Don’t let Thanksgiving gobble you up!

This week officially marks the start of the festive season in the US, but stores have already killed the holiday music for me! It’s also during this time when things seem to speed up and schedules get over booked. With all the running around we hardly ever get time to take a deep breath and be.


No wonder we become cranky and annoyed with our loved ones. So how can you make sure to get the most out of the holiday cheer and “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”? Try this:

1) Take time to be. Use these mandatory “off” days as a time to slow down and reflect. Take it all in and relax. Maybe even go offline completely for the day!

2) Live in the moment. Leave work and other distractions aside and enjoy your present moment. Forget yesterday’s troubles and tomorrow’s stresses. Just enjoy the moment with your friends and family.

3) Appreciate everyone just as they are, with their little quirks and all. Family time can be stressful. However, seeing that we are celebrating Thanksgiving first, don’t forget to be grateful for your silly, crazy and fun family!

I hope that you will have a very happy Thanksgiving and a very festive holiday season.

Tell me below: what is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Or what is your favorite Holiday?

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