How to keep a winning frame of mind in the face of adversity

How to keep a winning frame of mind in the face of adversity

Get the facts from someone who’s done it successfully. Today, we speak with Jody Merrill, who is the founder and owner of btone FITNESS. Jody has successfully franchised her brand, and she shares her lessons and advice.

Listen to today’s BONUS Insights Episode of The Up Level Project Podcast and learn how: 

  • Survival can be your friend 
  • Transparency and collaboration can help you survive hard times
  • To forget the past to build the future

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Jody Merrill

Known for her wild wit, raw humor, and business acumen, Jody is an empire-building,  community-cultivating, self-effacing, ass-kicking autodidact preaching the gospel of slow movements and fast results.


Jody has built one of the hottest, smartest fitness brands in New England, now expanding nationwide. After years of endurance training for marathons and triathlons, and being chronically plagued with injuries, she took her health and fitness into her own hands. Through study, grit, and consistency, she cultivates an abiding passion for the potency of resistance-based, core-loving formulas for getting out of pain, and into a more balanced body — all in just 45 minutes.

Jody opened up her first btone FITNESS in 2010, with a steady crescendo of successful studios to follow.

btone FITNESS’ signature TONE classes orbit around custom-engineered arkeTONE machines, lovingly called “TONEy.” This is a spring-loaded btone-exclusive machine, with platforms and a steady-gliding carriage. TONEy and the btone method are the key to shaping, tone-ing, and redesigning the body from the inside out. 

Jody has taken the time-tested and proven model of btone FITNESS and has made it available to like-minded community-building fitness-loving entrepreneurs through btone Franchises. Jody is intimately involved in each opening to ensure your success, and the continued quality of the btone method.

While her role has changed a bit from her early years as a solo instructor, cleaner, repair-woman — to her role now as a business consultant and empire builder — she still adores getting people stronger, out of pain, and more at home in their own skin.

How to build a successful family business (without the drama!)

How to build a successful family business (without the drama!)

In episode #117 of The Up Level Project Podcast, we speak with the Mother-daughter duo Kimberly Dunne and Arianna Salvatore, owners of Salon Indulgence by Kimberly and Lux Laser Lab, who’ve recently merged their passions and companies into one family business. In this episode, they authentically share how they’ve approached the merge to make it successful while honoring their healthy mother-daughter relationship. 

When you listen to the episode you’ll learn: 

  1. What preparation work is needed to onboard family members seamlessly. 
  2. What challenges to expect when working together as a family (and how to overcome them.) 
  3. How to establish successful and empowering communication channels between family members. 
  4. Insights on the business visioning process as a family. 
  5. How to divide and conquer the daily duties of running a business. 
  6. How to lead your team as a family without confusing staff. 

About Arianna Salvatore & Kimberly Dunne

I am a licensed Electrologist and laser specialist. I graduated from an accredited program and took the State exam to be licensed and registered with the state. I joined my mother’s business in November 2021 located in Melrose, Massachusetts. We now offer a range of different services from advanced medical skin care to beauty.

I offer Laser Hair Removal, electrolysis hair removal, permanent eyebrow shaping, advanced skin care treatments using an Intense Pulse Light LASER. This type of Laser penetrates to deeper layers of the skin to reverse impurities on face and body, longer-lasting results, and with little to no downtime before and after sessions. With our FDA approved Laser, we can treat acne clearance, sunspots, dark spots, fine lines, broken capillaries, decreasing pore size, hair removal, and perform what we call a “Photofacial” This targets your dermis layer to recorrect your skin, and stimulate collagen production. You will notice your skin becomes more of an even skin tone, tighter, plumped up, and shiny. In comparison to a chemical peel, it penetrates deeper, leaves with more permanent longer-lasting results, and sees beyond the dead layer of skin cells. 

Salon Indulgence by Kimberly has been a successful business for over a decade and with Lux Laser Lab joining the team our goal is to become more of a one stop shop. 

You can find Arianna here: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Passionate Hairstylist for 31 years and Proud Owner of Salon Indulgence by Kimberly. Kimberly has also been an Educator and Instructor at Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology and she’s a Board Certified Colorist.

She finds great joy in being a wife, and mother, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. Kimberly also enjoys traveling and fitness!

You can find Kimberly here: Website | Facebook

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