Building your resiliency

Today’s, Savvy Business Show talks about offering three strategies to building your resiliency.

It’s been an incredibly crazy few weeks – as one of my clients put it – it feels like we’ve lived multiple lifetimes from one day to the next while the magnificent scope of the impact of the COVID-19 virus settled in on us.  Today I offer three strategies to build your resiliency.

Let’s dive in…

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve had so many disruptions to plans, you’ve had to pivot, adjust and adjust your plans again. Putting out a million fires daily to help you, your team and your clients during this uncertain time.

And I’m sure  – all of this has resulted in copious amounts of stress, worry, and most likely overwhelming and sometimes debilitation fear. And it’s all so understandable.

And it’s important that we not only give ourselves permission to feel all of our emotions at this moment -I know I’ve personally felt a ton of emotions ranging from grief, sadness, anger -. Because right now – more than ever it’s super important for you to be as grounded as you can possibly be. When we are grounded we are better equipped to lead others and to make better decisions.

Right now you have to lean into resiliency more than ever before.

So how do we get grounded and how do you become more resilient? In today’s episode, I’m going to share a few things that will help you become better at both.


No matter what you’re feeling right now – it’s all NORMAL. SO allow yourself to feel it. By allowing ourselves to feel our feelings we’re better able to process things and also it allows us to let the energy flow through us vs getting stuck somewhere.

Sometimes it helps to physically move your body to allow the feelings to flow through you – so go for a walk, or do an exercise class at home.

Doing this will both reduce stress and induce your body with endorphins that will help reduce stress.

And it’s important that we not only give ourselves permission to feel all of our emotions at this moment – but it’s also important that we put strategies in place to cope with it.

Make sure you distance yourself from things that cause extra stress right now.


If there’s one thing that the last few weeks have really driven home it’s this:


Now, this is nothing new, of course.

Ironically we have been happily sitting on a rock that’s going a million miles a minute around an explosive sun for billions of years, and on this rock that we call earth disease, ice ages, wars have always happened, pretending that we have so much control.

But the truth is there are some things  – like the rise and setting of the sun and the moon, the seasons, and now – STRESSING COVID-19 – that we have no control over.

SO how do we stay grounded when we are not in control!? We have to surrender that which we do not have control over and take responsibility and action for that which we do have control of.

Here’s an exercise to help you do this:

Write out all your fears: then go through and ask yourself: do have I have control over this or not?

If the answer is not – then practice letting go and surrendering that fear to a higher power.

One way of doing this is to say a  mantra-like: 

I release this problem or fear of a higher power and trust that it will all work out.

For the fears that you do have control over: what action can you or do you have to take to overcome the obstacle?


Our immediate knee jerk reaction when things get tough is to deprive ourselves of all the fun and nice things that fulfill us. And this is the BIGGEST mistake that you as a business owner and any human, really, can make in testing times.

Right now it’s crucial that you protect your businesses’ biggest asset: YOU – that means keep making time for hobbies, exercise, enough sleep.

If you’re not sure or can’t remember what those things are right now, start with something small – like taking a walk daily or doing a little gratitude list at the end of the day, taking a bath.

It can also help to think of things that you always say you’ll do in future – like when I accomplish x, then I’ll make time to_____ (what’s that blank for you!?) Do that  -if it’s possible now.

Think of things that usually relax you and make a list that you can do daily!

For me it’s the following:

I wake up at the same time every day and I meditate for 10 minutes and journal for a little bit. Then I make myself a nice cup of coffee and I write – writing brings me joy.

After that, I go for a 30-minute walk and only then I start my day.

Right now – while social distancing is in effect, I check in with a friend every afternoon.

My hubby and I take another walk with our pup in the late afternoon. 

And then I cook a healthy meal and we watch something fun and light on TV.

I also sprinkle in weekly baths here, listen to music often and try to do something creative around the house.

Doing all of the above helps me stay as calm as possible in these trying times.

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