Five Effective Goal Setting Strategies

Five Effective Goal-Setting Strategies To Make This Your Best Year:

Create a Savvy & Successful Business, Filled With Joy!

1) Reflect  + Get Clear:

To grow your business, it’s important to reflect on what worked well in your business last year and build on it. Get clear and specific on what you want for your business in the coming year.

2) Create SMART Goals

Write out your goals and make sure your goals are:






Five effective goal-setting strategiesRemember goals keep you focussed and moving forward in your business!

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2) Identify your blind spots

We all have certain fears or limiting beliefs that can sabotage our success without us even realizing it. Make sure you name your fears and identify what your limiting beliefs are so they don’t stand in the way of your success. (I discuss the exact principles to  identifying and overcome fear and sabotages in my video series, upgrade to get the video series.)

4) Cultivate a Savvy Success Mindset

In order to make this your best year ever, it’s important to work on improving your mindset and keep yourself in a positive space as often as possible. Doing this will guarantee your success

5) Install positive anchors, rewards, and support to keep you motivated.

Create positive anchors in your day: these can be things like a vision board or positive reminders on your phone. Spoil yourself with fun rewards every time you hit a goal to keep you motivated. Make sure that you have the right support from like-minded people.
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Tell me below: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to setting goals.