Free Training:  Four Easy Strategies To Unlock More Time!

Free Training: Four Easy Strategies To Unlock More Time!

Effective time management is always a hot topic of discussion in my masterminds, The Up Level Program, and with private clients.

Time is a finite commodity. Everyone only gets 24 hours a day, so t’s crucial that you use your time efficiently and effectively. 

I’ve recorded a quick and easy training to help you free up time in your business! 


To run your growing business you need time:

1 – for strategic thinking

2 – for rejuvenation 

3 – to run team meetings

4 – to focus on your CEO and growth-strategist tasks 

The Four Strategies That Will Unlock More Time (and Freedom,) 

1 – Define roles in your business and stick to them

2 – Have team meetings with clear agendas 

3 – Have processes in place for routine tasks/projects 

4 – Schedule everything 

Join us on Oct 7th for all the best delegation strategies to free up time.
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Success ingredients that will help you deploy these strategies with more ease: 

1 – The abovementioned strategies require you to be disciplined and focused. 

2 – Be clear about your business vision and goals — those act as a road map for your team

3 – You have to step into a leadership role 

Four secrets that successful entrepreneurs know (and you should too!)

Four secrets that successful entrepreneurs know (and you should too!)

Over the years, I’ve worked with many successful entrepreneurs, and I’ve come to realize that there are four key components that need to align for a business owner to soar. You can watch a quick video I made for you here –>

Those secret success ingredients are as follows: 

1 – Having Faith in Yourself:

Growing a business means you’re constantly creating things out of thin air. Yet, most business owners will get stuck in wanting the proof that something’s going to work before they take action (often using their personality traits as an excuse.)  

Successful entrepreneurs work on that trust muscle daily. They know that mindset isn’t just positive thinking. They have a practice in place that helps them to shift from fear to faith, a practice that grounds them and allows them to become more strategic, seeing new opportunities and possibilities. 

2 – Focus, Consistency & Accountability: 

Let’s face it, this one isn’t a secret. But there are many triggers that can throw you off course and lose the ability to show up consistently. Successful entrepreneurs have support structures in place that help them to disarm those triggers quickly while keeping their eye on the prize. Their mindset practice helps them to stay grounded so they can show up consistently. They invest in coaches, mentors, mastermind groups, and business retreats to keep them accountable.

3 – Breaking The Rules:

Successful entrepreneurs don’t follow other people’s formulas and blue-prints. They understand that building a sustainable and successful business that they love means they have to run their business congruent with their values and their strengths. They have to blaze their own success trail by using strategies that are tailored to fit their unique gifts and leadership traits. 

4 – Have a Solid Vision & Plan:

All successful entrepreneurs have a big solid vision, they’re clear on what they want, and have a plan to get them there.

Which one of the above ingredients are you currently missing? 

When you attend The Next Level Business Retreat, I’ll help you master all of these areas. 

You’ll leave the retreat: 

  • With an easy (and uniquely tailored) practice that will help you strengthen that faith muscle so you can step into a strategic mindset
  • Knowing how to use your personality strengths and traits to lead your team more effectively, and make successful business decisions easier and faster.
  • Clarity on your vision and how to get there, following your personal success strategy
  • With renewed focus, energy, and a new community of high-level entrepreneurs

Join us for the Next Level Business Retreat now! (and receive $100 off the registration fee.) Can’t wait to have you.

Want to uplevel your business mindset and create higher profits and freedom? Grab a copy of my book here.

From a frustrated team and CEO to surviving, COVID with a proactive team.

From a frustrated team and CEO to surviving, COVID with a proactive team.

Meet Brain Milauskas, Owner & Creative Director at Kidstock.

“If it wasn’t for the work that we’ve done together over the last two years, my business wouldn’t have been able to survive COVID. Because of Hanneke’s coaching, I’m able to weather the storm, and I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”~ Brain Milauskas 

Before working with Hanneke: 

  • Brian was getting stuck in the day-to-day of running a business and had very little bandwidth to effectively manage and lead his team.

Why Brian decided to hire Hanneke: 

  • When faced with a team who required guidance, I would often prioritize “getting them started” before finalizing my own thoughts on “where I wanted to go”. I led the team in circles to “keep them moving” while I determined where we were going to go, ultimately tiring them out and leaving them unconfident in what direction they were expected to lead themselves.” 
  • Brain hired Hanneke to help him effectively step into his role as visionary and business strategist and lead his team by inspiring them vs frustrating them

Transformation experienced as a result of working with Hanneke:

“My professional world has grown, matured, stabilized, and literally exudes joy. I am indebted to Hanneke for pushing me, understanding me, contradicting me, supporting me, laughing with me, and not accepting any BS from me. I am so excited for what’s next! The “clarity” of the past year’s journey has been rewarding, to say the least. You did not change who I was, but you changed how I saw myself, which changes what I can and will do moving forward.”

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Focusing on stepping out of the day-to-day tasks and focusing on profit-driving tasks
  2. Clear organizational structure and role definement of the entire team
  3. Systems and structures to support the business at any size

End Result:

  • Increased revenue, breaking the million-dollar mark (pre-pandemic, projected to recover to pre-COVID revenue.)
  • A more proactive and independent team
  • More focused business without losing the breadth and variety of the experience the business provides to customers
  • Brian is more joyful, and he’s excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Uncover your full potential as a satisfied and inspired business leader who can spot opportunities beyond your team’s wildest dreams.

Apply to work with me here and increase your freedom now.

Expanding from one to multiple cities with Fortune 500 employee benefits during a Pandemic

Expanding from one to multiple cities with Fortune 500 employee benefits during a Pandemic

Meet Janice Carte, Founder & CEO of Tiny Spoon Chef.

Before working with Hanneke: 

  • Janice was overworked with no bandwidth to grow. She knew she needed to step into the next level of leadership to grow her business, but was having trouble stepping away and letting go of the daily responsibilities.

Why Janice decided to hire Hanneke: 

Janice interviewed several coaches but decided to hire Hanneke because of her qualifications, experience and no BS attitude. She knew it was time to do things differently and hired Hanneke to get the job done.

Transformation experienced as a result of working with Hanneke:

“I stopped running around like a nut-job doing all the low-level things. Hanneke helped me identify the big rocks that helped my staff feel supported and increased my bottom line. I did big stuff like contributing to my employees’ retirement, I spent time making my clients feel seen and valued, bought a house and created peace for me in my living situation, and I hired a director of Operations, and am currently in the process of expanding to another city. I pretty much went from being self-employed to running a business, and now have a team of 9, doubling our gross each year for the last three years. A year ago, I was angry and crying. Now I am more joyful, balanced, and expansive than ever. I have more time and I spend it doing what is important and what is truly valuable  to me.”

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Focusing on leadership tasks that drive profits
  2. Expanded to a team of nine, including hiring of a Director of Operations to further free up Janice’s time to focus on profit-generating tasks.
  3. Created systems and structure to expand to a new city. 
  4. Benefits for employees 

End Result:

  • Doubled gross and increased revenue to break the million dollar mark
  • Expanded team to nine employees with benefits, and hired key positions to sustain growth
  • Expanding business to a new city
  • Janice has more time, is more joyful, and balanced than ever before

Are you ready to uncover your full potential, going from overworked to thriving business?

Apply to work with me here and unlock your full potential now.

How To Uplevel Your Business Post-Pandemic

How To Uplevel Your Business Post-Pandemic

Featured by Amanda Laden founder of VinoKarma Project – you can watch the full interview here.

The Up Level Project is not like other business books, it is filled with practical tips and advice. Written in the midst of a pandemic, it really shows you how can overcome adversity, including the process called The Up Level Formula.

This is a formula all about how you can re-wire your brain for success. We can all take ownership of our thoughts and beliefs, everything that influences our actions to get a better result or experiences for ourselves. It is about taking ownership of what is in our control.

I use the tools in The Up Level Formula daily to train by brain. Creating a resiliency routine is a bit like going to the gym, this is something you need to work on every day.

It takes tenacity, you can cultivate tenacity to achieve the goal you want, but you have to be committed to it.

Opportunity lies within. Everything that you need to succeed in life is already inside you. In a world that sells you on the answer is out there and if I only have this one thing that is outside me then I’ll be happy. You are complete and whole as you are. You already have everything you need to make your life success as you define success.

The Up Level Formula

Beliefs + Thoughts + Language + Feelings + Actions = results

Beliefs form at a young age, and you get to decided if you want to continue to believe them. They are thoughts you think over and over again. If you can tap into your awareness and rewire your brain to change your belief. You can start to use this formula to see where you are off. Own your feelings (the fear) and see why you believe or think a certain idea.

Knowing these things and using the formula, you can take ownership of the change you want.

The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.

How to balance your career and personal life.

How to balance your career and personal life.

As featured by Just Us Gals in an article regarding my new book, The Up Level Project: Your Guide to Unlocking Higher Profits While Creating More Freedom, you can read the full article here.

I am both an author and a business coach with a background in finance. I have taken all my experiences from Wall Street and two award-winning businesses and created a formula as a tool to help you achieve the success and freedom you crave.

As entrepreneurs, we often start our business with a dream of creating more freedom, but in reality we end up working more. Below, you’ll learn a little about me and how The Up Level Project can help you to create balance in your career and personal life, for the freedom you’ve been seeking.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur? 

I refer to myself as an accidental entrepreneur. I wanted to create a career where I had freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.

Do you think your years on Wall Street prepared you to start your own business(s)?

Yes, working with rich, powerful clients, and people from various cultures, helped me hone my communication skills and ability to build strong connections. Building a successful business is all about building honest and real relationships with people.
Click here to learn more about the book and how you can grab a copy today!

What can you expect from reading my book? 

My intention in writing this book was to bring a business and leadership book to the market that was real, honest, and went way beyond the dry boring business strategies and facts.

By sharing vulnerable stories, I show the reader all the strategies I used to overcome these challenges. In addition, I also share practical tools to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential in their businesses as well. These exercises help readers unlock higher profits and freedom in their companies.

About the Up Level League

As I mentioned earlier, I’m all about creating community and connection. In my Up Level League small group masterminds, I bring together established agency-owners. In this intimate container we focus on personal development and the crucial business strategies that need to be implemented to scale effectively long-term. 

How do you balance your career and your personal life knowing you have a business, podcast and are now an author? 

I set firm boundaries around my time. I check in with my gut and energy levels often, make adjustments as needed, and strive to incorporate joy as often as possible in everything I do. Furthermore, I work on letting go of the idea that we’re working towards a specific destination and try to focus on making the journey fun and enjoyable. I also accept that there will be sprints, and crazy times when I’ll feel ungrounded and trust that I know how to get back to calm and centeredness. 


If you could give one ‘pro’ tip about finding what’s passionate for them to turn into a sustainable business, what would that be?

You don’t need to “find” your passion. It’s not somewhere or something outside yourself. It’s already inside you (along with the “how” to turn it into a sustainable business.) All you need to do is let your practical brain be quiet for a little bit and allow yourself to dream without all the “buts” and “shoulds” that tend to fog up all those great ideas and clarity.

The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.

3 Tips to Uplevel Your Success

3 Tips to Uplevel Your Success

I was recently featured by Boston’s Mooring Advisory Group in the article Hanneke Antonelli, Life Coach and Author, you can read the full article here.

In my new book, The Up Level Project, I go more in depth to these three tips to help you on your path to sustainable growth that will reap higher profits and more freedom. These are some of my top tips for business success.

What’s your best hiring tip/secret?

It’s natural to want to hire mini-me’s ( i.e., people who are similar to you.) But when it comes to creating and building an innovative team, it’s imperative that you hire your weaknesses. Hire people who love doing the tasks you hate and who are rock stars at the stuff you have zero aptitudes or interest in.

Where do you find inspiration to stay motivated?

Through my gardening hobby. Tending to my plants and watching them come out of hibernation fills my cup and gives me a daily reminder that I’m exactly where I need to be right now and to trust the process.

What habits have helped make you successful?

Making time to work on my mindset every day:

I used to suffer from depression and I vowed that I was going to do whatever it took to get better. I share more about my journey out of that dark and scary place in my forthcoming book, The Up Level Project: Your Guide to Unlocking Higher Profits While Creating More Freedom, available now!

hanneke antonelli success

Make rest and play a priority:

This is something I have to remind myself of and work to incorporate often. Society sends a skewed message that rest and play should only be awarded as a reward for all our hard work.

In my experience working with experienced service-based business owners, that’s how you stunt your growth, drain your valuable energy, and eventually burn out.

Because I have experienced this myself, now rest and play are non-negotiables and part of my resiliency routine, and as a business coach. Thus, I help my clients free up time for it in their busy schedules.

The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.

How To Grow Your Business or Brand By Writing A Book

How To Grow Your Business or Brand By Writing A Book

I was recently featured in an article written by Theresa Albert from Authority Magazine summarized below, you can read the full article here.

While writing the book, I realized that I couldn’t wait for the book to be finished — the strategies and tools I share were needed in real-time as the pandemic was unfolding, and so The Up Level Program was born, my companion course to the book that further solidifies and builds on the principles of the book. And because people knew about the book, I had no problem filling that beta-round of the course in a jiffy, effectively increasing my offerings and revenue streams.

Hanneke Antonelli

How I got started coaching

When I was in my twenties, I had a severe episode of depression that landed me in a psychiatric ward in South Africa. While in the hospital, I vowed that I would do whatever I could to get better. A few years later, I was living in London and discovered the power of coaching. The tools and strategies I learned while working with my life coach helped me do a complete 180 of my life. I’m not dramatic when I say that coaching saved my life. And that’s what inspired me to become a coach.

I specifically decided to focus on helping other entrepreneurs as it’s an industry where we often see individuals struggle with mental health issues in silence. I believe that a huge part of the problem is due to unattainable messages, like “I did it this way, now I’ll show you how to do it too,” that get sent to these individuals. That false mainstream idea leads to business owners beating themselves up, feelings of shame, and burnout. I’m here to change that narrative and provide experiences and opportunities for entrepreneurs to take back control, tap into the parts of them that make them geniuses, and help them scale sustainable businesses with increased profits and freedom.
Grab a copy of The Up Level Project and step into who you were created to be.

In my work, I have found that writing a book can be a great way to grow a brand.

Understanding where your book will fit into your brand and how it will elevate it is so important. Originally, when I started, I wanted to get out there and be on more stages. However, I also knew that a lot of conventions and conferences don’t necessarily pay their speakers. I often quote the movie Jerry Maguire’s “show me the money” to clients, and in this case, my book would be a way to get paid to speak. It would also allow readers to remember me and hire me down the line or send referrals my way.

While preparing for the book’s launch, I was also able to connect with my existing network on a deeper level by sharing advance copies with those folks. They then shared my book with their communities which have brought in new connections and opportunities that weren’t previously possible.

The book also helped quicken my lead time with prospects. Clients now have the opportunity to get to know, like, and trust me while reading my book vs. coming in cold on a sales call. And because I share vulnerable stories while showcasing my expertise, you’ll immediately know if I’m the person to help you grow your business or not.

The biggest and immediate benefit of writing a book is, of course, establishing credibility.

Being an author and having a book to promote is a great asset for your brand. But before you go ahead and make this investment, be sure that you know exactly where your book is going to fit into your brand (refer back to what I mentioned for my business in the previous question.) I’ve spent almost $20,000 (and counting) on my book to date — this includes production, marketing, and PR costs. I’m comfortable with my investment because I’ve got a pipeline of products that align with the book that I can offer to those who want to expand on the principles I share in the book and go deeper into them. Likewise, I also know that if the book only ever results in signing just one private client, it will give an immediate ROI.

Why should you invest your energy and resources into writing a book?

Having a book gives you a lead into opportunities that you will otherwise be overlooked for, and it gives you a great opportunity to pitch yourself and your ideas to more outlets, which will raise awareness and give you a lot of new exposure. It gives you a product that someone can buy on the spot. And of course, the long-term benefits of that is that whoever buys your book after they hear you on a podcast or at a conference will remember you more and either refer people to your work, send opportunities your way, and/or hire you/buy your program/other products you offer.

A book also gives you the opportunities to organize and structure your work, and, much like my Up Level Program, you can take that framework and turn it into a workshop, a program, or something else that can allow you to create more revenue streams.

Five things an author needs to know to successfully promote and market a book.

1 — It’s all about your network.

Invest in your relationships and network, put together a launch team, or hire a marketing agency with a book launch team at their fingertips. I chose to ask people in my network to become part of my launch team. They all got an advance copy. I also ran a live book club to make it more fun and engaging, and now they’re ready and eager to leave reviews and tell their networks about The Up Level Project.

2 — People are eager to help and support you.

This builds on my point above, but it’s so important and very often overlooked. There are people in your network that can’t wait to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask them. Be specific and keep your request as simple as possible. I asked my friend if they’d be willing to help me get the word out about my book, and they were excited to include me in their LinkedIn newsletter of 4500 people. Other friends made me feel special and excited about my book by sending me videos almost every night of them settling in with a glass of wine or by the fire pit to read my book. This simple gesture kept me showing up and kept me motivated to keep looking for other opportunities to get the word out about the book.

3 — Hire PR experts that can help you promote the book beyond your network and reach.

I learned this the hard way in my previous business. Draining your energy on marketing and PR if that’s not in your wheelhouse will lead to you showing up to interviews and opportunities with meh energy that won’t sell your book. You wrote your book to inspire and have an impact — now stay in your essence and in the energy of your purpose, and let others support you with their gifts and talents.

4 — Step outside your niche.

When it comes to marketing, we’re conditioned to niche down. When it comes to promoting your book, you want to think way broader than that because the whole point of the book promotion is to get as many eyeballs as possible on the book, so you can raise awareness beyond your usual reach. So, when it comes to book marketing: forget about your niche and think about how far and wide you can expand your reach.

5 — Make a checklist.

You can find one for free by googling “Book launch check-list. There are so many moving parts to a book launch, and it’s important to keep track of everything. I had my virtual assistant draw up a checklist for us, and every week we tackled what needed to happen next on that list. As a result, we were super organized, hardly ever overwhelmed, and never felt like we were doing last-minute scrambles. Having the checklist made the entire experience feel more expansive and fun.

The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.

Uplevel your mindset for success w/ Suzy Ashworth

Uplevel your mindset for success w/ Suzy Ashworth

On today’s episode we are going to talk about how you can Up Level your life in all aspects by working on your mindset!

Suzy works with mindset messaging and miracle training for women in business. Helping women create businesses they love, so they can live a life of magnificent experiences.

Don’t forget to enjoy the experience now!

Most successful people will say don’t focus on the outcome because the outcome is usually the anti-climax.

Suzy Ashworth

It is about each of those little steps. It’s easy to get disillusioned and frustrated. Because of the work we do as entrepreneurs, people don’t get us, and it’s a rollercoaster. All that stuff can be hard if you don’t have the right support, if you aren’t focus on the big vision, and if you allow your work to be everything you do.

Staying present if all areas of your life is a good way to enjoy the moment more. Letting go of the outcome, enjoying the work and have more fun. I really feel like if you can get that it’s almost as if your success really speeds up.

Staying in flow of enjoy the journey.

Hanneke Antonelli

Thing’s you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to start with what is right in front of you.
  • How Suzy came to work as a coach.
  • What to do when you realize the mindset work was the real work?
  • How do you shift from pushing to receiving?
  • How does the mindset influence the messaging?
  • #1 Strategy advice for entrepreneurs?

I see this a lot with clients that they are in one place but really want to go to another place. Start with what is right in front of you. Allow yourself to explore the options in front of you, make the first move and then see how quickly things happen.

Taking aligned action…what would I be doing if I was already there. Taking action from that place will help take you one step closer.

When did you realize the mindset work was the real work?

Seeing clients work and how they weren’t getting the results. We know the strategy works but why aren’t you getting to the result. Why it is working for some people but not others. What is different?

Step into the mindset and take it seriously, treat it likes it’s going to the gym and that’s really when things fall into place. Ah, ah’s and the realization of you can step back and not over do but allow and receive.

How do you help people shift from pushing to receiving?

Check in with how you are feeling. While you may still be doing a lot of things, the energy behind it is different from when you are in scarcity mode and feel like you have to carry it all.

Things like … this doesn’t feel great, I feel some fear here, or red flag. Getting out of your head and into your body about how you are showing up in life and business. Leaning into your gut feelings.

Working with aligned energy – you feel like you are cruising through while this doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be challenge here and there or stuff doesn’t still go wrong, but you can really move with those challenges and grow.

How does the mindset influence the messaging?

I think for you to share your message and it to be ‘your’ message, you have to give yourself permission to do you and show up for yourself is mindset working.

Asking yourself… why are you afraid to say this thing, what do you think is going to happen, how is the person you want to be, act, where do you feel unsafe in going to the space now. Really identifying blocks.

Your message is one thing, the stories you can use to communicate your message are a second thing. But when you can combine these that is your sweet spot.

Work on your mindset and messaging first.

#1 Strategic advice for entrepreneurs?

Work on your mindset and messaging first.

Asking yourself questions like…. Do you sound like you? Are you sharing in the most powerful way you can share your message?

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The Up Level Project is Now Available – Grab your copy here.

My Book is Here & The Inside Scoop

My Book is Here & The Inside Scoop

My book is out! Hear all about it.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Up Level Project Podcast — and it’s the day that I’ve been working towards for just about 1 year! Today my book dropped on Amazon and beyond. That’s right– you can now get it anywhere where you buy your book! 

And if it’s not at your local bookstore or at the library — remember that you can request for them to carry it. 

For right now — let’s dive into what my book is all about! 

Grab my new book: The Up Level Project

The Up Level Project is a business and leadership book with a memoir flair. I take readers on a journey to hone your entrepreneurial skills and scale more profitable businesses without sacrificing your freedom. By sharing vulnerable stories about how I overcame depression after landing in a psychiatric ward and about how I faced sexual harassment while working on Wall Street.

I illustrate how those challenges led me to become the best version of myself. As a result, I also show readers how I persevered and started from scratch in three cities across the globe and built two award-winning businesses in under five years. Throughout the book, I empower readers with the strategies and tools to achieve sustainable success.

I wrote this book with the intention of bringing you something that you would actually want to read — I didn’t want it to be a dry boring business book. 

And according to our VIP Launch Team it’s definitely a page turner. Here are some of the early feedback we received:

So, if you’re looking for your next business book to read → then hop on over to Amazon or and start unlocking higher profits and freedom in your business today! 

Thank you again to my incredible launch team, and every friend, client, and my entire book writing team, James Reed, Christy Kirk  & Becky Robinson from Weaving Influence, Lisa McKenna from Arrow North, Alessandra Pollina and her team at Quotable Media, Alma Bruffy — Alma Bruffy photography, Jennifer Miller Make-up Artist, and everyone who’s cheered me on along this journey! And finally to you, my listeners — thank you for coming back and listening every week! I hope you enjoy the book! 

Until next week! 
X Hanneke 

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The Biggest Lessons From Writing A Book.

The Biggest Lessons From Writing A Book.

It’s so close! Next week, May 25th, My book The Up Level Project: Your Guide to Unlocking Higher Profits While Creating More Freedom drops on Amazon and beyond — be the first to get a copy by visiting

I’ve learned so much during this entire process, and so, in today’s episode, I’m sharing my biggest lessons (and I believe some of them are going to take you by surprise!) These lessons apply to running a business too! Let’s dive in.

Your network is everything

Nurture it, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People want to support and help you. Moving forward I want to set an intention of forming more real and deep connections with people.

Acknowledge people

Acknowledging people and saying thank you! And give them compliments often. I’ve received so many amazing notes and feedback about my book, and it meant so much to me.

It reminded me of how important it is to thank everyone on your team and to praise them for all the stuff they do get done/correct daily. It’s easy to get bogged down in the things that are going wrong but absolutely make sure that you give praise often, as that will keep your team motivated.

Have patience

I’m a super impulsive person and on the Kolbe Index scale I’m a quick start 9, which means that I feel comfortable to take action with very little research or information. Once I know I want something I go for it.

Writing the book taught me to slow my role a little. To pay more attention to detail  — because they do matter (or hire people who’ll do it for you.)

There were many working pieces (and still are) a lot of parts that have to come together before we launch the book on May 25th, and so I’ve had to constantly remind myself to be patient and that I’m exactly where I need to be right now. 

Have fun!

When I started the process of writing a book, I made a deal with myself. I was like: “Ok – we can do this BUT — we are only allowed to do this if we make it fun!”

So, I came up with a strategic plan that would honor that intention, it included:
Never writing until I was completely empty, I always finished every writing session with more to say, and I never allowed myself to write to the point where I felt frustrated.

I also hired one of my best friends (and paid them their full price,) James Reed, who was an expert editor.

Hire experts and outsource what you’re not good at.

I hired an entire team of people who specialized in editing, book design, marketing, with a PR team to boot.

In my Pilates business I spent way too much time doing things that were not in my wheelhouse and the result was a burnout and frustrated instructor who couldn’t serve her clients well anymore. (Yes — I do share more about this in my book too!) This time around I knew better and outsourced EVERYTHING I could possibly outsource. It felt so great and allowed me to continue to focus on serving existing clients to the highest level.


Toward the end of the launch journey I definitely felt a little energetically depleted. So, I made sure that I stayed on top of my resiliency routine as if it was my job. I also relied heavily on my book launch team, my assistant, and others to take on a few extra tasks.

Have boundaries and enforce them:

  • To stay focused and bring my book into the world, I said no to a lot of things last year.
  • No, to relationships that felt more predatory than symbiotic.
  • No, to opportunities or events that weren’t in alignment with my vision for the future.
  • No, to content that wasn’t based on facts and reliable sources/caused drama/harm.
  • No, to social engagements or Zoom calls when I was low on energy.

Honoring my instincts and gut feelings was hard at times but ultimately enforcing my boundaries helped preserve focus and energy and brought me more in alignment with where I’m going and who I want to become in the future.

Celebrate all of the journey (not just the destination.)

I tried and continue to set the intention to celebrate every little bit of progress along the way and to savor every win, every email/post/text with feedback about the book. It’s helped to fill my cup, keep me motivated, and keep me going. 

If you’ve been one of those amazing people who’ve sent me a quick text, posted about my book on social, and or emailed me — thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really appreciate you and your words of acknowledgement means the world — thank you! 

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Resiliency and Money Mindset

Resiliency and Money Mindset

In today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast, we have a special guest. This special guest is the editor of this podcast, the go-to video guy, and also my husband.

Robert Antonelli the owner of Antonelli Visual Media, and today he is going to talk with us about how his resiliency routine and money mindset have helped during a time that has severely impacted his business not just in 2020 but in 2021.

Like many entrepreneurs making a shift in their businesses to not only accommodate their clients but their selves.

In this episode we to talk about the things that have helped him show up every single day and continue on despite uncertainty and challenges.

Robert runs a video production company whose primary focuses on weddings. This has made a huge impact on the financial budget well into 2021.

He has joined me to develop a resiliency routine that works for us. You might be asking yourself how do you get a partner to start a resiliency routine with you that perhaps they were hesitant to do before.

Robert taken these steps to focus on his resiliency routine


Starting his day with meditation allows him to get present with himself. This helps him to not have tunnel vision and control stress so that he can focus on possible solutions. It has allowed him to release attachment to the outcomes that were supposed to happen.

Focusing on the Money Mindset

Letting go of the worry where money will come from and letting go of worry that you won’t get any more business because it is out of your control.

This opens up your mind to allow you to focus on new opportunities that can come your way. It is a time where you allow your business to grow in the direction that it should. Opening his business up for innovation.

Remember that this will not always be the thing that you want to do, but when you have this routine you will see results. Having a resiliency routine and money mindset makes you more resilient, helps you to adapt, to bounce back, and to move forward.

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Prepping for a Brand Photoshoot with Nicole Otchy

Prepping for a Brand Photoshoot with Nicole Otchy

I am so excited to speak with my good friend and stylist guru, Nicole Otchy, on how to prepare for a brand photoshoot.

Nicole has been a stylist for more than a decade and her clients include some of America’s elite. Her mission is to help women create memorable brands by using their wardrobe to confidently share their work.

You’ll hear about how you can get yourself ready and feel confident for your next appearance.

What would be your advice for people who are getting prepared for a book cover photoshoot?

Books covers are very different from branding photoshoots. The book cover is one of the most important ways to showcase your business, more than social media. The social things go away but the book cover outlast you. Sticking the balance between where you’ve been and where you are going.

This is an expensive piece that effects so many things not just the cover of the book. The images of the book will be used from speaking engagements, to appearances and more.

It’s also important to know how you’d like to be photographed for the cover but more important to know what your book cover is going to look like before the photoshoot. This is the number one mistake I see people make throughout the years.

What is the one thing that most people forget when planning their outfits for a brand photoshoot?

People forget they are two-dimensional in a photo and what looks good in real life does not necessarily look good in a photo.

There is a way to test to see if something would work in advance. If it is more than a handful of extra material it’s probably not a good idea.

Options are also a great idea for day of shoot, to help eliminate some pressure of what to wear.

Trends, colors and patterns can be tricky but white is a good option. Key here will be if it’s a book cover or an author photo.

What does it mean to align your personal brand with your wardrobe?

Think about how long things are going to be around, the context, more in depth of what your brand stands for, where you want your brand to go, if all your book dreams came true how would your brand change – all the things!

What are the real factors in your marketing?

Get an experts’ advice, nothing wrong with asking your friends, but they don’t see you according to what you are desiring for your target audience. They aren’t looking at you in the marketing eye.

Script FLIP

Questions from Nicole to Hanneke:

Most unexpected lesson from writing the book?

How very sensitive I’d have to be my language, making sure its inclusive.

AND, how much work the post-production piece is KICKING MY BOOTY

How do you make it more accessible for people to be a personal brand? What factors are you thinking about?

Becoming okay with being visible. Taking the light off you and putting it on whom you want to help. When you are thinking too much about what people are thinking about you, you are taking away serving them.

I am my brand. My brand is an extension to who I already am, but I do amplify what is already there when I am in the public.

I’m thinking about writing a book, what do you think?

Make sure you know where that book fits into your business. What purpose is the book going to serve?

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How I make big business decisions (fast — without overthinking)

How I make big business decisions (fast — without overthinking)

As you know, I recently revealed the cover to my book. Delivering the final product, required a lot of decision-making. And in today’s episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain. I tell you more about the decision-making process I’ve followed while making all the million little decisions about the book.

Speaking about decision fatigue, the post-book-writing process has given me a little bit of that.  There have been a gazillion little decisions that needed (and are still being made). 

Picking the book cover was just one of many choices that required lots of bandwidth. I often get people asking me about how I make decisions faster. And I shared some of those insights with you in Episode 76, I focused specifically on how you use your goals and values to make business decisions. In today’s episode, I’ll show you how I used some of the insights from that episode in action in my business and more.

1 – Stop trying to make the PERFECT decision and release shoulda, coulda, woulda:

Before the book cover — there was the choosing of the photos to put in as contenders to win the spot on the cover of my book. 

I laid awake for quite a few nights about these decisions because there were so many to choose from.

Which one would be the perfect one?
Did I really do the best poses?
And I shoulda done this and that, etc.

The picture I really wanted and thought was the absolute most perfect one had a little bit of camera shake on it. And so, I had to go with one that was quite similar and had to choose to not obsess over it being absolutely perfect. I had to lean into knowing that that photo would do just a well and remember that I’m the only one who would notice.

After the new cover was chosen with the slightly different cover, my VA went  — you’re going to have to tell me what the difference is please — I can’t see it! 

Proof that obsessing over the tiny little itsy bitsy details is a huge waste of time — no one else is going to notice them. So stop trying to be perfect. 

Instead, ask yourself: What’s the best decision that will bring me closer to my goal?

big business choices

2: Outsource some of the decision-making: 

I hired a team of people who are experts at book launching, design, branding etc. So, I stood back and let them shine at what they’re good at; only coming in at certain points of the decision-making process. 

This allowed me to free up some much-needed bandwidth to focus on the stuff that I’m an expert at… coaching, selling, and personal outreach to promote the book.

3 – Understanding whose opinions I attach weight to: 

So, there were five great cover mock-ups, and they were all very different. (my VIP Launch Team got to see them — if you’d like to join the team, be sure to click the link in the show-notes to join us, and you’ll get a free copy of my book and other behind-the-scenes perks too!.)

Anyhow — Like most people, I also sometimes look for validation from others. So, naturally I shared the five mock-ups with a few close friends. This lead to conflicting opinions, most of my friends were picking the photos that most represented me as their bubbly friend.

Their feedback left me more confused. It’s then that I took a shot of my own medicine. To make the best decisions and guard me against overwhelm, analysis paralysis, procrastination, overthinking… I stopped asking others for their feedback.

Centering around my target market which is entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and create more freedom. I turned to the team of experts and a few of my mastermind friends who are in my target market. They all picked the cover that I knew in my gut was the best one! 

4 – Trust your gut and know yourself

I do a lot of work to stay present and centered. And trust me I spin out quite a bit but throughout the years I’ve learned to try to be patient and make important decisions once I’m more grounded (this is also something that’s in alignment with my personality type. 

By using my gut and understanding myself, my goals and my business’ needs; it also helps me to make the best decision with the information that I have at hand in at a particular moment.

5: Choosing to release doubt and worry: 

Finally, I shift my focus away from obsessing over whether I’m doing the perfectly right thing, as that only makes me doubt myself more and bring on unwanted and very unproductive worries 

Instead,  I focus, on how I can take action on the decisions I make, and make those decisions work (and of course give myself permission to change course if need be!). 

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Growing a business by utilizing your network with Janice Carte

Growing a business by utilizing your network with Janice Carte

Janice Carte, the founder of Tiny Spoon Chef, a Boston-based personal chef bringing healthy, deeply flavorful food to your home every week. She works with busy families, single professionals, and working couples to bring excitement and pleasure to mealtimes at home.

After years in the restaurant scene and day job was completely not engaging, Tiny Spoon Chef began with Janice cooking for a single client at their home.

On paper, she’s an expert in food. In reality, her superpower is relationships.

business relationships

In this Episode:

On today’s episode we talk about like many business owners during this time of uncertainty feeling the need to lower their prices to still continue to operate in their business.

However, this did not help provide them any relief as they were still working the same amount of time for half of the price. This leads to the business making half of the profits for the same amount of time leaving little to no room to scale your business.

She realized that to have a successful business that allowed her to work on her craft and grow her business she needed to cultivate her business to reflect the value that she was putting in.

When building Tiny Spoon Chef, Janice has made relationship building a cornerstone to its success. For The Tiny Chef, relationship building allows her to make sure people feel seen, feel human, and feel supported.

When doing these things and building the relationships, the business came organically from a loving and genuine place.

Janice also shares some successful business tips and marketing success stories that helped implement, perfect, and grow her business.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

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Becoming more innovative with Gianne Doherty

Becoming more innovative with Gianne Doherty

Gianne Doherty and Jay Weeks founders of Organic Bath Co. a skincare line that uses clean ingredients to nourish your skin.  Also, the founders of the Well Summit, an event dedicated to helping you live your healthiest and most fulfilling life. This power couple knows how to innovate and get things done.

In today’s episode we take a look into how they manage to pivot their business and continue to show up as supportive pillars of their community.

With a new normal and dreams of an exfoliating face mask, she realized you can’t do it all. So, with mask dreams on hold and a rise in sales of hand sanitizer the world pushed her to pivot, so she could provide a completely clean alternative.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How not doing it all actually propels you forward faster.
  • Cultivating a spiritual practice can help to navigate times of uncertainty and learn to trust.
  • Making a choice to say ‘YES’ to keep going, when you want to quit.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

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How your values & clarity will build DEI in your brand.

How your values & clarity will build DEI in your brand.

On today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast we have two special guests Erica Courdae and India Jackson.

A dynamic duo with over 30 years of diverse experience. Not only running a successful coaching business and marketing company, Erica and India are the hosts of the Pause on the Play Podcast. Erica Courdae + India Jackson are two leaders who combine two very different fields of expertise together for game-changing results.

As an entrepreneur + licensed coach, Erica Courdae guides people through having engaged conversations and imperfect action within large communities, international podcasts, and live events to create inclusive work spaces and ethical company cultures.

India Jackson, the CEO of Flaunt Your Fire, and her team provide visibility consulting, strategy, photography, training, social media management, and branding to companies like Christian Dior, six-figure coaches, and professional athletes.

We talk about how you can build a more diverse and inclusive brand that is going to stand out, attract and have the impact you want to have on the world.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The importance of building a diverse and inclusive team.
  • Why developing your values to drive inclusion and diversity is important.
  • How your clarity about your ideal client will help them identify with your brand.

Now I’d love to hear from you!

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Is there something your family or culture has taught you that’s currently holding you back from moving forward in your business? I’d love to hear all about it, please tell by commenting below.

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10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

In today’s episode, we’re talking about a quick and easy practice that will help you become more resilient and strategic if done daily.


Being a business owner is incredibly rewarding, but growing that business and leading your team can be challenging, especially in times of massive change and instability. 

Overwhelm, stress, and burnout are factors that regularly plague entrepreneurs. And that’s why it’s so essential to establish resiliency routines that support not only your mental health but your physical well-being as well. 

Mainstream productivity advice and tools offer many suggestions that are not sustainable and can create more stress and further drain your energy. 

Think about these: you gotta get up at 6 am, run 5 miles, drink 6 cups of green tea, make sure you work like this, and that → I’m exhausted just listening to those folks.

Everyone has a unique way of operating, and when you implement mainstream productivity tools, it can be detrimental.  

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you understand how to work with your strengths, energy levels, and your unique way of operating in this world. You have to take radical responsibility for how you show up to seize the day, every day.

This why I have my clients do many personality tests when we start working together. By knowing how they gain their energy, e.g. –the one most of us know:  introverts need lots of alone time vs. extroverts to recharge their batteries by spending time with people, clients can start to take back power and autonomy of their energy.

Other personality tests like Human Design, or How to Fascinate also help business owners to understand their most effective leadership style, which will help them make the best decisions. When you consider all that information, you can use existing habits and routines to support your mental well-being and your energy levels or create new ones that will help you prevent burnouts. 

When clients start implementing and integrating this information into their daily life they find that they sleep better, their anxiety goes down, and they are better able to focus.

And this is what we mean when we say they become more resilient. When you’re rested, grounded, and focused, you can better cope with whatever life throws at you.

My clients love knowing and implementing this information. They find that it invigorates their business on all levels and turns them into the most-valuable asset and leader of their business.

Another practice that I help my clients to cultivate when working together that also allows them to become more strategic is to set up a morning routine where they take a few minutes to get into their work-mode zone. By doing this, clients become focused and shift into a solution-orientated frame of mind (which, as you may remember from Episode 89, has now been scientifically proven to be the mindset you need to be more successful.) 

I’ve dubbed it the Up Level Project Daily Practice, and you can download it at

The practice consists of four easy steps: 

Step 1: Connect to your vision: focusing on what you want to accomplish. 

Step 2: Check in on how committed you are to accomplishing your goal.

Step 3: Imagine yourself having already accomplished that goal and embody the qualities of your future successful self. How would you act, what would you think, if your goal was already achieved – embody those traits now. 

Step 4: Checking in with your mindset around your goals. Do you believe that it’s possible to accomplish those goals, if not — what do you need to adjust? As I’ve mentioned with the Up Level Formula  — it’s here where you have to remember that the results we can achieve are an accumulation of our beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings, and actions. To achieve higher results, you have to uplevel everything in that equation. 

When you take 10 minutes or less every day to implement this practice, it will help you naturally step into a more strategic mindset and waste less time and energy to achieve your goals. 

And as I mentioned, if you’d like to adopt this daily practice into your routine — you can download a quick PDF with more information about it at


How To Prepare Yourself To Survive It All w/ Kristin Chambers

How To Prepare Yourself To Survive It All w/ Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers founded D.A. Luxury Travel in 2007, a modern-day luxury travel consultancy catering to discerning vacationers. She is Boston’s go-to award-winning, trusted travel advisor for clients seeking honest world-class experiences. In 2016, Kristin founded TRAVELLUSTRE — a portfolio of carefully recruited, highly regarded Boston-based travel consultants. 

With 18 years’ experience designing itineraries, Kristin has amassed extensive connections and global partnerships—including her “black book” of powerhouse insiders.  Kristin and her team can provide truly unforgettable memories with this exceptional partners’ network, incorporating human connections and thoughtful and personally curated itineraries.

At the end of 2019, I had the honor of working with Kristin and her team. Kristin had made some provisional adjustments and planned to handle an economic downturn with the market rumors of a coming recession. In today’s episode, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at how those preparations helped her navigate the pandemic. 

In this episode, you’ll hear answers the following questions:

  • You’ve managed to build a successful multi-million dollar travel-agency, in an era where most travel agents were closing down. Yet, this tells me so much about you: you’re a savvy business person, with grit and tenacity, and an innovator. Now what do you think has been the superpower that helped you do what others deem to be impossible to do when you look back?
  • When you approached me to work with your team at the end of 2019, I remember you telling me that you had already started taking precautions against a possible economic downturn — since then can you tell us a little about what those adjustments were?
  • You belong to a travel-specific mastermind-like group, and you’ve invested in working with me. How has asking for support and surrounding yourself with other like-minded business thought-leaders helped you grow your business?
  • As a result, when the pandemic hit the travel industry: which of these precautions were helpful?
  • What other pivots did you make, and how did you gain clarity on how to adjust?
  • The travel industry has been one of the hardest hits ones; how have you managed to keep yourself and your team motivated?
  • What do you think the future of travel will look like? What is your biggest lesson of 2020? And what are you excited about in 2021 for both of your businesses? 

Now I’d love to hear from you!

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Is there something your family or culture has taught you that’s currently holding you back from moving forward in your business? I’d love to hear all about it, please tell by commenting below.

Registration for the Up Level Program is Now Open

Why people choose to work with me

Why people choose to work with me

I’m so excited for the next round of The Up Level Program and the caliber of business owners who are enrolling and interested in joining us. 

And speaking of caliber.

I know that there are a LOT of coaches out there. And I’m honored that you’re considering working with me, but I know I have to answer an essential question for you.

Why this? What makes The Up Level Program and working with me different?

I won’t speak for others, but I can confidently say that clients who have worked with me have achieved the following during this time:

  • Closed investor deals
  • Launched online programs and offers
  • Gained clarity and confidence to take aligned and inspired action on their goals

Most business coaches out there are not certified, don’t have business degrees, and have not built award-winning companies.

And most business coaches have not had to move countries, reinvent, and start over from nothing multiple times in their life.

I have.

I moved to the UK with only my wits, no job, and a 50lb bag. Within six months, I had landed a job in the back office of a prestigious Wall Street Brokerage firm where I worked my way up to a sales desk in four short months.

From there, I asked for a transfer to NYC. That wasn’t the job that would help me reach my full potential. So I used all the tools I learned from my life coach to reinvent myself and start my Pilates Brand in Boston.

I built that brand to award-winning status in record time. It’s then that I realized I wanted to pay the gift that coaching gave me forward to others, so I got certified as a life coach.

When you work with me, you get access to all of this, including my 15-years of international business experience.

What I teach in the Up Level Program isn’t regurgitated theories and textbook blueprints. All the work we cover is discoveries, strategies, and tools that I, myself, have implemented, tested, and acquired that allowed me to pivot, innovate, and thrive despite the odds. And these are the exact processes I use to help my clients achieve success too.

Now more than ever, I care deeply about helping business owners innovate and build successful and sustainable companies.

As an entrepreneurial community, we hold power to help the economy heal while having a tremendous impact on our communities. And I want to help you achieve that impact.

So, if you’re ready to allow yourself to receive and accomplish ALL of the above – then I’d love to invite you to join us in the Up Level Program!

There is still time to take advantage of the early-bird offer and join the group of high-level thinking individuals who have already signed up!

Click here to pave the way to sustainable business growth and innovation.

Registration for The Up Level Program is Now Open