients to cultivate when working together that also allows them to become more strategic is to set up a morning routine where they take a few minutes to get into their work-mode zone. By doing this, clients become focused and shift into a solution-orientated frame of mind (which, as you may remember from Episode 89, has now been scientifically proven to be the mindset you need to be more successful.) 

    I’ve dubbed it the Up Level Daily Journal Practice, and you can download it here:

      The practice consists of four easy steps: 

      Step 1: Connect to your vision: focusing on what you want to accomplish. 

      Step 2: Check-in on how committed you are to accomplishing your goal.

      Step 3: Imagine yourself having already accomplished that goal and embody the qualities of your future successful self. How would you act, what would you think, if your goal was already achieved – embody those traits now. 

      Step 4: Checking in with your mindset around your goals. Do you believe that it’s possible to accomplish those goals, if not — what do you need to adjust? As I’ve mentioned with the Up Level Formula  — it’s here where you have to remember that the results we can achieve are an accumulation of our beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings, and actions. To achieve higher results, you have to uplevel everything in that equation. 

      When you take 10 minutes or less every day to implement this practice, it will help you naturally step into a more strategic mindset and waste less time and energy to achieve your goals. 

      And as I mentioned, if you’d like to adopt this daily practice into your routine — you can download a quick PDF with more information below.


      How To Prepare Yourself To Survive It All w/ Kristin Chambers

      How To Prepare Yourself To Survive It All w/ Kristin Chambers

      Kristin Chambers founded D.A. Luxury Travel in 2007, a modern-day luxury travel consultancy catering to discerning vacationers. She is Boston’s go-to award-winning, trusted travel advisor for clients seeking honest world-class experiences. In 2016, Kristin founded TRAVELLUSTRE — a portfolio of carefully recruited, highly regarded Boston-based travel consultants. 

      With 18 years’ experience designing itineraries, Kristin has amassed extensive connections and global partnerships—including her “black book” of powerhouse insiders.  Kristin and her team can provide truly unforgettable memories with this exceptional partners’ network, incorporating human connections and thoughtful and personally curated itineraries.

      At the end of 2019, I had the honor of working with Kristin and her team. Kristin had made some provisional adjustments and planned to handle an economic downturn with the market rumors of a coming recession. In today’s episode, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at how those preparations helped her navigate the pandemic. 

      In this episode, you’ll hear answers the following questions:

      • You’ve managed to build a successful multi-million dollar travel-agency, in an era where most travel agents were closing down. Yet, this tells me so much about you: you’re a savvy business person, with grit and tenacity, and an innovator. Now what do you think has been the superpower that helped you do what others deem to be impossible to do when you look back?
      • When you approached me to work with your team at the end of 2019, I remember you telling me that you had already started taking precautions against a possible economic downturn — since then can you tell us a little about what those adjustments were?
      • You belong to a travel-specific mastermind-like group, and you’ve invested in working with me. How has asking for support and surrounding yourself with other like-minded business thought-leaders helped you grow your business?
      • As a result, when the pandemic hit the travel industry: which of these precautions were helpful?
      • What other pivots did you make, and how did you gain clarity on how to adjust?
      • The travel industry has been one of the hardest hits ones; how have you managed to keep yourself and your team motivated?
      • What do you think the future of travel will look like? What is your biggest lesson of 2020? And what are you excited about in 2021 for both of your businesses? 

      Now I’d love to hear from you!

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      Is there something your family or culture has taught you that’s currently holding you back from moving forward in your business? I’d love to hear all about it, please tell by commenting below.

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      Why people choose to work with me

      Why people choose to work with me

      I’m so excited for the next round of The Up Level Program and the caliber of business owners who are enrolling and interested in joining us. 

      And speaking of caliber.

      I know that there are a LOT of coaches out there. And I’m honored that you’re considering working with me, but I know I have to answer an essential question for you.

      Why this? What makes The Up Level Program and working with me different?

      I won’t speak for others, but I can confidently say that clients who have worked with me have achieved the following during this time:

      • Closed investor deals
      • Launched online programs and offers
      • Gained clarity and confidence to take aligned and inspired action on their goals

      Most business coaches out there are not certified, don’t have business degrees, and have not built award-winning companies.

      And most business coaches have not had to move countries, reinvent, and start over from nothing multiple times in their life.

      I have.

      I moved to the UK with only my wits, no job, and a 50lb bag. Within six months, I had landed a job in the back office of a prestigious Wall Street Brokerage firm where I worked my way up to a sales desk in four short months.

      From there, I asked for a transfer to NYC. That wasn’t the job that would help me reach my full potential. So I used all the tools I learned from my life coach to reinvent myself and start my Pilates Brand in Boston.

      I built that brand to award-winning status in record time. It’s then that I realized I wanted to pay the gift that coaching gave me forward to others, so I got certified as a life coach.

      When you work with me, you get access to all of this, including my 15-years of international business experience.

      What I teach in the Up Level Program isn’t regurgitated theories and textbook blueprints. All the work we cover is discoveries, strategies, and tools that I, myself, have implemented, tested, and acquired that allowed me to pivot, innovate, and thrive despite the odds. And these are the exact processes I use to help my clients achieve success too.

      Now more than ever, I care deeply about helping business owners innovate and build successful and sustainable companies.

      As an entrepreneurial community, we hold power to help the economy heal while having a tremendous impact on our communities. And I want to help you achieve that impact.

      So, if you’re ready to allow yourself to receive and accomplish ALL of the above – then I’d love to invite you to join us in the Up Level Program!

      There is still time to take advantage of the early-bird offer and join the group of high-level thinking individuals who have already signed up!

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      Building A Sustainable Business That Offers Wealth & Freedom w/ Nicole Morong CFP®

      Building A Sustainable Business That Offers Wealth & Freedom w/ Nicole Morong CFP®

      Today’s episode is all about empowering you to start taking the necessary steps to leverage your financial portfolio and create more freedom!

      Nicole Peterkin Morong is a financial planner and CEO of Peterkin Financial; she’s also a speaker and a published author. Nicole Peterkin has been in practice since 2011. As an advisor, she emphasizes using money as a tool to get the lifestyle you want instead of viewing it as the obstacle to that lifestyle.  You can purchase her book, If You Love Your Family, Save Like It, on her website. 

      In the Episode, Nicole answers the following questions:

      1. I’m all about higher profits and helping clients create freedom, which is why I love that your approach to money is different from most other certified financial planners. You help your clients leverage their financial portfolio to build sustainable wealth and the lifestyle they want. I’m curious, what specifically made this your focus?
      2. You’re the author of your book: If You Love Your Family, Save Like It —
        What made you decide to write this book?
      3. I admire so many things about you, and one of them is that you live your business philosophy. You retired your husband from his job last year after he got laid off, and despite a $100K cut in income, you were able to absorb this loss without it having to change your lifestyle too much. How were you able to do this?

      4.  Right now, you’re on an extensive work-action in California. For our listeners who crave more freedom like this — where would you tell them to start?
      5. What do you find is usually people’s biggest hurdle or reason why they are financially disorganized? And how is that affecting their business and ability to build wealth? 
      1. Can you tell us a little more about specific business systems that you focus on to help business owners plan proactively vs. reactively in their business that will help them create more freedom? Where can they start?
      1. You recently launched a new program called Next Level Profits — how will this program help clients get more organized, create leverage and sustainable wealth?
      2. Where can people find you and learn more about your services and Next Level Profits? — Visit her website here, to learn more about this incredible program that will help you leverage your business and assets to create financial freedom.

      Registration for the Up Level Program is Now Open

      Do you see your business as your baby? (be careful!)

      Do you see your business as your baby? (be careful!)

      Clients often come to me because they’re exhausted and tired. They have lost the joy and passion for their business, and they’re ready to pack it all in and start over. 

      I can relate to this feeling because it’s precisely what I did in my first business. I worked so freaking hard to build my pilates brand up to award-winning status that I completely burnt myself out. 

      And so, in a few short months, I got rid of it all: my precious baby that I spent so much time and energy turning into a success. Yet, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it pronto.

      And that’s precisely where it all went wrong. 

      I still viewed my business as my baby and treated it like a nervous helicopter parent, despite its flourishing into a great success. 

      And this attitude cost me dearly. 

      I was unable to take a step back and separate myself from my business. 

      I was unable to release control. 

      I took everything personally. 

      I reacted with my emotions instead of responding and adhering to what the business needed.

      In the seven years that I’ve been running my award-winning coaching practice, I’ve seen almost ALL business owners I work with make the very same mistake.

      And for this reason, we spend a lot of time in the Up Level Program to redefine your relationship with your business.

      I also share a scientifically-proven method to step into a more strategic mindset through my Up Level Formula that will increase your awareness of how “mental dynamics” and learned behaviors influence your results and inability to free up time.

      Click here to redefine your relationship with your business and unlock more freedom!

      Registration for The Up Level Program is Now Open