Business Growth And Innovation w/ Gianne Doherty

On today’s episode of The Savvy Business Show, we have another very special guest. Gianne Doherty and Jay Weeks founded Organic Bath Co. a skincare line that uses clean ingredients to nourish your skin.  They also founded the Well Summit, which is an event dedicated to helping you live your healthiest and most fulfilling life. This power couple knows how to innovate and get things done.

And today – we take a dive into how they’ve manage to pivot their business and continue to show up as supportive pillars of the community

Let’s Dive in…

Gianne talks with us today about how she was able to quickly pivot her business when COVID-19 pandemic hit the US. Gianne had already been thinking about launching a hand sanitizer for her company Organic Bath Co. This need in the community and the world pushed her to pivot so that she could provide a completely clean alternative.

Organic Bathe Co partnered with Bully Boy Distillers to create this new product. With the launch of the product they were able to develop a plan that allows them to ounce to ounce match your doncations to frontline workers.

Gianne Doherty Co-Founder of Organic Bath Co & WELL Summit

Gianne also discusses how she leans into and trusts the power of prayer to continue to move forward in uncertain times. Her motto is:

 Learn to rest, not to quit

Many people during these uncertain times have become overwhelemed and feel like giving up. It’s during these times that we need to embrace the non-busyness for a change and let your mind go and create that space for you to maybe even see that thing that you’ve always not done could possibly be something that helps you work through the next million dollar idea. It’s all possible.

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