{Podcast} Why this biz advice is dangerous!

Why this biz advice is dangerous!
Follow my exact 5-step process to your success
The blueprint to six and seven figures
My plug and play system to massive big bucks

These are just a few marketing pitches that are floating around the internet. And although it’s brilliant marketing. It makes me a cringe just a tad…

In today’s episode – why these “promise you the world” blueprints, plug and plays and other seemingly “silver bullets that will instantly fix your business” may be the thing that’s breaking your business and your success.

Before we dive in though – please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you should never buy a DIY/blueprint/step-by-step course. But what I’m seeing WAY too much of these days is this echo chamber where everyone looks, sound the same and a lot of entrepreneurs are doubting themselves as a result of all the advice out there. We have to be careful how we invest and use these and that’s what today’s episode’s about.

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