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Ashley Stahl, Career Coach and Power 30 Under 30 Winner, identifies three questions crucial to finding your authentic career in her TED Talk. They can also help even if you already have the career you love but simply want to live a fuller life.

Her 3 questions: 
1. What are you good at?
2. What do others say you’re good at?
3. What’s holding you back from doing it?

Although these are three very simple questions, they are sometimes extremely difficult to answer. The first two seem fairly easy, but you might be a multitalented person with various interests and passions. Perhaps you enjoy and excel at a lot of stuff, so that third question really throws you for a loop: You just have so many options to choose from! Not to mention those  “I am not good enough” thoughts that keep creeping in, which Ashley also addresses.

Many of us realize that our career, identity, and passion are completely in conflict with one another. So how do you align all of these?


We’ll get to the bottom of that at my Pilates Pamper Workshop on Oct. 19 (from 1:15-4:30 p.m.). This event will have an intimate setting of only 12 people, and we’ll work on the following: identifying your goals, figuring out how to accomplish them, and balancing them in a schedule that works for you.

Who will benefit from this workshop? Anyone who…
1. Needs a pick-me-up afternoon of pampering.
2. Feels drained and overwhelmed or bored and unfulfilled.
3. Has ambition to burn and wants to achieve.

Bonus: There will also be a healthy lunch from Sweetgreen, wine, goodie bags, secret links with more tools to help you succeed, and a 45-minute Pilates session. Oh, and did I mention you’ll also get a manicure and pedicure? There are only 3 spots left, so be sure to sign up right now. (under workshops)
If you are interested in this event but:
1) Can’t make this date work and want to attend it,
2) Don’t live in Boston, but would like to organize one in your city,
Be sure to email me at or just hit reply on this email

In the News:
Our new Pilates with Purpose event got some Press time with BostInno. Read what they had to say here. Be sure to join us tomorrow ( Sept 24th) at 6pm.

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