Three things to look for when choosing a mastermind group:

Choosing a mastermind:

There are many mastermind groups out there today, so it can be difficult to know which one will be the right fit for your business. In this post, I share three things to look for and make sure your mastermind group adheres to before deciding to join it.

1: Who’s the facilitator

Make sure your facilitator is a certified coach and a master facilitator. A certified coach will be able to listen and notice things that are not visible to others. A certified coach has the skill set that will allow them to give incredible feedback/laser coach you on the spot – and this will snap you right into alignment!
When you join a mastermind that’s led by a coach you’ll have the added benefit of upgrading to private coaching sessions when you need it with someone who you already know and trust. And they’ll be able to help you dial in and align with your wisest self, gain clarity, and help you to truly sync in with your gut and the best strategies for your unique business. While your mastermind buddies will give you amazing support, feedback, brainstorm challenges and will hold you accountable.

2: How are the masterminds put together?

When you’re the member of a mastermind, you’re both a receiver of support and a contributor of your own expertise and knowledge. A truly dynamic mastermind is thus curated to consist of a team of people who are high-level thinkers. These groups have diverse backgrounds and experience which enrich the opportunity for collaboration and the ability to be challenged and be pushed outside your comfort zone! Make sure that your mastermind is hand-selected and vetted.

3: What’s the objective of the mastermind group?

When you’re looking to join a mastermind group, be sure to look for one that’s aiming to deliver the same outcomes as you’re striving for. Not all business masterminds are created equally. So be sure to know what you want to receive from your mastermind group and make sure that everyone is striving for that same common goal. Ask the leader of the masterminds what the specific outcomes and goals are of the mastermind. Think about your specific goals and see if they align with the mastermind’s objective.

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