How results and success are possible when you allow yourself to ask experts for help

How results and success are possible when you allow yourself to ask experts for help

“I can’t tell you how grounded I feel knowing that I have you on my team.”

Clients often express these words or some variation of them to me. 

And although it always warms my heart, my heart also breaks a little thinking about so many entrepreneurs who don’t allow themselves the support and continue to struggle (at a huge cost to their mental and physical health.)

Entrepreneurs who invest in the support they need always win! They understand the value and genius they bring to their business, and they also know and accept their own limitations.

They understand that when they hire people who are rockstars in those areas they’re not, they:

  • gain more freedom, 
  • create a bigger impact, 
  • and reach new levels of success (they once thought would be impossible to reach.) 

Do you know the biggest benefits you bring to your business? 

And do you know and understand where you need help?

In today’s Bonus Insights Episode, we share the results and success possible when you allow yourself to ask experts for help.

Is it time to add more people to your team?

And are you unsure of who you need and how to delegate? You’re not alone – many people who work with me hire me to help them with this exact challenge. And the good news is that I can help you achieve this goal in 90-minutes. That’s right – in 90 minutes, I’ll help you identify exactly who you need to hire, what you’ll delegate to them, and what your new responsibilities in your business will look like. There’s no need for you to continue struggling with this pain point. Click here to book your session now, and let’s set you up for future success and freedom.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Duggan graduated from Bridgewater State College Summa Cum Laude in 2006 with a degree in Physical Education. She went on to attend the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions and achieved her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree in January of 2009. 

Kelly has since practiced in multiple areas of therapy including inpatient rehabilitation at Braintree Rehab Hospital, home care through South Shore Hospital and outpatient physical therapy in Hanover, Braintree, East Bridgewater and now currently in Bridgewater.  In May of 2016 Kelly opened her own physical therapy clinic, Physical Therapy U Inc.  In less than two years’ time Kelly was able triple her businesses revenue and moved her clinic to a space 3x the size where her and her team are changing healthcare for the better for patients and employees!  PTU is now in the process of opening it’s second location and the team continues to grow!  Kelly is a mom of 3 and because of her innovation she has been able to maintain a growing clinic and still manage remote learning for her children.  Kelly attributes her drive to working hard for what she values most in life-> time with her family.

Surviving turbulent economic landscapes

Surviving turbulent economic landscapes

In today’s bonus insights episode of The Up Level Project Podcast, veteran entrepreneur, Brian Milauskas shares valuable lessons and insights on how he has survived the economic ups and downs over the last 30 years.

Listen to the episode and you’ll learn how: 

  • Why being patient and taking the long view is key to riding out any storm
  • What not to do when things are going badly
  • How focusing on the journey vs. the outcome can be super useful
  • How to tap into the energy of infinite possibilities and options.

Meet Brian

Brian is the founding creative director of Kidstock! Creative Theater.

He is a lifelong resident of Winchester, a graduate of Tufts University, and occasionally a florist/special events designer.  His past directing and design credits include work with the Boston Children’s Theatre, the Winchester Cooperative Theater, and the Lyric Stage Company in Boston where he produced the family theater series “Once Upon A Time with Kidstock!” 

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Brian directed 15 productions at Winchester High School over more than 10 years including an award-winning production of Taming of the Shrew.  His  Director/Designer credits at NDT include You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors, Lettice & Lovage, Into the Woods, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (IRNE nomination), Lend Me A Tenor, Steel Magnolias, 9-5, Sunset Blvd, The Cemetery Club, Next to Normal, Gypsy, God of Carnage & A Little Night Music.

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