Examining Our Relationship to Language and Implicit Bias with Pause on the Play

“The little silver magic bullet that you’re looking for is not out there. It’s right inside of you.” 

Hannke Antonelli

It’s time to cultivate greater awareness around the societal and cultural conditioning that lurks beneath seemingly innocuous words and phrases. I had to opportunity to join Erica and India on Pause on the Play to talk about the impact of our word choices. You can listen here.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The lifelong process of deprogramming from historically acceptable, offensive language
  • How your word choice impacts others
  • Cultivating an awareness of cultural and community nuances
  • The power of accountability and accepting feedback
  • Establishing boundaries around what words or phrases you will and won’t accept
  • Questioning word usage and making a subsequent course correction in real time

You can grab a copy of my book and workbook available now.