Business Growth And Innovation w/ Janice Carte

In today’s episode of The Savvy Business Show, we have another very special guest. Janice Carte is the founder of Tiny Spoon Chef. Tiny Spoon Chef works with busy families, single professionals, and working couples to bring excitement and pleasure to mealtimes at home. Today Janice and I are going to dive in and talk about mistakes that we see business owners make, lessons that she’s learned, and advice for other business owners.

Janice Carte, the CEO of Tiny Spoon Chef, a Boston-based personal chef company bringing healthy, deeply flavorful food to an awesome network of clients – from major league athletes to local daycare owners –  every week.

On paper, she’s an expert in food. In reality, her superpower is relationships.

After years in the restaurant scene, Tiny Spoon Chef began with Janice cooking for a single client at their home. Through word of mouth alone, her side project grew into a full-time business.

In seven years, her success includes 50+ regular clients. A staff of five chefs, and a sustainability-focused home cooking app launching this year.

Let’s dive in…

When Janice started Tiny Spoon Chef, like a lot of people, she was working a day job that was not completely engaging. Janice did a little personal chef in the past, working for friends, kind of one-off jobs. Then more requests started to come in. Before too long, she had three or four clients and a pretty busy side hustle. Tiny Spoon Chef was born!

One of the things that we discuss in this episode is that many business owners during this time of uncertainty felt the need to lower their prices in order to still continue to operate in their business.

This however did not help provide them any relief as they were still working the same amount of time for half of the price. This leads to the business making half of the profits for the same amount of time leaving little to no room to scale your business.

Janice learned this lesson early on as she charged significantly less when she started her business as she was working to build it.

As she got further along she realized that in order to have a successful business that allowed her to work on her craft and grow her business. She needed to cultivate her business to reflect the value that she was putting in, as well as determine her ideal client that she would be able to make a difference with.

When building Tiny Spoon Chef, Janice has made relationship building a cornerstone to its success. For The Tiny Chef, relationship building allows her to make sure people feel seen, feel human, and feel supported.

She has supported her clients by doing things like sending presents to their kids and sending stamps and asking them to write letters to their grandparents.

When doing these things and building the relationships, the business came organically from a loving and genuine place.

During this episode Janice shares some business tips and marketing success stories. And was able to implement, perfect, and grow her business.

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