Prepare for a career change



Career change, are you ready for yours? I can’t even tell you how often I work with clients who are desperate to change careers because they stayed in their job too long. They’ve resisted change and turned a blind eye to the fact that they have grown out of their role and then they’re unhappy and unfulfilled.

This creates massive stress and frustration for my clients and sometimes impulsive decisions to quit their jobs!

Why does this happen:

What you resist persists and eventually, you go into catastrophe thinking of simply running away to solve the problem.

The problem with this way of living: you take yourself with you!

So unless you take the time to actually do some soul searching and really figure out:

A: Who you are
B: What you enjoy doing
C: What you’re good at
D: What your purpose are
E: And then marrying all four


You’ll be in many many different roles but end up in the same situation!


Even when you do figure all of this out you’ll have to remember that life is EVER CHANGING!

So if you’re happy in your role right now, expect and be willing to grow and accept change.

When you operate from this level you’ll know exactly when it’s time to move up and reach for that next level job and you’ll never overstay your welcome in a role or have to make desperate and impulse decisions. You’ll advance your career with purpose, intention and inevitably be more successful!

So STOP thinking that once you land a new job you’ll be happy there forever!

Start to realize: YOU WILL OUTGROW any role you have eventually due to personal changes or your own career ambition and growth.

Prepare yourself for these career changes by:

  • Starting to really hone in on what makes you happy, what is it that you want for your life and your career. (As I mentioned in my blog entry “You can do it, even Harvard said so”, early research are showing that people who are most successful and fulfilled in their careers are people who always make decisions based on what makes them happy.
  • Stop playing copycat with your peers. Get creative, break free from the normal 9-5 and dare to step into a less ordinary career if it makes you happy.
  • Always keep your linkedIn account and resume updated (you never know who’s looking for you).
  • Always connecting with interesting people in careers you respect and admire.

(spoiler alert: I do all of this with my Ultimate Career Bootcamp participants.)

Fact: According to Forbes millennials will change jobs between 15-20 times during their careers.


That means:  Everyone, including you, will make a career transition eventually.


ONLY You hold the power to make it a seamless and successful transition.

Now I’d like to hear from you: How do you cope with change? What surprise career transition have you made in your life? Please leave all your comments and questions in the comments below.