STOP: before you interview that business coach — do this!

STOP: before you interview that business coach — do this!

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Hopping back to your series on hiring the best coach for you! In case you missed my first article, click here to see what to do before you start looking for a coach. 

Coaching is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a coach. And over the last year, a lot of people pivoted to business coaching in particular. I’m here to help ensure that you hire a qualified and experienced coach for exactly what your business needs next (even if that means I have to refer you to someone else!) 

So let’s help you do that. 

What to do before you book that call with a prospective coach: 

1 – Read & Watch

Before you go ahead and book a discovery call with a coach, make sure that you do your homework about the person. 

  • Read up about their experience.
  • What were they doing before they started their coaching practice?
  • Do they have a coaching certification?
  • What type of coaching certification is it?
  • Is their certification through a legit organization and an affiliate of the ICF — The International Coaches Federation (this is the gold standard affiliate body for the coaching industry.)
  • Is it another type of certification like: Quantum flow, Reiki, or something else and who did they get that certification through? 
  • Do you feel like their background, qualifications, and experience are aligned with the areas that you’re struggling with? 
  • Look at their case studies: are they serving clients who are at the same level/size/industry as your business?
  • If you’re looking to get more clients → someone with a strong marketing background may be ideal. 
  • If you do business with corporate clients → look for someone with experience in the corporate world. 
  • If you need help with your team, systems, strategies, and leadership → look for a coach who specializes in all these areas. 
up level accelerator

Remember — there’s more to business than just mindset or just getting clients/marketing. Especially if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you hire someone who knows and understands how to improve all areas of your business, including:

  • Vision & Goals 
  • Systems & Processes
  • Leadership, delegation, hiring, and management
  • Cashflow & Profit

Stay tuned for the next article: Interview questions to ask your coach → coming Dec 7th!

I hope this was helpful and you now have a better understanding of who to look for. Please feel free to ask questions below. 


If you’re having trouble with any of the above — I’d be happy to hop on a quick call with you to identify what and who you need to hire to help you prosper in 2022. 


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Media Feature with Thrive Global: “Being a committed individual ”

Media Feature with Thrive Global: “Being a committed individual ”

While writing the book, I realized that I couldn’t wait for the book to be finished — the strategies and tools I share were needed in real-time as the pandemic was unfolding, and so The Up Level Program was born, my companion course to the book that further solidifies and builds on the principles of the book.

Hannke Antonelli

As a part of our series about “How You Can Grow Your Business or Brand By Writing A Book”, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Thrive Global. You can read the full article here.

You’ll learn more about:

  • A story about what motivated me to become an expert in the particular area that I write about.
  • A pivotal story that shaped the course of my career
  • What I am currently working on.
  • Which three character traits I feel were most instrumental to my success when launching your book.
  • Lots of stories that shaped my career and business, that influenced my book.
  • Benefits of writing a book for you business and brand.
  • The most important things I wish I knew before I wrote and launched a book.
  • The five things an author needs to know to successfully promote and market a book.

You can grab a copy of my book and workbook available now.

How to hire the right coach/consultant for your business

How to hire the right coach/consultant for your business

Are you looking to hire a coach in 2022? I’m so excited for you. Asking for help can be daunting. Especially in a world where we receive a lot of subliminal messaging and headlines about “self-made” entrepreneurs. The truth is: behind every successful business person, there is an entire team of people and customers who helped them to get there. 

And I’m here to help business owners assemble that rock star team! 

To be of the highest service to you: 

I’ll be releasing a series of quick blog posts over the next few weeks with key elements that you must know and keep in mind when hiring your next business coach.

The success of your investment and the results you get greatly depend on hiring the right business coach for your business.

Hanneke Antonelli

Here are the topics I’ll cover in the weeks to come: 

  • What to do before you start looking for a coach
  • What to do before you book a call with coach  
  • Interview questions to ask your coach
  • Red flags when it comes to coaches & where to find qualified coaches
  • The difference between teaching, coaching, and consulting and when you need what.

So let’s dive into today’s topic:

Hire the best coach for you – What to do before you start looking for a coach 

I’ve heard of way too many people who hired the wrong coach and wasted lots of money and time in the process. This is damaging to both their business and the coaching industry as a whole.

So, let’s ensure that you hire the right person. 

Much like baking, hiring a coach also requires a little pre-work. First, you have to identify what you’re going to bake (i.e. what are your goals/ what challenges do you need help with) and then get the right ingredients to ensure that your cake doesn’t fall flat. 

Answer these questions to get clear on whom you need in your business: 

1  – What are your goals right now? 

Be as specific as possible. 

Are you looking to grow your business by growing your team? 

Or are you looking to grow online? 

What do you want for your business and your life?

2 – What specific challenges do you face right now?

Are you burnt out?

Are you not feeling confident about the future of your business? 

Do you need more clients?

Do you have too many clients?

Are you looking to create more freedom? 

Do you need help delegating 

Do you need help with leadership development?

And/or do you need help hiring?

3 – How long have you been in business: 

1- 2 years?

3- 10 years?

10 + years? 

Pinpoint exactly where you’re experiencing pain points in your business. 

Here’s what to do next: 

Based on your answers above: 

Identify what experience the business coach or consultant will need to have to help you. I’ve given a few pointers below, based on how you answered the questions above.

  • Looking to get more clients, you’re probably looking for someone with a strong marketing and sales background or someone who can help you boost your confidence to become more visible 
  • Looking to grow your team, you’re most likely looking for someone who has experience with leadership development, company structure, and systems. 
  • Burnt out or struggling with confidence, you want to make sure that you hire someone who specifically focuses on mindset work and business development.
  • A seasoned entrepreneur, you want to ensure that you hire someone who has experience working with business owners who have businesses the size of your company / your industry / or have been in business as long as you have been. 

Beware of those who say things like: I built an x-figure business and now I’ll show you how. Your path to success will be unique, yes – you can absolutely get pointers from people who have succeeded in an area you want to succeed in,  but keep in mind that your road to success may look way different, based on your long-term goals, your personality strengths, and more. If it was truly that easy to follow a five-step blueprint to success, everyone would be millionaires.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog post, where I’ll be going deep on 

  • What to do before you book a call with the coach   — coming November 30th!

In the meantime: 

If you’re having trouble with any of the above — I’d be happy to hop on a quick call with you to identify what and who you need to hire to help you prosper in 2022. 

Order a copy of The Up Level Project here. 

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How to stay grounded this Holiday Season!

How to stay grounded this Holiday Season!

The holidays are fast approaching, and this year there seems to be an additional frenzy about holiday shopping due to supply chain issues.

So, I’ve got a feeling that staying grounded and calm is going to be extra challenging. That’s why I wanted to share a few tips to help you.

1 – Give yourself a minute

Get up 10 minutes earlier, or give yourself a few minutes before bed to do a quick meditation and or simply reflect on the day and name three things you’re grateful for. (Bonus points if you get your partner or family involved in the gratitude game.) 

2 – Say No! 

No is a full sentence and it’s ok to use it without explanation. Setting a few boundaries and getting more intentional with what you value, who and what you want to focus on, and what is important to you before we go into full-blown holiday mode, will help you to practice discernment and say no to the things that don’t bring you joy or fulfillment. Grab a pen and write out what you’d like to experience this holiday season and who you really want to spend time with. What can you do to help you attain the experiences you want? Who do you need to say no to?

3 – Schedule some space

Look ahead at your schedule and block off a few hours here and there to do whatever you want. Bonus points: schedule something fun for yourself. Allow these blank spaces to be times where you do whatever you feel like. Not sure what to do during that time? Ask yourself: what do I need right now. Allow yourself to indulge in whatever comes up. 

Have a happy holiday season! 

Want to build in an easy daily practice that will help you to become more discerning, strategic, and grounded!?

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From independent contractor to agency owner with a fully remote team w/ benefits

From independent contractor to agency owner with a fully remote team w/ benefits

Meet Janet Mesh, CEO and Co-Founder of Aimtal.

Before working with Hanneke: 

  • Janet was working as an independent contractor. 

Why Janet decided to hire Hanneke: 

  • Janet is a verbal processor and was looking to become a more confident CEO and business leader. She was looking for a safe container that would both help her process and guide her to hone her strengths to grow her business effectively.

Transformation experienced as a result of working with Hanneke:

“I went into the program with the goal of becoming a more confident CEO & business leader, and I truly feel like I’ve achieved that result through your guidance and coaching. It’s incredible how I’ve learned more about who I am as a person and leader in relation to my personality, strengths, and even vulnerabilities have allowed me to become a stronger, confident leader.”

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Focusing on stepping out of the day-to-day tasks and focusing on profit-driving tasks
  2. Expanded team 
  3. Created systems and structures to support a growing team and business. 
  4. Benefits for employees 

End Result:

  • Increased revenue
  • Expanded team, identified and hired key positions to sustain growth
  • Janet became a more confident leader with a roadmap to recharge and create more freedom


Apply to work with me here and unlock your full potential now.