{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #28: The year you put your health first with Lisa Carpenter

The Savvy Business Show #28: The Year you put your health first with guest Lisa Carpenter.

I absolutely loved my conversation with Lisa. We talked about emotional resiliency for high achievers who want more impact & influence!

{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #28: The year you put your health first with Lisa Carpenter


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What you will here…

{Podcast} Savvy Business Show #28: The year you put your health first with Lisa CarpenterMy guest for The Savvy Business Show #28 is Lisa Carpenter CNC, CSNC, PN1, CPT of Lisa Carpenter.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Lisa is the secret weapon at Her Full Frontal Living™ for driven, ambitious, achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their highest level.

She is also the author of the best selling Amazon book Let’s E.A.T! 


Lisa and I jump right into talking about putting your emotional and physical wellbeing first. She talks about taking a look at the stories that are driving how you take care of your health. Lisa talks about the fact that people don’t recognize the struggle and how we make things hard.

You are always evolving and what worked before may not work now. Give yourself permission to put your health first this year.

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