Leading your team with integrity, grace, and no BS.

Leading your team with integrity, grace, and no BS.

In today’s episode of The Up Level Project Podcast, I speak with agency founder and owner, Kirsten Elworthy. Kristen is currently in the early stages of growing her team and she shares her insights and wisdom on leading a team while staying true to her values of integrity, grace and zero BS. 

Listen to the episode and you’ll learn: 

  • What rituals or practices can help to connect with your values daily
  • How to convey company values to team members/and ensure that they act in alignment with the company mission
  • How to successfully offload clients to other team members
leading a team

Kristen Elworthy founded Seven Hills Communications on the premise that story-driven PR can elevate the voices of companies and individuals doing important things, and add value to their overall mission and business goals.

She believes in a clear strategy that’s also flexible, and in working with her clients in the ways that make most sense for them.


Kristen has worked in corporate marketing and in the PR agency world. Her journalism background, which includes newspaper reporting, magazine writing, and producing documentary films, makes her particularly equipped to help businesses tell their stories across a variety of channels. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology from Boston College and a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University.

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Up Level Your Life & Business with Hanneke Antonelli’s New Book

Up Level Your Life & Business with Hanneke Antonelli’s New Book

We are way more resilient than we think and by cultivating awareness about how our mind influences our actions, we’re able to overcome and achieve the impossible.”

Hanneke Antonelli

After spending years reading business and leadership books, I craved a book that gave a deeper look into the life and revelations of the writer. Something that went beyond the surface and gave the real vulnerable and honest story of the trials and tribulations of the author. When I couldn’t find that book, I decided to write it. Click here to learn more about my journey and some of the top tips for publishing my first book. 

A few things you’ll read about: 

  • What are the top three tools you are currently using to write, publish, and promote your books?
  • What were the top mistakes you made writing or publishing your first book?
  • A snippet that is not in the blurb or excerpt.
  • What is a productivity tip you swear by?
  • What helps you stay driven and motivated?

And more.

Pricing your business services for sustainability in tricky economic times

Pricing your business services for sustainability in tricky economic times

We’ve been walloped with inflation and more uncertain economic times. Have you adjusted your pricing? Listen to this quick clip from seven-figure business owner Janice Carte, where we talk pricing and landing ideal clients. Listen to the clip, and you’ll learn:

  • What to remember when it comes to pricing and your brand position 
  • How service providers can land more ideal clients 

Moments to note at minute:

1:22 The top mistakes you are seeing in businesses and business owners make.

4:07 How to see the opportunities for growth and scaling?

7:13 Letting go of what isn’t working to allow room for what you want.

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pricing services

Janice Carte

At Tiny Spoon Chef, we love creating meals that serve as the backdrop to new relationships, great conversations, and lasting memories.

Food is how we mark time, create rituals, and make meaning. It is profoundly intimate and universal. Food is a great unifier.

I created this company to connect families with deeply skilled Chefs. I am at the core, a problem solver, nourisher, and connector. Food is sacred, and when humans are supported by the ritual of food, our lives are elevated.


Franchising and The Best Business Advice You’ll Ever Get

Franchising and The Best Business Advice You’ll Ever Get

Get the facts from someone who’s done it successfully. In today’s episode of The Up Level Project, we speak with Jody Merrill, who is the founder and owner of btone FITNESS. Jody has successfully franchised her brand, and she shares her lessons and advice.

Listen to the episode to learn:

  • How to initiate the franchise process.
  • Who you’ll need on your team to successfully franchise. 
  • What needs to be in place to franchise your business.
  • The drawbacks, costs, and so much more.

“Run your business as if there was 100 even if you only have two locations.”

Jody Merrill

Moments to note at minute:

2:22 –  The First Steps to Take 

12:49 – Franchising: Who and what you’ll need before starting 

17:56  – The best business advice you’ll ever get and why thinking big no will make your life easier later.

21:42 – Costs of Franchising

33:49 – The Benefits & Drawbacks of Franchising 

43:00 – How to keep a winning frame of mind in the face of adversity 

51:54 – Business Success and maintaining brand quality

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Jody Merrill

Known for her wild wit, raw humor, and business acumen, Jody is an empire-building,  community-cultivating, self-effacing, ass-kicking autodidact preaching the gospel of slow movements and fast results.


Jody has built one of the hottest, smartest fitness brands in New England, now expanding nationwide. After years of endurance training for marathons and triathlons, and being chronically plagued with injuries, she took her health and fitness into her own hands. Through study, grit, and consistency, she cultivates an abiding passion for the potency of resistance-based, core-loving formulas for getting out of pain, and into a more balanced body — all in just 45 minutes.

Jody opened up her first btone FITNESS in 2010, with a steady crescendo of successful studios to follow.

btone FITNESS’ signature TONE classes orbit around custom-engineered arkeTONE machines, lovingly called “TONEy.” This is a spring-loaded btone-exclusive machine, with platforms and a steady-gliding carriage. TONEy and the btone method are the key to shaping, tone-ing, and redesigning the body from the inside out. 

Jody has taken the time-tested and proven model of btone FITNESS and has made it available to like-minded community-building fitness-loving entrepreneurs through btone Franchises. Jody is intimately involved in each opening to ensure your success, and the continued quality of the btone method.

While her role has changed a bit from her early years as a solo instructor, cleaner, repair-woman — to her role now as a business consultant and empire builder — she still adores getting people stronger, out of pain, and more at home in their own skin.