Business Growth And Innovation w/ Claire Ransom

On today’s episode of The Savvy Business Show, we have a very special guest. Her name is Claire Ransom. We’ve heard of her before. Claire is the founder of Lazy Flora. Lazy Flora is the United Kingdom’s top garden plants, subscription service and has been awarded the Independents Best Buy Award.

In this episode, we’re going to be talking to Claire about:

-How she got started

-The lessons that she’s learned through fundraising

-The steps she took to experience exponential growth in this pandemic.

Let’s Dive in…

The idea for Lazy Flora came to Claire after she moved into a new apartment that would finally allow her to have an outdoor garden. After looking for plants for her new apartment in the UK, she quickly realized how difficult it was to find plants that she wanted and when she did the quality was not what she was looking for.

Lazy Flora was born.

Eighteen months after Lazy Flora launched and Claire quickly realized that she needed to expand some operational areas of her business so that it could continue to be successful. In order to continue with the expansion she realized that she would need to do some business fundraising.

Beginning the fundraising process proved itself to be challenging. Claire continued to move forward with determination and a strong business mindset.

Recently with the COVID-19 pandemic Lazy Flora experienced more challenges. These challenges were unlike most chanlleges that businesses experienced. Lazy Flora experienced an increase in business of about 500% more traffic. This again lead Claire to use business mindset strategies in order to meet the supply and demand that she was experiencing.

Come check out the latest episode to hear what lessons and strategies Claire has used to scale her business.

Claire Ransom Founder of Lazy Flora

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