{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with Jamie Palmer

The Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with guest Jamie Palmer.

I had such a great time speaking with Jamie Palmer about all things marketing and how to simplify and improve your game. Hop on over to listen to the episode now.


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What you will hear…

Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with Jamie Palmer


My guest for The Savvy Business Show #27 is Jamie Palmer. Jamie is the Founder and Creative Director of Outlier Marketing Group.

She is recognized for her in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Financial, hospitality and Professional Services.

Outlier Marketing Group offers social media, web design, and branding services aimed at helping entrepreneurs with being authentic in their marketing and sales efforts.


Jamie and I start right out talking about how she started her business in college to help driven entrepreneurs build their online business empires. We will discuss how Jamie was at a six-figure business for a decade and how she in the last couple of years had tremendous growth in her business.

Jamie broke out of her comfort zone and learned how to delegate. You’ll hear Jamie’s story of her second child and how she made the choice to stop buying into her excuses and take action. Jamie then tells us about one thing she hears most often from people when it comes to marketing.

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