How to make the best business decisions

How to make the best business decisions

Today’s, Savvy Business Show talks about how to beat the overwhelm and make the best business decisions.

There’s been a theme that has consistently been coming up in all sessions with clients since the start of the pandemic.

Naturally, most people are feeling overwhelmed at the moment, there are so many decisions to be made  – but which one will be the best one for your business?

That’s what we’ll uncover in today’s episode: how to beat the overwhelm and make the best business decision right now.

Let’s dive in…

On any given day there are lots of decisions for you as a business owner to make and right now there are a million more. The landscape of what we’re dealing with’s changing so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

So, I wasn’t surprised when one session after another was all about helping the to decide the best steps forward.

The decisions you’re making right now will greatly impact your relationship with clients and your employees. And obviously these two relationships are the most important ones in business, why?

If you don’t have strong trustworthy relationships with clients, you don’t have a business.

And if you don’t have that very same relationship with your employees – it will directly impact the quality of their work  – which of course will trickle down to your bottom line too.

So how do you make the best decisions for your business right now while simultaneously keeping all these valuable relationships intact?

You’ll be happy to know that that boils down to one simple thing.

A concrete and solid beacon, that will remain unshakeable no matter what.

And that one thing is this:


When prepped correctly, your mission statement sums up your fundamental values.

It informs how you operate in every situation.

Let’s take my mission statement as an example: 

A results-driven company that acts from a place of kindness, courage, and integrity.

Providing a safe and co-creative space. Delivering transformational services of the highest standards and quality. Helping business owners to become confident leaders and CEOs working with ease and joy (working less, earning more)

So if  we grab my values from  this statement it’s 

Kindness,  Courage, Integrity, Quality

Coming back to these values before I do anything in my business helps me to be able to trust myself and my actions.

I can put any decision I have to make through this filter and trust that it will be the best decision for my business.

For example: how to have a difficult conversation with a client or employee right now,  how to go about creating buzz about my book without coming off as tone-deaf.

All of these decisions are put through my values filter first: Kindness,  Courage, Integrity, Quality

Even when fear is fogging my judgment,  coming back to this statement will act as my true north. Thus helping me to be able t o TRUST MY GUT.

How has coming back to values helped my clients:

1. It’s helped them decide if the pivot they’re making to adjust to current circumstances is in alignment with who they are as a business. Companies who have not taken a second to go back to their values are the ones that you’re seeing that are offering stuff that is confusing to you right now.

2. It’s also helped them to communicate effectively with their clients and employees  – which has strengthened the faith in businesses. Again the companies whom you are seeing with completely tone-deaf marketing right now are the ones who are not acting from their values.

A very beautiful example of a big company who recently did some marketing that was so aligned with who they are: VISTA PRINT when you google them the following comes up: Vistaprint empowers small businesses like yours to market themselves effectively.

They recently created a beautiful inspirational video where they encouraged people to buy gift cards from small businesses — again beautifully aligned with their mission. And now when you got to their site they Vistaprint has partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to create the Save Small Business Fund – a grant opportunity to help keep qualified small businesses afloat during this pandemic.

3. It’s helped my clients trust their own gut which has strengthened their confidence and has made them more resilient, which  means that they’ve been able to move forward despite incredibly difficult

I strongly believe that if you don’t

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, go back to your mission statement.

Maybe it’s time to review it. Do that now!

A special gift for you:

I also have a very special gift for you today that will further help you to lead from your values with more confidence. As you know – I’m currently going through the editing process of my first book. And I’m giving away a free chapter   – that’s right – when you visit: – you can download my chapter A leader is born.

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Sending you lots of strength and courage! Until next time


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My Recent Cancer Scare

My Recent Cancer Scare

Before I share today’s episode I want to make it abundantly clear that I hate being dramatic so even talking about this is totally uncomfortable for me because other people are not so lucky to have it just be a scare… and if you’re one of those people or you have a family member who’s currently fighting cancer – know that I’m sending so much love to you and your family.

I didn’t share this as it was happening as I deeply believe in processing and digesting things first before you share it all out to the world. In my opinion, when we do this we are of better service to others.

SO in today’s episode, I want to share how processing this scare has influenced my business.

Let’s dive in…

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Hello There Listeners and welcome back to the Savvy Business Show.

When we look at the online business world and what they teach it’s all the sexy shiny “make your first 6 figures in 60 days” Or Your blue-print to 7 figures now! …

And I get it… that’s the sexy stuff, the “cool marketing strategies”

But the reality of the matter is that a sustainable and profitable business takes WAYYY more than just sexy marketing, a funnel or drip campaign… it involves way more than converting clients and making sales…

And the online #girlboss #bossbabe rah-rah world NEVER talks about the rest…

And I get it  – it’s not sexy… but this stuff that they’re not discussing is CRUCIAL to building concrete and solid business.

SO what does all this have to do with my recent cancer scare?

You see I grew up with a dad who worked in the debt collection side of a bank for a while. This is the department that goes to repossess people’s belongings.

My dad had some funny stories of people shooting at them when they would go to give notice that things would be repossessed. But he also had some very sad stories of widows who lost everything because their husband died and they didn’t have insurance….

Hence when my husband asked if he could marry me – my dad’s first question before giving him permission was:” Do you have life insurance!?”

The thing is we never know when we’re going to get that scare that turns into real bad stuff…

So when I received my scary news back in May 2019 – it immediately made me think of all the things in my business that’s been on my to-do list ( but because they’re not sexy to do had been pushed to the back burner…)

A lot of the processes and foundational work in my business have already been set up pretty well – but there was one big loophole for me and that was disability insurance and a life insurance policy for myself. 

Running a business is a risky business as it is  – so making sure that everything’s set up to support and keep you as safe as possible is really important for you to be able to then do the “sexy” business stuff with more confidence and ease.

SO what in your business isn’t bulletproof yet? 

Have you tightened up your contracts, health insurance, do you have an operations manual?

Can your team continue to run with things when you are not there? 

Are all the passwords to everything available somewhere for team members?

What do you have to take care of now so you can have peace of mind? Take action now  – trust me it’s going to make you feel so supported and safe and will then help you to grow a successful business with a strong foundation.

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How to build and scale your business on The Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

How to build and scale your business on The Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

It was such an honor to be a guest on our Savvy Business Mastermind Member, Alessandra Pollina’s Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast!

“Hanneke is like your business fairy godmother, knowing exactly how to help you figure out what you want in your business and how to get it (usually much faster than you even hoped). In this episode, we chat about how to know if you’re really ready to scale your business, and what to do first if you are. If you’ve been considering growing your business next year or scaling beyond where your business currently is, you need to listen to this!”

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Five Keys to Unlock Your Profitable Business

Five Keys to Unlock Your Profitable Business

Unlock your profitable Business: Last week I did a super fun interview with Kit Pang, the owner of Boston Speaks. In the interview, I revealed the five keys all entrepreneurs (and especially my boss ladies) need to unlock a profitable business. Almost 600 people watched this interview on Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments on how helpful it was.

In this interview you’ll receive the five keys to unlock your profitable business:
  1. How to rock your confidence and own your results and value
  2. Charge what your services are REALLY worth – this is something that comes up at various levels in business – and a big reason why I created my Next Level Business Retreat
    • FACT: I see way too many women bartering or working for free and asking other women to work for free. And I also see a lot of prices comparing with others.
    • FACT: If we want to get paid the same as men and be treated the same  – then that means we have to step up and claim our own worth.
  3. How to stay in your lane: Stop comparing yourself to others, stop competing on price with others
  4. Why investing mega $  is an important part of unlocking your profitable business
  5. Why surrounding yourself with savvy CEO’s who see your value and can help you step into your full power.

Now I’d love to know what was your biggest AHA or favorite part of this video!? Tell me in the comments below! And feel free to ask any questions you have!
Thank you to Kit Pang from Boston Speaks for featuring me!

{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with Jamie Palmer

{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with Jamie Palmer

The Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with guest Jamie Palmer.

I had such a great time speaking with Jamie Palmer about all things marketing and how to simplify and improve your game. Hop on over to listen to the episode now.


Listen to the episode here:


What you will hear…

Savvy Business Show #27: Up Your Marketing Game with Jamie Palmer


My guest for The Savvy Business Show #27 is Jamie Palmer. Jamie is the Founder and Creative Director of Outlier Marketing Group.

She is recognized for her in-depth understanding and use of specialized digital marketing methods necessary for hyper-competitive industries; including IT, Marketing, Financial, hospitality and Professional Services.

Outlier Marketing Group offers social media, web design, and branding services aimed at helping entrepreneurs with being authentic in their marketing and sales efforts.


Jamie and I start right out talking about how she started her business in college to help driven entrepreneurs build their online business empires. We will discuss how Jamie was at a six-figure business for a decade and how she in the last couple of years had tremendous growth in her business.

Jamie broke out of her comfort zone and learned how to delegate. You’ll hear Jamie’s story of her second child and how she made the choice to stop buying into her excuses and take action. Jamie then tells us about one thing she hears most often from people when it comes to marketing.

You can listen here, new episodes every Wednesday. And of course, I’d love if you’d share with your friends.


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