Best Business Lessons From 2019

Today’s Savvy Business Show talks about the Best Business Lessons from 2019. We also cover what it takes to lead like a pro and lead with intentions to grow, and having the biggest impact with clarity, accountability, and support, and best business practices.

2019 was a fun year in business, a few highlights included: hosting the first Savvy Business Retreat in March and again in November.

Expanding the Savvy Business Community and meeting and working with some phenomenal private coaching clients. And once again a record-breaking revenue year as well.

And of course, there were some struggles and hard lessons that had to be learned as well.

Let’s dive in…

1: Leading with your intention vs fear result in better decisions and profits

My word for 2019 was trust. And as often as possible when I started to freak out about things, I would lean into trusting myself and the universe.

Doing this helped me make better business decisions that lead to less scramble and better revenue. 

2: Clarity leads to ease

Acting from my intention also helped me to get crystal clear on who I’m here to serve and where I have the biggest impact with clients.

This clarity has helped me to figure out where to add new team members. And when and will result in some more changes in business in 2020, moving towards better profit margins, and working with even more ease.

I help my clients with this one a lot. The clearer we can be about our roles in our business and what we are creating, where we have the most impact, the easier it is to plan, act, execute and achieve goals.

When you have clarity it frees up space to do more with less effort as the clarity informs the best plan.

3: I’m no longer here to be nice

So often in an effort to not be seen as mean/unfair or unpopular, we as business owners will bend our rules. Or let something slide that goes against our business mission and values.

In 2019 I had plenty of those moments where in an effort to not look like a witch. I let things go and those things always came back to haunt me. So in 2020, I’m not here to be “nice”.

I’m here to lead by example, to have the biggest impact I can possibly have and to be a leader for others.

Note I’m not saying I’m going to be a mean person. But way too many of us act from a place of not wanting to be seen as mean/unfair/unreasonable. And then we swing the pendulum too far in the opposite direction.

Where’s the middle ground. And where is this behavior shooting yourself in the foot? Where are you bending backward (and losing money) because of it?

4: What got you here won’t get you there

I say this to my clients often — and in 2019 I very much had to take a big dose of my own advice.

As I mentioned it was a big year of testing and getting clear on where the future of my business is headed. And the path forward looks way different than the path here (or how I imagined the path forward will look.)

5:  Accountability and Support is a must

When I invest in people to help keep me accountable, get clear on things or hire new team members to help me in the areas that are not my strong suits, my business always wins.

The most important thing needed to grow a business is consistent action and in order to take this consistent action, you need to work through your fears.

Know your weaknesses, and how they’ll get in the way of what you want — for me, this means investing in coaches, retreats and or masterminds.

Having people who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me in my business and understand exactly what it means to run a business. Who can I can talk things through, ask for help is priceless. 

And equally important is having the right team members who are rockstars at what they do to support me in my business. And do all the things that I’m not good at or who can do the things that will free me up to have more impact.

Those are my five lessons of 2019! Now I’d love to hear some of yours. Either hop on over to the show notes and my blog to let me know or DM me via Instagram.

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