Building Your Million-Dollar Business Without Sacrificing Your Values

Building Your Million-Dollar Business Without Sacrificing Your Values

Listen to the founder and CEO of Tiny Spoon Chef, Janice Carte’s insights on how she did exactly this while simultaneously taking her business over the million-dollar threshold and expanding her business to five cities and 25 employees and counting. 

Listen, and you’ll learn: 

  • How to overcome and move through fear
  • Get this gut check tool to help you build a business you love
  • How to Infuse more joy into your business 
  • How to establish nurturing business relationships

More Business Success: 

Janice is an inspiration for all entrepreneurs looking to build a business that’s firmly rooted in integrity, grit, and values. Learn more about the success of her business and the results she gained working with Hanneke here. 

million dollar business
million dollar business

At Tiny Spoon Chef, we love creating meals that serve as the backdrop to new relationships, great conversations, and lasting memories.

Food is how we mark time, create rituals, and make meaning. It is profoundly intimate and universal. Food is a great unifier.

I created this company to connect families with deeply skilled Chefs. I am at the core, a problem solver, nourisher, and connector. Food is sacred, and when humans are supported by the ritual of food, our lives are elevated.


Apply to work with me here and unlock your full potential now.

How to stop viewing your business as your baby and let go!

How to stop viewing your business as your baby and let go!

Million-dollar business owner Brian Milauskas from Kidstock! Theater gives valuable insights that he’s gained in 30 years of business (and surviving two recessions) on how you can release control and stop viewing your business as your baby. 

Listen and you’ll learn: 

  • Allow your business to have some freedom – let go. 
  • Redefine your relationship with your business will help you to lead yourself first 
  • The difference between responsiveness and responsibility and how this will help you let go and let others help you
  • Not leading yourself first and holding on to tasks/responsibilities so tightly is holding your business back 
  • Cultivation trust and comfortably stand and have faith in your gut. 
  • Control can be a noun or a verb – and what that looks like in business. 

Listen to our entire interview here:

Since working with Hanneke, Brian has completely revamped his business and team structure and as result, he set his business up to shield Kidstock! From future recessions. 

Click here to see Brian’s Results! 

Want to learn more about what working with Hanneke entails? Click here.

Brian is the founding creative director of Kidstock! Creative Theater.

He is a lifelong resident of Winchester, a graduate of Tufts University, and occasionally a florist/special events designer.  His past directing and design credits include work with the Boston Children’s Theatre, the Winchester Cooperative Theater, and the Lyric Stage Company in Boston where he produced the family theater series “Once Upon A Time with Kidstock!” 

Brian directed 15 productions at Winchester High School over more than 10 years including an award-winning production of Taming of the Shrew.  His  Director/Designer credits at NDT include You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors, Lettice & Lovage, Into the Woods, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (IRNE nomination), Lend Me A Tenor, Steel Magnolias, 9-5, Sunset Blvd, The Cemetery Club, Next to Normal, Gypsy, God of Carnage & A Little Night Music.

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Leading your team with integrity, grace, and no BS.

Leading your team with integrity, grace, and no BS.

In today’s episode of The Up Level Project Podcast, I speak with agency founder and owner, Kirsten Elworthy. Kristen is currently in the early stages of growing her team and she shares her insights and wisdom on leading a team while staying true to her values of integrity, grace and zero BS. 

Listen to the episode and you’ll learn: 

  • What rituals or practices can help to connect with your values daily
  • How to convey company values to team members/and ensure that they act in alignment with the company mission
  • How to successfully offload clients to other team members
leading a team

Kristen Elworthy founded Seven Hills Communications on the premise that story-driven PR can elevate the voices of companies and individuals doing important things, and add value to their overall mission and business goals.

She believes in a clear strategy that’s also flexible, and in working with her clients in the ways that make most sense for them.


Kristen has worked in corporate marketing and in the PR agency world. Her journalism background, which includes newspaper reporting, magazine writing, and producing documentary films, makes her particularly equipped to help businesses tell their stories across a variety of channels. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Psychology from Boston College and a Masters of Science in Journalism from Boston University.

Apply to work with me here and increase your freedom now.

Up Level Your Life & Business with Hanneke Antonelli’s New Book

Up Level Your Life & Business with Hanneke Antonelli’s New Book

We are way more resilient than we think and by cultivating awareness about how our mind influences our actions, we’re able to overcome and achieve the impossible.”

Hanneke Antonelli

After spending years reading business and leadership books, I craved a book that gave a deeper look into the life and revelations of the writer. Something that went beyond the surface and gave the real vulnerable and honest story of the trials and tribulations of the author. When I couldn’t find that book, I decided to write it. Click here to learn more about my journey and some of the top tips for publishing my first book. 

A few things you’ll read about: 

  • What are the top three tools you are currently using to write, publish, and promote your books?
  • What were the top mistakes you made writing or publishing your first book?
  • A snippet that is not in the blurb or excerpt.
  • What is a productivity tip you swear by?
  • What helps you stay driven and motivated?

And more.

The difference between coaching, teaching, and consulting (and when you need what.)

The difference between coaching, teaching, and consulting (and when you need what.)

Are you confused about what exactly coaching is?

You’re not alone. 

The lines between what coaching is and isn’t are pretty blurry, and it can be challenging to figure out what you need. 

In this video, I dive into the difference between coaching, teaching, and consulting, and I’ll also walk you through how you can figure out what you need. 


I’ll teach you how to do it.
There are clear steps and a curriculum to follow. 

The person tells you what to do and when. 

A teacher comes in as the person with all the answers.

Teaching is super helpful when starting your business. At this point, you’re usually strapped for capital is need to learn how to do many things yourself.


Provides a step-by-step process 

You get templates, swipe files, etc.

Teaching is best utilized when you’re in the beginning stages of building your business.


Consulting is an extension of teaching in that the person comes in with systems and strategies that they will implement for you or your team can implement.

In this instance, they bring their strategy and opinion for your business is again. They provide insights, experience, and skills. 


Consultants give outside perspective and expertise.

A clear process/system/strategy.

Provides Implementation help.

You need a proven system and strategy, usually something that can only be done in a certain way for it to work. Think of accounting, automization, etc.


Coaching is a co-creative process where the coach focuses on getting you to your desired answers and outcomes. Unlike teaching and consulting, the coach doesn’t have their own agenda. Instead, the focus is on helping the client formulate plans and make mental shifts that will allow them to gain clarity and insights. Coaches also come in as your equal and a partner with whom you can verbally process, keep you accountable, and more.


It’s not a cookie-cutter strategy

It has lasting benefits and lessons that can be used in all areas of life

It can fuel more inspired and aligned action 

May lead to more creative solutions

If you need clarity and want to create an out-of-the-box approach, come up with a plan that’s aligned with your values, your vision, and will increase profits and freedom.

Hiring a coach: Mind these red flags

Hiring a coach: Mind these red flags

Today we continue our series on ensuring you hire the right business coach for your business. 

As I’ve mentioned before, the quality of the coach you invest in will determine the future and success of your business. Because coaching is an unregulated industry, anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a coach.  I’m here to help you identify and hire a quality coach.

Here are the red flags to look out for:

  1. I did it – now I’ll teach you how – that’s not coaching. That’s teaching. While we can get valuable tips from others’ success, your path to success will look much different than the next person’s because you have a distinct personality, way of operating, and your business may also be completely different. 
  1. If they try to pressure you into buying on the sales call – that can be very manipulative. And it would make me question their ethics and business practices.
  2. No certification. There’s an art to coaching that one only truly understands if you’ve gone through a coach training program. It’s more than just asking insightful, powerful questions. Ensure your coach has a certification or has gone through a coaching program.
  3. When your coach can’t remember conversations or is not keeping you focused, this can signify that the coach is working with too many people. Be sure to ask your coach how many people they take on per year. 

I hope this will help you find the best coach for you!

And if you’re looking for a business coach, I currently have two remaining slots left in my private coaching practice. You’re more than welcome to click here to see how/what I can help you with, and you can also book a time to speak with me from that page. 

Click here to read the rest of the articles in this series.

Free Training:  Four Easy Strategies To Unlock More Time!

Free Training: Four Easy Strategies To Unlock More Time!

Effective time management is always a hot topic of discussion with my clients. After all, a lot of them come to me to help them create more ease and freedom in their businesses.

Time is a finite commodity. Everyone only gets 24 hours a day, so t’s crucial that you use your time efficiently and effectively. 

I’ve recorded a quick and easy training to help you free up time in your business! 

To run your growing business you need time:

1 – for strategic thinking

2 – for rejuvenation 

3 – to run team meetings

4 – to focus on your CEO and growth-strategist tasks 

The Four Strategies That Will Unlock More Time (and Freedom,) 

1 – Define roles in your business and stick to them

2 – Have team meetings with clear agendas 

3 – Have processes in place for routine tasks/projects 

4 – Schedule everything 

Join us on Oct 7th for all the best delegation strategies to free up time.
Click here to register.

Success ingredients that will help you deploy these strategies with more ease: 

1 – The abovementioned strategies require you to be disciplined and focused. 

2 – Be clear about your business vision and goals — those act as a road map for your team

3 – You have to step into a leadership role 

Interview with Quotable Media

Interview with Quotable Media

I was interviewed by the team at Quotable Media, featuring my first published book and #1 in three categories on Amazon, The Up Level Project. You can read the full interview here.

In this question packed interview, you’ll learn what it was like to write a book, what I think you as a business owner needs to know and so much more.

Questions you’ll learn about:

  • My favorite part of writing a book and the most challenging part.
  • Advice for those interested in writing a book.
  • My morning routine.
  • One thing I think most business owners need to know.

Read the full article here.

Want to uplevel your business mindset and create higher profits and freedom? Grab a copy of my book here.

Register To Attend The Small Business Roundtable

Register To Attend The Small Business Roundtable

An expertly moderated networking session with four business owners (including Hanneke) who want to build meaningful connections with other thought leaders. On this call, you’ll get to learn from and connect with other high-level entrepreneurs in an intimate setting and have meaningful, thought-provoking discussions about growing a sustainable company.

Let’s honor and respect each other’s time by only registering for a date and time that you know you can definitely commit to.


Born in South Africa, Hanneke Antonelli is the author of The Up Level Project, and award-winning certified life coach with 16 years of experience growing businesses in various industries. Now based in Boston, Mass., Hanneke draws on her business degree, Wall Street sales experience, and her decade as an entrepreneur to help business owners upgrade their leadership skills. With her help, they are able to focus on the path to sustainable growth that will reap higher profits and more freedom.

When mindset work stunts business growth:

When mindset work stunts business growth:

On Monday, I did a quick video on why mindset matters more than strategy and how the Up Level Project helps you to become proficient in focusing on both.

In today’s video, we take things a step further by focusing on when mindset work will stunt business growth. 

Mistake # 1: Push Through

This mistake usually involves business owners ignoring their gut and will make anything you do feel like an uphill battle. It will also increase fear and doubt, which ultimately kills any chance of experiencing joy and ease. 

Mistake #2: Trying To Eliminate Fear

This stems from the idea that you should, can, or will only want to take action once you feel zero fear and you’re finally perfect. In this scenario, you’re trying to kill fear completely – which of course, is impossible. 

The Hard Truth:

You will always experience some level of fear when growing a business because growth means you’re constantly finding yourself in unchartered territory.

The Real Goal That Allows For Massive Growth:

Learn how to work with your fear! In The Up Level Project, I’ll show you exactly how to do this. I’ll show you how to both work on improving your beliefs while honoring your feelings AND still take massive joyful action (despite fear.)

There’s More:

I’ll also show you how to shift from the mindset of self-leadership to becoming the leader of others. This is a super important pivot that has to happen to allow you to grow faster and create more freedom.

It’s Your Choice:

Will you join us in the Up Level Project and finally become the most innovative and resilient leader that you can be?

Enroll here now! 

I can’t wait to help you exponentially uplevel the way you do business forever,

How to gain certainty in uncertain times

How to gain certainty in uncertain times

A lot of the work I’ve done in both The up Level project and with private clients this year has been around helping them to gain certainty during a time where we’ve had zero certainties. 

To answer the question: 

How do we gain certainty when things are so up in the air?

We have to answer another question first: 

What makes you think we can ever be so certain? 

Certainty is an illusion that we’ve created to give us a greater sense of control. You see when we think we are in control it gives us confidence and a false sense of security. 

But what is real security? 

This is actually a question from one of my favorite books: “The illusion of money: why chasing money is stopping you from receiving it.”

In the book Kyle Cease answers this question with the following: “It’s you being fully present in this moment; it’s your open heart, your acceptance of yourself, your awareness, your appreciation for life, your unconditional love – these are the real assets that make you invincible.”

And when you have the mindset tools and resources to cultivate this level of security within yourself then you’re able to continue to maintain clarity, focus, and take bold action despite adversities. 

In this video, I do a deeper dive to help you gain more certainty and clarity and become aware of the ways that you’re sabotaging yourself.

And in the Up Level Project, I share the exact tools and resources you need in order to cultivate this level of commitment, clarity, awareness and step into your highest level of leadership that will unlock higher profits and success for you with more joy, ease, and satisfaction than you thought was possible for you in 2020.

Ready to cultivate this level of certainty and confidence {{ subscriber.first_name }}?

Enroll in the Up Level Project now! (and check out the amazing bonuses that will further support you to breakthrough to the next level!)

Can’t wait to guide you to clarity and certainty, 


Your business’ biggest enemy:

Your business’ biggest enemy:

Do you know what your business’ biggest enemy is? 

It’s not your competition. 

It’s not hiring the wrong employees.

Your business’s biggest enemy is your EMOTIONS.

NOW NOTE: Your emotions are not YOUR enemy! Your emotions can give you super valuable information. But when you run your business based on feelings and not facts — they have the ability to completely derail you and kill your bottom line.

However – when you are triggered by something that happens in- or outside your business those emotions have a direct impact on your business. (This is something I explain and cover in-depth in The Up Level Project.)

When we allow our emotions to influence how we run our business, the decisions we make, and how we manage our teams – they hold the power to completely derail us. 

It in this state that we get sucked into employee drama or sabotage our own success. 

In order to build a sustainable business that is in complete alignment with your values and brings us joy, peace, satisfaction, and the profits we want, we MUST have a process to both identify and overcome our triggers and the sabotaging behaviors that ensue.

In the Up Level Project, I reveal a bullet-proof process, called The Up Level Formula, which will allow you to transmute your emotions and turn them into your secret weapon. This is the exact formula I’ve used with my clients to help them break the million-dollar revenue mark!

Enroll to get the formula that will help you succeed! 

Can’t wait to share this powerful tool with you,

Hanneke P.S. Don’t allow frustration, anger, bitterness, and disappointment to sabotage your business — enroll in The Up Level Project and overcome fear and doubt for good.

Fear-based profit-harming leadership vs. empowered profit-driving leadership

Fear-based profit-harming leadership vs. empowered profit-driving leadership

Are you leading from a place of fear or empowerment? More importantly, do you know the difference? (Join us at the Leadership That Drives Exponential Profits workshop to step into your highest level of leadership.)

Here’s what it looks like when you are leading from fear:

  1. You’re preoccupied with proving yourself to your employees
  2. You are worried that they won’t like you, see you as mean and not nice
  3. You’re not addressing fundamental issues because you’re scared of being rejected

When business owners lead from this energy they shoot themselves in the foot and create more stress and frustration for both themselves, their clients, and their staff.

So what does it look like when you lead from your most empowered self?

  • You’re able to have difficult conversations with grace and ease
  • You honor your values and the needs of your business
  • You empower your employees to shine, innovate and be badass rockstars

When you authentically lead from your highest self you have more fun in your business, your team and customers are happier and you can seamlessly unlock higher profits.

In the Up Level Project, I teach members the process that allows them to lead with confidence and ease.

Registration for the next round of the Up Level Project opens September 22nd, and to give you a taster of what you’ll get when you enroll to join us, I’m hosting a 90-minute workshop.

When you reserve your spot in the Leadership That Drives Exponential Profits workshop you’ll learn the 4 key elements that are needed to stop leading from fear and step into high-level leadership.

Click here to join us in the workshop now.

Can’t wait to see you there,


P.S. If you can’t make the workshop live → a replay will be shared immediately after! Click here to register and get the replay.

Business Owners’ top THREE leadership pain points (and how to overcome them.)

Business Owners’ top THREE leadership pain points (and how to overcome them.)

We’ve heard this phrase everywhere:

Step into your highest level of leadership.

But what does it actually take to cultivate that level of leadership?

And what does it take to be able to lead from that highest level every day?

I went deeper and named the three biggest leadership pain points and how to overcome them in this video!

And in The Up Level Project, I do a deep dive into the process that every business owner has to follow to hone those authentic leadership qualities that will unlock more freedom and drive higher profits.

The strategies we cover in this 6-week program unlocks the system that allow entrepreneurs to:

– Become aware of their biggest triggers and sabotages that consistently drain their joy and energy

– Stop their emotions from running their business (and getting stuck in distracting employee drama)

The Up Level Project goes more in depth into Leadership – Grab your copy here.

On September 22nd I’ll be teaching part of this system to you as well in The Leadership That Unlocks Higher Profits workshop.

In this workshop, I’ll help you identify the key factors that will:

– Ignite your confidence and authentic leadership skills.

– Allow you to delegate, let go and trust your team more (especially now that we’re working remotely).

– Create more freedom and flexibility.

– Eliminate employee drama.

You’ll also learn the important (and most overlooked) practices that will allow you to become a resilient leader who can drive higher profits and innovation – faster and with more ease.

Enroll now and learn how to lead with more joy and ease.

Can’t wait to have you in the workshop, Hanneke

Finally, my book got a name!

Finally, my book got a name!

I’m so delighted to tell you the name of my book (in a minute) but first I wanted to give you some inside scoop about the process of writing it. 

When I first had the idea to write this book, the general theme of what the contents would hold was already there. I knew I wanted to share with you my most personal stories and the journey that’s not only led me to become a coach but also changed my life. 

You see, for me, coaching isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle. When you enter a co-creative coaching agreement with me, I don’t just regurgitate theories and textbook blueprints at you.  All the work I do with my clients is discoveries, strategies, and tools that I, myself, have implemented, tested, and acquired along my personal development adventure. In short: I’ve lived and breathed this work. 

In fact, before I applied to get my life coach certification, I reached out to my first life coach in London. And I asked her: “Do you think I can do this, Shirley?”

Her answer: “Absolutely, you’re proof of how coaching transforms people. And you’re living it daily.” 

I believe that this is another reason that I was able to write my book so freaking fast. By this point, it’s part of my DNA. This must also evidently be why people will often refer to their book as their baby. 

And much like most people conceive a child before they have a name for it. My book came to me nameless as well. But that didn’t stop me from continually adding and editing it. I kept the faith that the right name would come at the very right time. 

And so it did, and along with that name came another message:

The work I share in this book is needed faster than I can write, publish, and launch it. 

I said this in last week’s email, and I’ll say it again here: 

It is clear that the world needs better leadership and more wealth in the hands of people who will be able to spread it across all nations, racial and ethnic lines, creating diversity, equity, and equality for all, while simultaneously healing economies across the globe. As a business owner, you hold a lot of power to create this change. To harness this superpower and have the most significant impact, you have to unlock your full potential for innovation and wealth creation.

And that’s where my work becomes of service. What I share will help you cultivate the awareness, and provide the steps to transform into your most confident and impactful self.

And so, with this realization, twins were born:

  • My Book (launching in Winter 2020/21)

    The Up-level Project: The ultimate guide for business owners to unlock their full potential, with joy and ease.

  • My 6-week Course (starting in August 2020) :
    The Up-level Project Program: where business owners transcend and expand into their next level of leadership and wealth, with joy and ease.

    BONUS: When you sign up to be part of this transformational experience that will re-energize you to step up and create the freedom and impact you desire, you’ll also be the first to get access to my book before it goes out to the public.

Click here to learn more about the course! 

I can’t wait to tell you more, 


How To Lead with More Confidence Now

How To Lead with More Confidence Now

Two things to help you lead with ease

I’ve had many conversations with clients and business owners over the last few weeks and one thing became very clear. Everyone is experiencing various levels of EXHAUSTION, Overwhelm, with periods of freak-out and we’re all going to be ok in between.

Right now – everyone is OVERLOADED with information and hardcore business strategies of how to go digital faster, how to get funding, etc. With this information OVERLOAD, all of my clients have expressed how little bandwidth they have at the moment. BECAUSE everyone is strategizing like a champ already! You already have/know of or are applying all the BUSINESS strategies to handle this situation. 


That something is strategies to help you ground, focus, lead with ease. This falls under the mindset category.

For this very reason that I will not be delivering any content on social media or here that is more information about things/strategies to DO. Of course, if that’s what YOU need right now – I’m more than happy to hop on a private call with you and brainstorm the living daylights out of ideas with you while helping you to stay in possibility land. 

It’s my intention to help ground and focus you during this time so you can continue to lead your business and team with ease and confidence.

How do I know this is needed? Because this is what I’ve been helping every client do right now, and you know what the results have been? 

They’ve come up with crazy innovative ideas, they’ve been able to take massive action, and execute those plans in record time. Some of them have even gained new clients. 

So that’s why it’s important that you have these tools in your mindset toolkit too. 

Today I’m going to share two quick and easy ways to help you tap back into both ease and confidence by asking yourself the following: 

What do you need right now at this very moment? 

I’ve personally been doing this every day. Remember that right now – I’m having to hold the space for people who are freaking out and unloading on me EVERY DAY. In order to help and guide them to come up with the very best innovative solutions that will help their business not only survive in the short run but thrive in the long run, I need to show up grounded and calm. 

And the way to do that is to NURTURE me. 

Your clients and your team are looking to you to lead them right now, and it will be easier to do that when you feel nurtured and taken care of yourself. 

Here are ideas from what clients have shared and I have been doing:

  • Take that nap
  • Have a bath
  • Take a walk 
  • Learn to do magic tricks
  • Crochet
  • Have that glass of wine
  • Have the cookie 
  • Cook a wholesome meal

Nurturing is also going to help you feel safe. Which is so important in this time where your physical well being is at risk. Bringing in rituals that promote safety will reduce your stress levels 

And when we’re less stressed – we do everything better.

The other question I’ve been asking myself is and been helping clients with too 

Who do you want to become throughout the next few months?

This will be unique to every person. Right now, as the leader of your business, you have the choice to sink or swim. This crisis may highlight leadership qualities that you can strengthen.

Personally I want to become more resilient, I want to trust harder and deeper than ever before. I want to show up as a beacon of strength for clients, a source of support, kindness, and courage. 

When you ask yourself this question, it allows you to focus on what you have to do to be that higher wiser version of yourself. It helps you to draw and call up your strengths vs feed into your weaknesses. 

And when you can step into your highest level of leadership – it lights the way to what needs to be done, and how to get it done. It pulls you into action and forwards motion despite uncertainty. 

And that’s what your business and your team need more than anything right now. 

Both of these strategies will promote more ease in a time when ease is needed more than ever before. 

I’m sending you lots of strength and courage and please know that you are more than welcome to reach out if you need help or support right now. I’m here to help ease this period of stress and overwhelm and build a stronger business than ever before.

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The Next Level Business Retreat

Imagine what would happen to your confidence if you knew how to reach that next level of success in your business with more ease and joy?

Check out details about THE NEXT LEVEL RETREAT.

Make 2020 different. Uplevel your confidence, gain clarity while focusing on what will actually increase profits, PLUS stop stressing out about everything that scares you about running your business. Click here to attend the NEXT LEVEL RETREAT!

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{Podcast} Part 2: How to crush it and be more productive.

{Podcast} Part 2: How to crush it and be more productive.

Productive does not mean doing more.

I’m currently in sunny Florida – so I’m the opposite of productive this week. Instead, I’m taking some time to reset and rest so I can produce that quality work that we spoke about in podcast Episode 24 of The Savvy Business Show. (If you haven’t listened to it yet, do so before you hop over today’s one.)

In today’s episode, we take a deep dive on all the tips and strategies to prioritize your time better.

One thing I forgot to mention in the episode is automating my own personal appointments. The first thing that goes out the door when things get busy in my business is time for life. So in order to combat this – because you can’t run a business feeling and look like crap… so I make sure to make my appointment for next time when I’m at the dentist, the dog groomers, salons, etc. This way it’s scheduled and when it’s scheduled it happens!


Application to The Savvy Business Mastermind is now OPEN!

Click here to learn more and apply to be part of the Savvy Business Mastermind.  The Savvy Business Mastermind is a network of ambitious entrepreneurs whose mission is to scale and grow their companies to profitable and sustainable empires, while becoming savvy CEOs, working with more ease and intention. Hop on over to get the DL now!

crush it and be more productive

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What was your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? What is one thing you’ll do differently to help you shift your productivity mindset?

If you missed Part 1: How to crush it and be more productive you can listen to it here.

Download your CEO Power Sheet Below

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{Podcast} Part 1: How to crush it and be more productive.

{Podcast} Part 1: How to crush it and be more productive.

Welcome to part 1 of how to crush is and be more productive.

In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at what’s causing your obsession with feeling like you’re not productive enough.

In a society where we’re all conditioned to have to be ON 24-7 and be super productive ALL.THE.TIME – we somewhere along the line got our wires crossed with what being productive actually means.

The word productivity is LOADED with all sorts of emotion:
  • There’s guilt if you’re not constantly DOING
  • There’s a feeling of pressure and angst to perform
  • And the list can go on.

And when you’re not being productive you’re perceived to be lazy or you say you’re “procrastinating”

And both the words above have super negative connections to them.

All of the above is keeping you stuck, exhausted and over-working without stellar results. So let’s dive in and help crush it and become more productive (without the burnout!)

Application to The Savvy Business Mastermind is now OPEN!

Click here to learn more and apply to be part of the Savvy Business Mastermind.  The Savvy Business Mastermind is a network of ambitious entrepreneurs whose mission is to scale and grow their companies to profitable and sustainable empires, while becoming savvy CEOs, working with more ease and intention. Hop on over to get the DL now!

crush it and be more productive

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What was your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? What is one thing you’ll do differently to help you shift your productivity mindset?

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Incorporate this sheet into your weekly CEO meeting and make the little adjustments that will result in massive success!
{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!

{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!

Mindset Shifts you must make to scale your business.

Join savvy business mastermind member and the CEO of Aimtal – a digital marketing agency, Janet Mesh and I for a conversation on how masterminds can help you to shift your mindset from freelancer, to business owner and then confident CEO!

{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!

Have a listen now to hear how to shift your mindset to that of a confident CEO.

Or watch how to shift your mindset to that of a confident CEO.


{Podcast} Mindset Shifts you Must Make to Scale!


About Janet:

Janet Mesh is the CEO + Co-Founder of Aimtal, a digital marketing agency. Through Aimtal, Janet provides digital and content marketing services to her clients in the B2B and B2C industries.

After freelancing full-time for two years, Janet decided to start the digital marketing agency in order to scale her marketing offerings.



Before joining the mastermind, I knew that I wanted to turn my freelancing career into an actual company and to officially embrace my entrepreneurial dreams. It can be lonely and confusing working in a silo and I knew I would really benefit from meeting with a group of women who were in the same boat as me. One of my weaknesses is procrastinating and I knew that the mastermind group + Hanneke would hold me accountable to finally start my agency. Since joining the group, I set up my LLC, hired a graphic designer to create our logo and branding, hired a contractor to help with client work so I can free up time to focus on building my business, and I’m on track to already hitting my annual revenue goal of $100K! Most of all, I love that I can bounce ideas off the ladies in the mastermind. It’s great having a support system and accountability buddies!

Grab The Five Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Deciding On A Mastermind

How to indicate that a mastermind is NOT for you

How to indicate that a mastermind is NOT for you

How to indicate that a mastermind is NOT for youHow do you know when a mastermind is NOT the right thing for you?

The worst thing you can do for yourself, your business and the mastermind group, you’re looking to join, is to enroll and then realize it was the wrong move for you and your business.

Masterminds are not a quick magic fix/magic bullet:

Masterminds are not silver bullets (and nothing in life or business is). So if you’re joining a mastermind thinking that it will magically fix everything in your business overnight and turn you into a massive success, don’t bother.

Masterminds work well because it helps people to show up consistently, keep them focused, ups their accountability, and provides them with concrete feedback that will cut down on the time it does take to achieve goals. But you still have to do the work. Which brings us to the next point…

You get out of a mastermind what you put into it:

Like anything in life: you get what you put in. If you are not ready to show up prepared with specific goals and takeaways that you want to get out of your membership or out of every meeting. Then a mastermind is not the place for you. Masterminds are about you showing up contributing to the group as well as asking for support. In the four years that I’ve been running masterminds, the people who got the most results from the program were those who made the mastermind meetings a priority. They showed up ready to engage and receive every single time.

What are your business objectives?

Be specific. What are the goals of your business? What do you want to achieve? Make sure that your goals and that of the mastermind match up. And be sure that you look for a group that has a specific focus, beyond accountability and business growth.

In my experience when you simply join a mastermind that promises vague objectives you’ll end up with less focus, structure and vague results. (Trust me on this one – I’ve been in masterminds like this and I’m also sorry to say that I learned this lesson the hard way when putting my own groups together in my earlier years of running masterminds.)

That’s why The Uplevel League today have clear objectives with a defined mission: The Uplevel League is a network of ambitious entrepreneurs whose mission is to grow their companies, while transforming to savvy CEOs, working with more ease and intention. In our community we heavily focus on helping you to stop overworking, making more money – working less.

Know how you learn best:

If you know that you like collaboration, contribution, connecting and receiving feedback in a group format then masterminds are the perfect place for you to be. And you don’t have to be an extrovert to thrive in a mastermind (I’m an introvert and love being challenged by the group to be more visible and lean in.)

If group things are not for you and you don’t enjoy group settings then I’d recommend that you look into hiring a business coach to work with you privately.

You don’t vibe with or respect the moderator:

What you’ll get out of the mastermind heavily depends on the moderator and their ability to put a great group together. Therefore, it goes without saying that it’s very important that you like and respect the organizer/moderator of the mastermind group. On this one, it’s very important to trust your gut. If you don’t vibe with them do not join the mastermind group.


Masterminds hold amazing potential to help you expand your business and your network but in order for you to reap all the benefits, you have to make sure that it’s the right fit for how you work and also be prepared to show up fully present and do the work!

Interested in joining a mastermind?

Check out The Up Level League, the mastermind that’s bringing focus and accountability to business development and helping business owners uplevel their leadership skills.