Building Your Million-Dollar Business Without Sacrificing Your Values

Listen to the founder and CEO of Tiny Spoon Chef, Janice Carte’s insights on how she did exactly this while simultaneously taking her business over the million-dollar threshold and expanding her business to five cities and 25 employees and counting. 

Listen, and you’ll learn: 

  • How to overcome and move through fear
  • Get this gut check tool to help you build a business you love
  • How to Infuse more joy into your business 
  • How to establish nurturing business relationships

More Business Success: 

Janice is an inspiration for all entrepreneurs looking to build a business that’s firmly rooted in integrity, grit, and values. Learn more about the success of her business and the results she gained working with Hanneke here. 

million dollar business
million dollar business

At Tiny Spoon Chef, we love creating meals that serve as the backdrop to new relationships, great conversations, and lasting memories.

Food is how we mark time, create rituals, and make meaning. It is profoundly intimate and universal. Food is a great unifier.

I created this company to connect families with deeply skilled Chefs. I am at the core, a problem solver, nourisher, and connector. Food is sacred, and when humans are supported by the ritual of food, our lives are elevated.


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