Do you see your business as your baby? (be careful!)

Clients often come to me because they’re exhausted and tired. They have lost the joy and passion for their business, and they’re ready to pack it all in and start over. 

I can relate to this feeling because it’s precisely what I did in my first business. I worked so freaking hard to build my pilates brand up to award-winning status that I completely burnt myself out. 

And so, in a few short months, I got rid of it all: my precious baby that I spent so much time and energy turning into a success. Yet, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it pronto.

And that’s precisely where it all went wrong. 

I still viewed my business as my baby and treated it like a nervous helicopter parent, despite its flourishing into a great success. 

And this attitude cost me dearly. 

I was unable to take a step back and separate myself from my business. 

I was unable to release control. 

I took everything personally. 

I reacted with my emotions instead of responding and adhering to what the business needed.

In the seven years that I’ve been running my award-winning coaching practice, I’ve seen almost ALL business owners I work with make the very same mistake.

And for this reason, we spend a lot of time in the Up Level Program to redefine your relationship with your business.

I also share a scientifically-proven method to step into a more strategic mindset through my Up Level Formula that will increase your awareness of how “mental dynamics” and learned behaviors influence your results and inability to free up time.

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