Doubling revenue, developing leadership skills, and creating processes and systems to increase team efficiency.

Meet Hayley Denker, Owner at Hayley Denker Marketing.

I just secured my biggest project ever. I implemented so much of what I learned during The Up Level Program — IT WORKS!

-Hayley Denker

Why Hayley decided to hire Hanneke: 

  • After landing a huge deal after my work in The Up Level Program, I knew I needed extra support stepping into a new leadership role.

Why working with Hanneke was so effective:

Hanneke will always tell it to you straight and keep you focused on getting through the roadblock that will lead to the biggest reward.

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Stopped preconceived notions that I need to be good at “all the things” and I am embracing hiring and outsourcing as much as I can. 
  2. On track to double my revenue, which allows for the outsourcing necessary to continue to grow!
  3. Clear organizational structure and role definement of the entire team
  4. Systems and structures to support the business at any size

End Result:

  • Developed leadership skills to better manage, delegate, and outsource 
  • Built & streamlined onboarding processes/ SOPs, so each time I bring on a team member, it gets easier and easier.
  • Doubled revenue
  • Secured enough cash flow to hire and outsource as growth continues.

Uncover your full potential as a satisfied and inspired business leader who can spot opportunities beyond your team’s wildest dreams.

Hayley’s career in marketing has paralleled the booming growth of social media. From restaurants to hair salons to healthcare and business coaching, she’s helped grow businesses for the past 10 years refocus their goals and put together a plan to establish REAL results. With an insatiable thirst for learning and a drive to find a solution, she’s found the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing to be exciting and challenging. Outside of marketing and strategy, Hayley spends time with her husband and 2 children in Belmont, MA.


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