{Bonus Podcast Episode} How to create a brand that POPS!

In today’s Bonus Episode of the Savvy Business Show, I speak with my good friend and stylist guru, Nicole Otchy, on how to create a brand that pops.

Nicole has been a stylist for more than a decade and her clients include some of America’s elite. While serving her clients is her number one passion, she has also trained other stylists to help them create amazing careers for themselves.

Today we dive deep and discuss all things branding, including what you have to keep in mind when doing a photo shoot. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks that you need to know how to create a cohesive brand that also feels true and aligned with who you are!

Hop on over to listen to: “How to create a brand that pops with Nicole Otchy now!”



Nicole Otchy is a personal stylist and personal branding consultant who helps women fully express themselves through their wardrobes.

Nicole is passionate about helping her clients to see their clothes as a tool they can use every single day to feel confident and powerful as they build their businesses and their brands. Learn more about Nicole and her work here.

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