Welcome to the best thing you can give yourself and your business to succeed in 2020: The Savvy CEO Mastermind

Imagine the confidence you can have if your team and business is running like clockwork earning more profits than ever before?

And the relief you’d feel if the responsibility of growing your business didn’t rest entirely on your shoulders only?

There is one too many business owners getting crushed by the weight and emotional roller coaster of running a business. Who have lost the passion and joy for what they’ve created. As a result, they’ve isolated themselves – feeling shame, guilt, and like an impostor.

I can’t stand on the sidelines watching this suffering happen any longer.

The Savvy CEO Mastermind includes private business coaching AND traditional hotseat mastermind sessions. It’s my rebellion against everything that’s preventing you from building a sustainable business that brings you joy, ease, and financial freedom.

It’s the incubator where we transform you into being a confident CEO, help you to develop leaders on your team, and co-create a business structure that can expand and grow efficiently – faster.

Sound like just what you need? Apply here. Space limited to 6 people.

In our co-creative one-on-one coaching sessions we’ll help you: 

  • Define and refine your role in your business and help you transition to it
  • Create the time and space you need to increase business profits
  • Separate your identity from your business so you can stop treating your business like your baby
  • Shift your mindset from being the person who has to do it all to be the leader of your business so you can let go and enable your team to help you create your vision for your business 
  • Develop your leadership skills 
  • Help you curate a core leadership team – identify the right talent with the ideal skill set to support you and accelerate business growth
  • Help you act from a place of trust vs fear

In our Mastermind sessions we’ll provide a safe space too:

  • Boost and grow your confidence as the leader of your business
  • Talk about all things business growth, expansion, leadership, profits and more
  • Receive feedback, advice, and brainstorm business ideas and challenges
  • Be held accountable to achieve better – faster
Who’s The Savvy CEO Mastermind For?

The program is geared towards multiple 6-7 figure service-based business owners who are ready to transform into savvy CEOs, scaling their business while working less and increasing profits.

This Offer Includes:

  • 2 x 60 min Private Coaching Calls Per Month. Total of 21 Calls Per Year. Calls are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays
  • 2 x 90 min – Hour Mastermind Calls Per Month – Total of 21 Per Year. Calls are every other Thursdays at noon and won’t be in the same week as your Private call.
  • 1 x 4 – hour Private CEO Intensive Day
  • 1 x CEO Full Day Retreat (Group)
What is the cost of The Savvy CEO Mastermind?

The cost is $2000 per month or $22000 when you pay up-front.

How many people will be on the mastermind group call?

The mastermind is a small and intimate group with a maximum of 6 people per call.

How will my ideas and information that I share be protected?

Every participant in The Savvy CEO Mastermind must sign an NDA and Confidentiality agreement before they can join the mastermind. We work hard to ensure that this is a safe and trusted space for everyone.

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An online community with business owners focused on joy, ease, and profits!

An online community with business owners focused on joy, ease, and profits!

Are you looking to join an online community who will help you work with ease, and get more joy out of your business while increasing profits?

I see so much of the opposite out there right now.

I see a lot of people talking about REVENUE and doing all the things that will increase their revenue.

And then I see a lot of people enrolling into online communities who are using fear-based marketing and other manipulation techniques promising to deliver and help them scale to millions of dollars over night. Targeting the lowest common denominator and attracting a lot of scarcity mindset folks.

The result of joining an online community that focus on the wrong business parameters!

Which results in communities that are focusing on doing all.the.things they think will create overnight success, like “the perfect funnel” or the step-by-step system or blueprint…

Here’s what these folks are missing (and it’s going to result in their business imploding and them burning out.)

They’re NOT focusing on sustainability, impact, values, and the back office systems that will support massive growth of their business. 

An online community and programs like this are also not focusing on their PROFITS.

Skipping the above means they’ll most likely create businesses with a low profit margin, where they over work and burn out, their support staff (if they have time to hire and train them properly) won’t last or won’t function optimally.

Who you put yourself in community with is super important. Here’s why: Because you are the average of the five people that you spend most of your time with. 

In the Savvy Business Masterminds our soul focus is to help you set up your business in a way that supports you! 

Over in our Savvy Business Mastermind Community the following matters: 

That you are working less, and earning more with a whole lot of joy!  It matters that your business is set up to support you and your lifestyle. PROFIT matters WAY more than revenue. 

In our community, your business is not your baby, over in the savvy community your business is the vehicle that gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want to do it! 

In our online community (who also meets in-person regularly) you’ll receive the real deal mindset strategies with zero fluff! Everything we do in the masterminds (and in my private coaching sessions) are geared to help you work with intention and ease, and transform your leadership skills. 

We’re obsessed with helping you become a savvy business owner and CEO​ that can lead your team and clients, and disrupt your market.

Sounds like the online community for you?

Join our high-level thinking mastermind community now >>>>>> Click here to apply to join The Savvy Business Masterminds.

Get ready to put yourself in community with smart and savvy women, who will keep you accountable, inspire and motivate you and help you up-level your business!

Can’t wait to have you, 

x Hanneke 

The Savviness Report: Savvy Self-Care

The Savviness Report: Savvy Self-Care

The’s no arguing that running a successful business, requires you to be a savvy business owner and CEO!

When I work with my clients and Savvy Business Mastermind members on transforming them to savvy business owners and CEO, the word savvy takes on a bigger meaning. It means being shrewd and smart in all areas of life. It means showing up as your best self every single day, not overdoing, working smarter and not harder to build a business that supports you.

Showing up at this level means that you have to devote time to self-care practices. (And I don’t mean spa-ing it up every week – although if that’s what gets you to show up as your most powerful self – then you go, girl! You do you.)

The first objection new clients have to this notion is: “um – I’m already strapped for time here!? How in the heck do you want me to fit anything else in!?”

And to help you:

I asked some of our Savvy Business Mastermind Members to spill the beans on how they prioritize self-care (and still have time to get everything else in their busy lives and businesses done!)


The Savviness Report

“For me it’s Meditation: I remind myself that I’m worth 10 minutes out of 1440 minutes each day. I meditate in bed before reaching for my phone or even putting my feet on the floor. During this time, I set my intentions for the day and use 3 affirmations that are meaningful to me at that time (my affirmations change depending on what’s happening in life at that time). I also budget for at least one monthly self-care splurge—massage, float therapy, acupuncture, etc.”  Haley Elise Stewart, CEO & Owner of Tranquility by HeHe – Concierge Doula + Birthing Service

The Savviness Report“AIRPLANE MODE IS YOUR FRIEND. Before I go into Airplane Mode, I: 1) check “urgent” emails and tell others I’ll get back to them soon (so that I’m not worrying about them while I’m unplugged); 2) message anyone who I anticipate will need my attention and tell them specifically that I’m unplugging for a bit (honestly, 2 hours in this mode feels AMAZING; I try to do it for most of the day Sunday but that’s trickier). Here’s my how and why: As a writer, I feel constant pressure to produce creative content. This generates two problems: 1) when I’m anxious, what I produce isn’t coming from the heart but informed by the stress, overwhelm, and frenzy of social media; 2) it creates the illusion that I’m the only one who can produce the “the next big thing” (#ego). When I make time: 1) there’s space for creative thoughts to float, morph, and take shape; 2) I can actually do deep dives into OTHER PEOPLE’S creative work (not just reading their posts but visiting their exhibits or reading their work etc.); 3) I feel inspired, refreshed, and bring new ideas to the table (and have gained perspective around my own work) “Julia Djeke, CEO and Founder of Julia Djeke (Copy & Content Creation)

The Savvy Report

My non-negotiable every day is meditation. Why? Because meditation is the number one self care tool that’s been around for thousands of years. By pausing and centering yourself, you are in charge of your day rather than being in a reactionary state.

Alex Bynum, CEO & Founder of EmpowHerYou, Healing and Meditation


No matter what is happening in my life, I always prioritize my sleep. This is a non-negotiable. Even if work is really busy, I always make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I do the best work for my clients and I can show up fully each day when I’m well rested.

Janet Mesh, CEO and Co-Founder of Aimtal – a digital marketing company



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