In a career funk? Avoid making this mistake.

As a life coach and career transitions expert I see many people make one big mistake when they’re unhappy in their job.


I can so relate to them and the reasons for making this mistake, because I also made it. As I mentioned in last week’s blog it led to my biggest career regret! Today we’ll discover what this mistake is and how to avoid it.

Let’s dive right into what that terrible error is:


Putting too much pressure on yourself to make a career change happen immediately.


This often happens if:

  1. you’ve been unhappy in a job for too long
  2. you’re in a new job and immediately realize it’s not the right move for you

I personally stayed in a job I didn’t like for too long and it directly led to pressuring myself to get out fast. I was stressed out of my mind all the time and that resulted in me quitting my job before I had things figured out for my next career move. This cost me financially and also hurt my career advancement.

How to avoid this:

As soon as you realize you’re not happy in your job: start to network and think of other possibilities for your career. Make sure that you don’t overload your job hunting schedule and still make time to have fun – try to strike a nice balance. Realize that it will take some time to find that perfect next job. Be as patient as you can be while taking deliberate action to landing a fulfilling career.

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Now I’d love to hear from you! Have you made a successful career transition? How did you make it happen for yourself? Tell us below – remember your answer could help someone else make their transition a reality!