What Adele’s Grammy mess up can teach us

Did you watch the Grammys last weekend? I must confess that I missed it but I did read all about Adele’s big mess up and it brought a warm feeling to my heart. Why? It took some serious courage to do what she did on live television!

At that moment she showed all of us what it means to be truly vulnerable and that it’s ok to be wrong. We are humans, not robots and sometimes (a lot of times actually) we’re not so perfect.

Adele’s performance crushed three of the myths we have about failure, being wrong or making a mistake.

Here are the myths:

1) If I fail that’s it, I’ll be done, and I can’t ever get a do-over. Not true!

Adele stopped, said she was sorry, asked for a do over and got a standing ovation. The only way we get better is by doing things again, and again, and again… Our many failures are actually what lead to our successes.

2) If I fail, people will hate me – um yeah no!

Not only did she get a standing ovation but her album sales jumped to 137%. Most people have lots of empathy and are ready and willing to support and help us succeed!

3) Saying you’re sorry and you were wrong is too embarrassing, and you will never be able to recover from it! Eeeehhhh, strike three – you’re out!¬†

Again: Adele got a standing ovation. Was it embarrassing for her to mess up? Was it hard to stop and ask to please start again? I’m sure it was extremely hard. She did it in any case and, as I mentioned before, got a standing ovation for doing so. It builds a lot of trust and respect when you can admit you are wrong and say sorry. People appreciate that a lot, as in 137% a lot, just kidding, but you get what I’m saying.

Remember it’s like Brene Brown says: Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.


Without our mistakes and failures, we would never be able to evolve, grow and get stronger.

Now I’d like to hear from you: What’s the hardest part of failing or doing something wrong for you? Have you recently messed up? How did you recover from it?