{Podcast} Instantly boost your performance!

I’m excited to share the mantras that will instantly boost your performance via the Savvy Business Show today!

You may remember my episode on up-leveling and what’s really been going on behind the scenes in my business this year. Today I share a few of my favorite mantras that have helped me stay grounded as I was up-leveling. These affirmations are designed to instantly boost your performance!

If you’re new to mantras – here’s what they are Affirmations are a way for you to reframe your brain and keep you in possibility mode – so even though it may sound a little crazy or you may feel silly writing these out or saying them to yourself. They do hold a lot of power. The affirmations I’ll share today helped me to keep showing up, keep trying – even when the going got tough and in the end have another record year in business!

How to use this episode:

Feel free to play this while you’re working, on that day that you need an extra little something to pick you up, before an important meeting, or while you’re running. While you’re listening – repeat it to yourself! This podcast is here for you any time anywhere!

Have a listen now:

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Now I’d love to hear from you!
What methods do you use to boost your performance? What’s your favorite mantra? Or do you have some pressing questions about mantras?

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