Mastermind Highlight Interview: Stefanie From SwapIt

In this informative mastermind highlight interview, you’ll how to use a mastermind effectively and how it helps you drive your business forward faster!

You will learn how the Savvy Success Masterminds will help you to:
  • Achieve new and energized focus to keep your business intact
  • Knowledge sharing and perspective learning from other women entrepreneurs
  • Clarity and the right push to scale your business
  • Encouragement and motivation to get things done
  • Double your income potential
  • Client profiling and target strategies
  • Charge your energies to achieve optimum results
  • Self-accountability and fulfillment
  • Clarity on client messaging and revenue goals
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Networking and resource sharing to boast results
  • Better income planning and goal achievements
  • Develop valuable connections and build your own community with support
  • Access to building contacts and meaningful collaborations
  • Connections with diverse networks and business expansion
  • Find business solutions at new level of new devil

Stefanie Johnson — As founder and CEO of SwapIt- a new take on personal styling- my job is to inspire people to conquer their day by using their wardrobe as a tool. Shopping and personal stylists never worked for me. I knew there had to be a better way, so I created one.

A native of the Boston area, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. In 2006 I moved to NYC to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and in 2015 moved back to Boston to start SwapIt. Always eager to learn and grow, I have participated in the Jewish Greening Fellowship and the Seniors Leader Program at Columbia University and completed the personal styling course from TreniMi.