Finally, my book got a name!

I’m so delighted to tell you the name of my book (in a minute) but first I wanted to give you some inside scoop about the process of writing it. 

When I first had the idea to write this book, the general theme of what the contents would hold was already there. I knew I wanted to share with you my most personal stories and the journey that’s not only led me to become a coach but also changed my life. 

You see, for me, coaching isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle. When you enter a co-creative coaching agreement with me, I don’t just regurgitate theories and textbook blueprints at you.  All the work I do with my clients is discoveries, strategies, and tools that I, myself, have implemented, tested, and acquired along my personal development adventure. In short: I’ve lived and breathed this work. 

In fact, before I applied to get my life coach certification, I reached out to my first life coach in London. And I asked her: “Do you think I can do this, Shirley?”

Her answer: “Absolutely, you’re proof of how coaching transforms people. And you’re living it daily.” 

I believe that this is another reason that I was able to write my book so freaking fast. By this point, it’s part of my DNA. This must also evidently be why people will often refer to their book as their baby. 

And much like most people conceive a child before they have a name for it. My book came to me nameless as well. But that didn’t stop me from continually adding and editing it. I kept the faith that the right name would come at the very right time. 

And so it did, and along with that name came another message:

The work I share in this book is needed faster than I can write, publish, and launch it. 

I said this in last week’s email, and I’ll say it again here: 

It is clear that the world needs better leadership and more wealth in the hands of people who will be able to spread it across all nations, racial and ethnic lines, creating diversity, equity, and equality for all, while simultaneously healing economies across the globe. As a business owner, you hold a lot of power to create this change. To harness this superpower and have the most significant impact, you have to unlock your full potential for innovation and wealth creation.

And that’s where my work becomes of service. What I share will help you cultivate the awareness, and provide the steps to transform into your most confident and impactful self.

And so, with this realization, twins were born:

  • My Book (launching in Winter 2020/21)

    The Up-level Project: The ultimate guide for business owners to unlock their full potential, with joy and ease.

  • My 6-week Course (starting in August 2020) :
    The Up-level Project Program: where business owners transcend and expand into their next level of leadership and wealth, with joy and ease.

    BONUS: When you sign up to be part of this transformational experience that will re-energize you to step up and create the freedom and impact you desire, you’ll also be the first to get access to my book before it goes out to the public.

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I can’t wait to tell you more,