How to avoid burnout with Chris Vasiliadis

Watch the Savvy Business Show and learn all about burnout and more importantly what the signs of it are and how to avoid it:

As busy entrepreneurs, it’s so important for us to know exactly what to do to make sure we don’t burn out because as I always say: Without YOU there will be no business.

So I decided to invite my friend and health and wellness coach, Chris Vasiliades, to be a guest on the Savvy Business Show. We dove deep into the topic of burnout, what it is, how you can avoid it and more.


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The Savvy Business Show with my guest Chris Vasiliadis

CVasiladis WebChris believes that prioritizing your well-being is the secret weapon to being engaged in and successfully leading your work and non-work life. Choosing to thrive with multiple sclerosis indirectly led Chris to becoming trained and Nationally Board Certified as a Health & Wellness Coach. Remaining relapse-free for over a decade, her intention is to help as many people as possible create and maintain their best health. Chris created her business, Priority Wellness, to serve those who are tired of putting their health on the back burner, concerned about burnout, or who are unhappy with their current state of wellness.  Through speaking and coaching in a variety of settings since 2008, she has helped hundreds of individuals make lifestyle changes that energize their health, enabling them to vibrantly perform and focus on what matters most.
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