Girls this one’s just for you!

Good Morning,

Today’s post’s mainly for the ladies. Boys – no offense or hard feelings, you know I love you! I have something for you guys right at the bottom of the page. 

Girls, continue reading. I am super excited to share what I’m about to reveil to you!

But first let me ask you:

Have you been feeling like life’s just so busy lately? You work crazy long hours, your packed summer schedule has left you with lots of fun Instagram pictures and incredible memories, but my goodness, you’ve had zero time for yourself and you’re completely drained.

You almost feel like you’re running out of time and there’s still so much you want to accomplish. Unfortunately, you have no energy or time to get things done.

You’ve lost your focus on the goals you had set out to accomplish for the year. Heck some of them don’t even seem important anymore. So much has happened and new ideas and goals are floating around in your head. Things feel like they’re about to spin out of control.

Then there’s always Facebook and Twitter that keeps showing you how successful and happy everyone else you know is. They all look like they have everything so “together” and under control!

You feel defeated, you’re overwhelmed and you’re not getting anywhere at all. You are stuck.

Does the above resonate with how you’re feeling? Well then I have just the remedy for you. I have developed a very special event just for you!

Here it is:


My Pilates Pamper workshop, Oct 19th 1:15 – 4:30pm, will leave you feeling revived and set you up to move forward like the Powerful Woman you were born to be! You can click here for more information, FAQs and to sign up. There are only 12 spots available for this workshop, so hurry and signup quick! Remember to tell your friends too!

Like the name suggests there will be Pilates, lots of pampering and a coaching session by yours truly along with many other exciting goodies. You can click here for more information, FAQs and to sign up. There are only 12 spots available for this workshop, so hurry and signup now! And share it with your friends.

What you’ll get out of our 3 hours together:

1) A 45min Pilates Workout to get our creative juices flowing.

2) Get clarity on exactly what you’re running so furiously towards.

3) You’ll learn how to turn that cluster of ideas, goals and to-do lists in your head into actionable reality.

4) Discover how to make time for YOU and stop wasting time.

Extras: Click here to see what other exciting goodies you’ll get!

Boys, I didn’t forget about you. Here are some events for you and the ladies: sign up now (scroll down to upcoming events)  Pilates Strength Bootcamps. Sept 7th and 14th at South Boston Yoga 9:45a.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions at the bottom here.

xo Hanneke